Monday, September 17, 2012

A Page of Photos

When with grandchildren, find every reason you can to photograph them.
That's my motto!
So, since we are in Indiana with children and grandchildren, what better way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon than taking pictures of them.
Hope you enjoy some of my favorites!

Mom and Dad
  The Family
 The Grandparents

Monday, September 3, 2012

Miscellany Monday - Once in a Blue Moon

Happy Labor Day to you.  So happy to join up with Carissa again today for

Once in a Blue Moon
Were you able to see the Blue Moon his past Friday night?  It is Blue in name only, the phrase is used when there are two full moons in one month.  The first was August 1st.  This won't happen again, I understand until 2015.  So, I took my camera outside and took a sequence of shots.  These are my favorite two.

Happy Anniversary
 Yesterday was Hubby's birthday and tomorrow will be our 47th wedding anniversary.

47 years ago two young adults met on a blind date in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Seven months later, in a small rural Baptist church in south central Louisiana, that couple committed themselves to each other for a life time.
Six years later they were no longer two but a family of four.
Forty seven years later they are no longer a family of four but a family of 13!
my heart and yours, intricately and beautifully as true soul mates and partners, stronger because we're together.
our home and our family, by grace and love that grows with us as we share life's journey.
our life together, through giving and understanding, support and encouragement, friendship and laughter.
I am so richly blessed to have shared these 47 years with a godly man, chosen for me by God Himself.
Happy Anniversary Dick!
"Only once in a Blue Moon!" 
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