Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Springing Through March

Welcome to Spring

Thank you to Joyce for our weekly Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Why do you blog?  Have your reasons changed over time?

This really is a good question and one I often ask myself.  Originally, I did it as an avenue for creative expression and to occupy my mind in retirement.  My friend, Lea from CiCi's Corner encouraged me and helped me get started.

Why do I continue?  I think it is for the same reason that I began - it is a way of sharing what is going on in my life and that of my family, it is something to look forward to doing each week, and it is still a creative outlet.

Although my reasons have not changed, my focus has.  In the beginning I envisioned my blog being more image, fashion and decorating centered.  That didn't last long once I decided to share the wonderful things that were going on in our life such as grandchildren, trips, events, etc.  I have also enjoyed just writing what was on my mind any particular day.

I am doing much less posting now which allows me to think about other ways to be creative.

2. What's a typical Friday night look like at your house?

Friday nights aren't any different than most other weekday nights for us.  We typically eat a home-cooked meal and try to find something interesting on TV.

3.  Do you like donuts?  Your favorite kind?  How often do you treat yourself to a donut?  Have you ever made homemade donuts?

Yes, I love a good donut.

My favorite donut got its start in 1937 in Shreveport, Louisiana in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Hargove.  When we lived there, it was a special treat to run by the local store on Saturday mornings. 

Part of the early Southern Maid tradition was a large sponsorship for several years of the Louisiana Hayride Show in Shreveport, Louisiana. An interesting note: Elvis did the only commercial of his life for any product on November 6th, 1954 for Southern Maid Donuts. He sang the jingle. "You can get them piping hot after 4 P.M., you can get them piping hot, Southern Maid Donuts hits the spot, you can get them piping hot after 4 P.M." Elvis frequented the Shreveport store for donuts on his visits to the Louisiana Hayride, but it is unsure what impact his jingle might have had on the business.

How often do I eat a donut?  I haven't had one in too may years to remember, and no, I have never attempted to make them.

4.  How do you feel about shopping?  Are you an online shopper?  Catalog shopper?  Brick and mortar shopper?  Do you order groceries online or prefer to select items with your own two hands?

I am not a shopper!  I have no interest in walking the aisles for anything.  Thankfully, Dick enjoys grocery shopping so that is his task.

I do shop occasionally online and prefer it that way.

5.  Next week's Hodgepodge finds us somehow in the month of April, which just so happens to National Poetry Month.  Sum up (or tell us something about) your month of March in the form of a limerick.  You can do it!

There was a third month called March,
And the calendar was filled to the brink.
It went by ever so fast that I hardly had time to blink,
Oh this windy, cold, busy month of March.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Last Saturday night we were invited, along with a number of other couples to attend the 2023 First Liberty Dallas Legacy Dinner held at the renowned Hilton Anatole Hotel.  This was an adventure all its own. It has a very heavy Asian theme, and there are objects of art on every wall and around every corner and there are many corners.  Trust the testimony of my feet.

Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO spoke about the wonderful things First Liberty has accomplished.  Their motto is, "Fighting 
For What Matters Most" and that is religious freedom.

You will recognize many of the cases they have taken before the Supreme Court such as Coach Joe Kennedy who recently won his case to pray on his football field after a seven year battle.  It was so encouraging to learn that they are winning over 90% of their cases for schools, faith-based nonprofits and ministries, pastors, students, military service members and Americans who have been challenged in living out their faith.

The guest speaker was Mike Pompeo and he did an excellent job of explaining his roles as Director of the CIA and Secretary of State in the Trump administration.  Such a strong man of great faith. We were each given a copy of his book, "Never Give an Inch" which I highly recommend.  And, if you don't happen to recognize him, its because he has lost a ton of weight.  Perhaps in anticipation of running for President?  We will have to wait and see on that, but he may very well have my vote.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Goofing Off Wednesday

We are back on the Hodgepodge after Joyce, our host took a break to enjoy her daughters and precious grandkids.  I so enjoyed seeing all her pictures and reading about their fun time.

1.  Did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in some way?  If so tell us how.  Are you a fan of corned beef?  Cabbage?  The color green?

DID NOT CELEBRATE & NOT REALLY a fan of the rest.

