Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Let's Party Hodgepodge

My friends and I don't have time to get bored!

Welcome back to this Wednesday Hodgepodge and thank you Joyce for these fun questions.

1.  What do you find is the most boring part of your life at the moment?

I do not have a problem with boredom.  In fact, I never think about using that word.  But to play, I suppose trying to figure out what to eat on a daily bases at this point in our life can be tiring.  But, we're both easy to please in the department, so it's never a big deal.

2.  February 22nd is George Washington's birthday.  You'll find his face on the US $1 bill.  What's the last thing you bought for roughly $1.00?

An egg?  I seriously can't think of anything that even costs $1.00.

3.  Is it ever okay to tell a 'little white lie'?  Explain.

Is it a lie to not say what one believes to be true in order to save another's feelings?  This is an age old question.

We have just finished watching the first season of "Extraordinary Woo Young Woo."  The main character is a lawyer who happens to be autistic.  For her, there is no distinction between true and false, and as a result there can be conflict.  We know lying is wrong; however, for the sake of preserving relationships, etc. I may not say exactly what I think or believe to be true if it will be unkind, harmful or cruel.

4.  What's the last thing you 'chopped'?


Cherry pie, chocolate covered cherries, a bowl of cherries, cherry vanilla ice cream, maraschino cherries, a cherry lifesaver...your favorite cherry flavored something?

Does anyone remember the Cherry Coke of yesteryear?

I can't tell you the last time I even drank a coke, but have wonderful memories of sitting in a drugstore booth sipping on a refreshing cherry coke as a teenager.

5.  Describe yourself with three words using your first, middle, and last initials.

E - encourager; C - cautious; D - devoted

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Today, when it reached 88 degrees here in Plano, TX, I couldn't help but remember what exactly two years ago looked like in Northern Indiana.

My granddaughter and I took a road trip into Michigan to see the snowy sights.  I'm glad she was a good driver.

This was the sight she wanted me to see.  I was not disappointed.

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a snow-covered vista with the sun creating snow crystals.

But, this is perhaps our best news this past week.

We had a FaceTime gender reveal on Saturday and great grandson #3 will be here in August.  Our daughter and son-in-law are thrilled after a household of four girls.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

A Bright & Colorful Hodgepodge

Belated Happy Valentines from Jax!

As I write this, it is a cool, very windy day in North Central Texas.  We have gusts upwards of 50 mph, but plenty of gorgeous sunshine.  There is something comforting to me about sitting inside my naturally well lit house, in front of the fireplace, and listening to a whistling, howling wind outside.

Welcome to another Wednesday Hodgepodge that is full of color and interesting, thought provoking questions.

1.  Pantone's color of the year for 2023 is Viva Magenta.  Etsy's color(s) of the year are indigo and honeycomb.  Your thoughts?

I love the way nature combines colors that are complimentary and natural.  This beautiful bird is a prime example.  You will see magenta on the beak and blended in the feathers.  There is indigo on it's head and lower in the feathers alongside shades of honeycomb.  This is a perfect example of color used correctly and it was created by the Creator Himself.

 Would we find any of these three shades in your home or wardrobe?

You will find all three of these colors in some of my paintings throughout my house; however, you will find absolutely NO magenta in my wardrobe, very little indigo but lots of honeycomb.

Is there a room in your house that needs painting this year?  Will you do it yourself or hire out?

There is a need for touchup on baseboards but nothing major.  I keep saying I will get around to doing that, but alas.

2.  Something you had to do recently that could be described 'as exciting as watching paint dry'?

I can't think of anything that boring that I have had to do recently.  I try to avoid that sort of situation if at all possible.

3.  Who would you most like to sit beside on a 10-hour flight?  Tell us why?  Have you ever taken a 10-hour flight?

Without question it would be my hubby.  Who else would let me squeeze his hand until the blood stopped flowing, or let me prop a leg across his, or put up with my fidgeting for 10 hours, and love me through it all.

Yes, we have taken several 10+ hour flights and the above applied to every single one.

4.  What's something you did growing up that would get you into trouble?

Some things we just don't talk about.  But, I did steal a few cigarettes from my dad's packs back in the 50's and for some reason thought I got away with it.

5.  According to Google the top searches in 2022 were - Wordle, election results, Betty White, Queen Elizabeth, Bob Saget, Ukraine, Mega Millions, Powerball numbers, Anne Heche, and Jeffrey Dahmer.

Hmmm...what does this say about us?  How many of these words did you search last year?  What would you guess was your most 'googled' word/phrase/question.

That we are easily bored and require entertainment; that we are seekers of information yet basing our focus of interests on mundane things.

My google history would not include any on the list, but would show a mixture of useful, educational and mundane things as well.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

What is happening on the Asbury University campus in Kentucky this week is one of the most amazing outpourings of God's spirit in recent days.  Someone described it as a true spiritual revival, "a movement that only God could orchestrate and keep going."  It has now spread to Lee University in TN.  God is moving among our young people.

