Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Our Village Neighbors and a Gift from Argentina

My Interesting Neighbors

Yesterday I introduced you to several of our new neighbors and today I want you to meet three more.

One of our front door neighbors is Val.  She is 80 years old and still very active as a realtor.  Val at one time, owned her own real estate business, where she was one of the most successful multi-million dollar realtors in the area.  When she sold her business, she transferred to probably the largest real estate company in the Dallas area.  She is still a very busy lady and is as gracious as she can be.  Her sister lives next door to her and the two of them keep the roads hot and the local businesses in business.

Perhaps one of the first people we met was Dick because he is an HOA Board member in charge of all the landscaping.  He came over to look at our yard and to give us some idea of the rules regarding any changes we wanted to make.

He even helped us figure out the crazy configuration for getting a TV to work here.  So, yes, he is an overall really friendly, nice and knowable guy.  A couple weeks ago, we invited him and his lovely wife Deana to come over for cake and coffee.  We must have spent three hours getting to know each other.

We learned that they attend the same church we do and have a son who lives in one of the million dollar homes in an adjoining neighborhood.

Dick and Deana were high school sweethearts in San Diego where he worked his way up to an executive position overseeing technology for IBM.  He was transferred to Dallas where he completed 30 years of employment.  He was then hired to help develop the technology used for running the toll roads.  He is now retired but hasn't slowed down because his volunteer job of overseeing the landscaping in The Village is a huge job, especially right now.  We are so glad to be getting to know Dick and Deana.

Our unit shares a garage wall with Bill and Laura.  The day after we moved in, Laura met me on the driveway with a crystal carafe filled with the most delicious chicken soup.  The next day, she caught us outside unpacking boxes and took our picture to post in the HOA Newsletter that she edits.  That was embarrassing to say the least.  Why couldn't it have been on a day when I had at least combed my hair.  Thusly, we were introduced to the community.  The good thing is, it could only get better from there.

Saturday afternoon, Dick and I were sitting outside as Laura completed her walk around the block.  She has scoliosis terribly bad and uses a walker.  We invited her to join us but she declined.  A few minutes later she came back and asked if the invitation was still open.

That is how we got to know the story of one of the most fascinating persons so far.

Laura is from Argentina.  She has a teaching degree from the University of Buenos Aires and taught elementary grades while working on her post graduate courses.  She got her Master's degree in Math and Economics and her PhD in Business Administration.  She served on the faculty of the University's School of Economic Sciences, and taught math and economics for several years.

I have learned that the University of Buenos Aires is one of the most prestigious schools in that part of South America, known for its research and business programs.  In fact, it is ranked #66 in the world, and it's business school is ranked in the top with significant international influence.

She also served on the Board of the Stock Market of Argentina and helped shape the economic base of the country at that time.

It was all this that got the attention of the then US Ambassador and along with her teaching, she began working directly with him to develop business plans for United States entrepreneurs wanting to invest in Argentina.  During this time she became acquainted with Henry Kissinger and worked directly with him on several projects.

Because of her expertise in all these fields, she was invited to teach a 3-week course on how to start up new businesses, at the University of Texas in Dallas in early 2000.

While here, she was assigned to one of the professors in the Math Department who was to serve as her guide and liaison.  Three weeks later, they were married and continue to live happily together right next door to us.

Bill left teaching shortly afterward and they opened their own CPA firm and Laura contributed using her training and love for math and economics.  It took her five years to get her citizenship, in 2005.  She shook her head sadly and said, "It is very expensive and exhausting to become a legal citizen in this country, while illegals' simply cross the border and get full benefits."

She has been trying to help her son in Florida get his entrepreneur citizenship for several years and even did his business plan which was accepted on first issue, but the State Department keeps throwing up road blocks. Yes, it is a sad day for our country when well educated and productive emigrants have such restraints and those who choose to do it illegally have none.

We look forward to meeting and getting to know other interesting folks who have chosen to live in this delightful Village of Prestonwood.
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. Hello dear Libby... It sounds like you have a great neighborhood. I love hearing about all the wonderful people that you are meeting. Enjoy your week.

  2. Sounds like you have some great neighbors, what a blessing!


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