2.  March 22nd is National Goof Off Day...will you celebrate?  Your favorite way to goof off?  Last time you had a whole day to spend 'goofing off'?

When you are retired, you have your option of how many days to goof off, not necessarily just which one.

3.  Something on your to-do list that has been there more than a month?  Will this be the month you finally cross it off?

This was my March To-Do List, which also closely resembles my February one.  Nothing to carry over to April.

4.  In your opinion, what emotion is the most beneficial?  Which one is the least useful?

These happy faces say it all!  The least useful is my look of disappointment at missing an opportunity to see my family.

5.  What was your favorite thing to do as a kid?  Elaborate.

When I wasn't being a tom boy climbing trees and building hide-outs in the woods, or riding my bike, I loved to play 'dress-up'.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

We took an enjoyable Sunday afternoon road trip with friends and these are a few of the most interesting, typical North Central Texas scenes for your enjoyment.  I'm planning to do a blog post including other scenes later this week.

A lazy burro taking a Sunday afternoon nap

Work never stops on a ranch

Texas is known for it's beautiful longhorns

Monday, March 13, 2023

A Wordless Walk in the Park

It is such a gorgeous day here that I decided to venture down the street to the nearby Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  Sunshine and 56 degrees is almost perfect weather for an outing.  And a lot of other folks thought so too.

I got off the concrete path and took the dirt trails along the Spring Creek.  I hope you enjoy being outdoors with me on this quiet walk.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Breaking Out on the Hodgepodge

Sharing Wednesday Hodgepodge with Joyce, From This Side of the Pond

1.  We're in to a season students call 'spring break'.  Did you/your family travel over spring breaks when you were growing up?  Tell us something about a 'spring break' you remember (from childhood or adulthood, either one).

The most memorable was a trip to Las Vegas in 2015.  Our son happened to have a medical convention there that coincided with his girl's spring break and we were invited to join them.  These pictures capture only some of the highlights.

Attended an Elton John concert at Caesar's Palace

Went to the Grand Canyon

Helicoptered over the canyon and took a boat ride down the river.

Hoover Dam

Even celebrated early our 50th wedding anniversary on our last night.
We didn't get get spring breaks when I was in school, but we did get a whole week out for Easter week.

2.  Last thing you broke?  Was it a big deal?

I dropped a glass storage container that was thankfully empty.  It was only a big deal because it shattered into a million pieces of shredded and chunked glass that had to be found and cleaned up.

3.  March 7th is National Cereal Day...are you a fan?  What's your favorite?  If not cereal what's your favorite breakfast?  Your typical breakfast?

I rarely eat cereal but when I do, it is Almond Flakes.  My favorite breakfast is also our typical breakfast - baked eggs with bacon or another meat.  If you're curious about how I bake the eggs:  spray a pan, break 2-4 eggs in each corner; season then sprinkle onion powder and cheese; bake in 350 degree oven until done to your liking.  I also bake my bacon before and during the cooking of the eggs.  Presto, you've got a meal in about 10-15 mins.

4.  Break ground, break of dawn, break down, break the bank, break one's stride, break the ice, break a law, break a habit, break bread...choose one of the idioms listed and tell us how it applies to your life currently.

Break of dawn best fits, but it actually begins well before.  I have started a new workout routine at the nearby retirement center that adjoins our village property and is within walking distance of our house.  I start about 5:45 and finish up just as the sun is beginning to rise an hour later.

5.  Where do you go to connect with friends and family?  What do you like to do most when you're home alone?

Sunday mornings at church is where we most often see our daughter and her family and are delighted to be able to sit with them during the worship service.  This is also where we meet and connect with friends we may or may not see other times during the week.  Our social life pretty much revolves around church activities and friends we've made there.

We stay connected with our Indiana family through Snap Chat.  Daughter-in-law is so good about sending pictures and videos of our baby Jax almost every day and John is faithful about calling.  Distance isn't so distant when you stay in touch.

When I'm home alone, which is only for short spurts of time, I will either be on my laptop or watching a TV show that Dick isn't into.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Guess who got another month older on the 6th.  Yes, both our great grandboys turned another month old and both added new teeth.

From this Side of the Pond