Saturday, June 15, 2024

It's a Crazy Hodgepodge Saturday

How about a hodgepodge of things that have run through my pictures and crazy mind of late.

A couple weeks ago, Granddaughter #3, Savannah celebrated a fun Bachelorette trip to Pensacola, FL with all her attendants and cousin, Chandler.  It was such a fun time celebrating this beautiful bride-to-be.  The wedding will be on July 27 in Three Oaks, MI.



Now, how about an update on two of our Great Grandsons.

Our Landon is a busy, loving, adorable 2-year old.

Our Jax is a busy, loving, adorable almost 2-year old.

This morning, I decided to see if I was ready to accomplish one of my main goals after having hip replacement surgery on Feb 20th.  That goal was to walk the hilly walking paths of the nearby nature preserve.

Goal Accomplished!  I think I will make this an every Saturday morning treat and challenge.

  The other day as I was watching a video of Jax sent by his grandmother on Snap Chat, I decided to play with some of the filters.  The following is what I came up with.  Enjoy and laugh along with me.

If we can't make fun of ourselves, then who will?  Happy Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Simply a Special Father

Happy Father's Day, Dick!

1. June 12 is National Simplicity Day. In what way is your life simple? What's one way that it's not?

I had never heard of this, so looked it up and found the following:

"The theme for this year is ‘Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities.' This year's theme implies that an individual should focus on their life on fulfilling the necessities by not wasting money on unnecessary objects."

Our lifestyle is simple in that we live fairly frugally while also enjoying life to the fullest.  We don't deny ourselves anything, so I guess it boils down to our needs and desires are pretty simple.

2. Something you remember from a 'simpler time'?

Simpler times were when we were perfectly content with what we had, and never thought to compare what we didn't have with others.  When I was a child in the 50's, there was no economic difference in our village - we were all poor but didn't know it.  We enjoyed simple things such as playing outside all day, playing games and reading at night, going on picnics and spending time with friends.  We were creative and enjoyed meals around the table every night.  Simple, but quality times.

3. Do you like squash? If so what's your favorite variety? What's a favorite way to prepare squash?

Yes, I do like squash and prefer yellow and zucchini smothered with onions.


4. Do you shop the warehouse stores (such as Costco, Sam's B.J's, etc)? If so how often do you go, and what's something you always buy in this type of store?

We have become so spoiled since moving to Plano, TX.  There is a Costco less than two miles from our house and a Sam's about 15 minutes away.  We go to Costco as often as we think of something we need or want.  We also use the pharmacy there, so that gives us plenty of excuses to visit.

There are specific things we get at each warehouse store such as individually packaged chicken breast and meat patties at Sam's.  Costco has the best chicken salad, Trail Mix, fresh veggies and fruit, plus a variety of frozen prepared veggies.  Also, we get our organic eggs there, and the list goes on.

5. Father's Day is this coming Sunday. Any plans to make the day special? Tell us something about your own father, or something about your hubs as a father, or about someone who stepped into your life and acted as a father if yours was not a part of your life. 

We may go to our daughter's for lunch after church, but no other plans than to just enjoy the day together.

My dad was a "gentle giant" and a prince of a godly man.  He was our hero in every respect and still is, not only to my sister and me but to all his grandchildren as well.  I am also so grateful for my children's father who has been a godly influence and leader in our family.

Happy Heavenly Father's Day, Daddy!

6. Insert your own random thought here.


Wednesday, June 5, 2024

A Cheesy, Summery Hodgepodge

What happened to a regular blogging routine?  I have no idea except that it no longer exists.  I will keep making an effort however, and what better time to do that than on this rainy Tuesday morning.  Thank you Joyce for keeping on keeping on with the Wednesday Hodgepodge.

1. It's National Cheese Day (June 4)...does anyone not like cheese?  What's your favorite?  Last thing you ate or made with cheese?

A couple weeks ago we hosted a cousins get-together for a California cousin we had never met.  I served Monte Cristo sliders which included a variety of cheeses and Dick's famous New Orleans Muffulettas full of cheeses and an olive mixture.  Oh my, to die for.

My favorite cheese would depend on what I'm cooking.  For these sandwiches I used Havarti, Provolone, Gouda and Colby Jack.  For most other dishes I use a Mexican mixture.  We are cheese lovers for sure.

This is a picture of our Colvin line cousins - 4 generations.

2. Last time you were instructed to 'say cheese!'? How do you feel about having your picture taken?

The picture above was the last time I had my picture taken.  I don't mind saying "cheese" as long as I am prepared.  Otherwise, I get something like this:

3. What's your travel packing strategy? Are you typically a light packer or do you throw in everything but the kitchen sink? When flying do you check a bag or aim for carry on only?

Of course it all depends on where, when and how.  When we drive to Indiana or a vacation trip, we take whatever we feel might be required for the season.  When we fly, we have to limit the amount because we always check package for both of us, plus carry-ons. 

4. What is it about people's cell phone habits that you find most annoying?

Using an earbud and carrying on a conversation with an invisible person in public.  I find this so extremely irritating not to mention rude.

5. What will be your summer mantra/slogan?

Stay inside and as cool as possible! 

6. Insert your own random thought here.

A lot has happened in the last month and especially in the past week or so, but I guess I need to just do a specific blog on all that.  For today, I'll show you what happened last week to our church during one of the huge storms to go through North Central Texas that caused several deaths, huge power outages and millions of dollars in clean-up.

We live less than a mile from our church and personally experienced what I call "the first unnamed hurricane of the season".  We had winds over 100 mph and rain and lightening like I've never seen in an actual hurricane.  And I'm from Louisiana!  Thankfully, we did not experience any damage at our house, but trees were damaged all over the area.

Yesterday, work started on the massive job of replacing the whole western exterior wall of our worship center.  It will take a couple weeks to complete plus doing all the interior work due to heavy rain damage.  In the meantime, we continue to get daily rains.

I would not want this job!