It started a week ago today and continues to draw people from all over the country.  Oh that more college campuses and churches would seek such a revival.  A spiritual awakening is the only solution for our own lives and for our country.  Lord, let it begin in me!

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

It's a RED Hodgepodge

Another Wednesday, another Hodgepodge
Thank you Joyce

1.  Something you've done recently that might be considered a labor of love?

I decided to do a monthly HOA newsletter instead of the traditional quarterly.  It is time consuming but something that uses my creativity, computer skills and keeps my mind active.  I will be meeting with some residents tomorrow to brainstorm ideas for making the newsletter as beneficial to the village as possible.  It is a labor of love, but making a contribution is also fulfilling.

2.  What's one thing you love about being the age you are now?

Being two years away from 80, I value every single day.  But also, being this age, I am more and more aware that this isn't my home.

I value friendships; I can get away with forgetfulness; l love deeper; I've lived long enough to have great-grandchildren; I'm grateful for the small things; I've seen good and I've seen ugly and know my Lord is in control of it all. 

3.  What do you value more:  careful planning or the freedom to be spontaneous?  Elaborate.

Most definitely careful planning.  We are busier than we have ever been, and actually keep a paper calendar these days.  There must be careful planning in order to fit in all the spontaneous things we want to do.

4.  A home cooked meal or a fancy restaurant?  pink or red?  watch the sunrise or watch the sunset?  wine and cheese or champagne and chocolate?

Home cooked meal
Sunrise through my sunroom windows/sunsets on Randy & Cele's porch
Cheese and Chocolate
(I know I fudged (no pun intended) a bit on that last one)

5.  What's your definition of romance?  Are you a 'romantic'?

Tenderness, love and respect; Words of affirmation; Fresh flowers; Holding hands; Time spent together; Being heard.

I am not a 'romantic' at heart, unfortunately for my husband, but I do respond to it well.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

I finished Season 5 of "The Crown" and have easily come to the conclusion that the Monarchy is not to be envied but pitied.

Watching "The Chosen" has opened my eyes to new possibilities of how the story of Jesus might have happened rather than the limited images I've created in my mind all these years.  It's been refreshing.

We need another good, wholesome, dramatic, thriller, suspense series to watch.  Any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Hello February Hodgepodge

It is so good to be back with the Wednesday Hodgepodge.  I think the break was good for all of us, but it is time to reunite with Joyce for our Wednesday blog fix.

1.  Tell us anything you want about your January.

It was a busy month with doctor appointments for us both and getting back into  re-startup church activities.  I suppose the most memorable happening was the syncope episode I had a couple weeks ago, where I passed out and was completely unconscious.  Dick thought I was dead.  Literally.  I came to hearing the 911 operator telling him to start chest compressions.  Thankfully, the EMT's arrived about that time and that course of action wasn't necessary.

2.  Lake Superior State University posts a list each of words they think should be banished from the Queen's English for misuse, over use, and/or general uselessness.  The 2023 list includes GOAT, inflection point, quiet quitting, gaslighting, moving forward, amazing, Does that make sense?, irregardless, absolutely, and it is what it is.

Which of these words/phrases do you use regularly?  Which of these words would you most like to see banished from everyday speech and why?  Is there a word/phrase not on the list you'd like to add?

I probably use "it is what it is" most from the list, but never unncessarily.

"Irregardless" is used much too frequently and wrongly.

Words/phrases not on the list:  Wokeism, re-productive rights, and if doing away with the word would make the practice disappear, I'd also add abortion.

3.  February 2nd is Groundhog Day.  What's something that feels repeated in your life right now?

Doctor visits?

4.  What's a food you love that's named after a place?

I researched it and there is not a single place named "Whatever Someone Else Cooks."

5.  What's the best season of the year to visit your city or your part of the country?  Tell us why.

I can more easily tell you that the summer is NOT when you want to visit North Central Texas.  

Most parts of the country have four distinct seasons.  Here we have daily seasonal changes and we never know from one day to the next.

Fall and Spring are nice if you time it right, but both will have an over-lapping of summer.  Winter is debatable because right now we are in a Winter Storm Warning with ice covering everything.  Next week could be in the 70's.  So, when to visit?  Anytime you want to.  There is always something to do and see in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex regardless of the weather.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Who doesn't love a naked baby?  These two great grandboys are growing up a storm and couldn't be any more precious to us.

Granddaughter, Ava Grace got her driver's license last week and this was her first day to drive herself to school.  Mom and Dad aged a bit that day.

This is my corner or nest in the sunroom and usually my favorite spot in the house.  Today, however, my favorite spot is in front of the fireplace.  Stay warm and cozy!