Monday, August 25, 2014

An Amazing Four Weeks Ahead!

I will be taking a short break
in order for Hubby and me to enjoy
each other.

I will be back with lots and lots
and memories.

This is the truth I am believing as we take to the road
and encounter life outside our little abode.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Birthday My Son!

45 Years Ago Today!
 John Marcus Day
John, there is so much I could say about you, but I will limit myself to a few statements.

You were God's special gift to us - our first child.

You brought so much love and affection into our home.

 You also brought a lot of energy, strong will, and busyness.

You loved to explore new things, and challenge the old.

And yes, you got into a little trouble along the way.

You had the most determination and drive to succeed.

Your positive outlook made it possible, when down, to always pick yourself up and pitch that fast ball again.
 Little did we realize then, those very qualities would make you the man you are today.

You gave us our daughter-in-love for whom we are so grateful.
 You gave us three amazing grandchildren.
 You have been a fantastic Dad!
 You have loved your beautiful bride for 20+ years and remain the true romantic.
 You look more like your dad every year.
But the thing about you for which we are most grateful is,
you have been the example of a Christ follower before your family.
We love you, John
Mom & Dad

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nothing But Grands!

Last week we made two 3-hour trips to Dallas, but you don't see me complaining because we got to spend time with Granddaughters 1, 2, 3, and 6.

On Wednesday, although we were there for a funeral, we were able to have lunch with all four of our girls plus our soon-to-be grandson.
We had such a great time of catching up and getting lots of hugs and kisses.

This past Sunday, our littlest #7 was baptized and there is no way we were going to miss that special occasion.

Afterward, we celebrated with the family both the baptism and Granddaughter #3's leaving for her freshmen year at the University of Arkansas.

This week meant school starting from College Station, & Dallas, Texas to Granger, Indiana and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Granddaughter #6 starts 2nd grade at Prestonwood Christian Academy and was seen to the door by her two big college age sisters.  Granddaughter #1 will be a senior at Texas A&M and Granddaughter #2 will continue classes at Collin College this semester before transferring to UT in the spring.

We haven't seen our Indiana grands since April but can't wait to get our hands on them in a couple weeks.

Per their tradition, they spent a day together with Mom in Chicago getting ready for the upcoming school year and one last big trip together to close out the busy summer.
I borrowed this one from Instagram.

Granddaughter #4 is entering the 10th grade at Penn High School in Granger, IN with a busy year of Varsity and Club Soccer on top of all the school work.  I know she looks much too femine to be a rough/tumble soccer player.  But, she pulls it all off perfectly.
Granddaughter #5 will be spending her last year in middle school and will be equally as busy with Honor Society, piano and anything else she can find to do.  This one is our most social granddaughter and manages to stay very busy with all sorts of activities and friends both at school and church.

Now, our ONLY Grandson cannot be left out.  This is how he has spent his summer and especially the last two weeks before school starts at Western Michigan University.
You will find him front row and center with the rest of the tough-looking offensive line.

Yes, this is a happy, proud and totally unbiased grandmother!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Final Views & Scenes From Breckenridge

My original intentions were to take you with us on a day-by-day recap of our trip to Breckenridge.  However, while trying desperately to fall into a deep sleep last night, I had an epiphany.

Who else cares what we did?

So, with that revelation and I must admit it was not a painless one, I will instead share some of my favorite pictures (with or without explanation) because they evoke great memories for me.

An open ride above the treetops to Peak 8.
 The views from this ride were amazing!
Our nephew and some of his family at the top!

One of my favorite pictures!
At the top, we took a short hike and the two YOUNGEST guys decided to go even further.
This is using my new zoom lens.
I just never tired of these views!
 Storm clouds on the mountain top.  Spiritually this happens sometimes as well.
Mom and daughter snuggled as the temps began to drop.

Early morning sunrise on an empty Main Street.

Vail Village
 Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, Vail, Co.

This group of buckaroos awaiting their horses for the trail ride
Giving the horses a much needed rest since the trail was quite muddy.
 Six-year old Layne got riding lessons before the ride, so he was well qualified to be our leader.
 The air was fresh and the views amazing from this height.
  One day I took my own personally directed driving tour above Breckenridge and found some beautiful scenes.
 This view is from one of the balconies in the lodge shown above right.  Peak 8 can be seen far in the distance.

And this is the most amazing group of folks with whom we had the privilege of spending a week. Thank you again Wyant Family for inviting us to share a most memorable week with you.

Just a view scenes in southern Colorado on our way home

We got home to find a family of doves, un-threatened by the fake snake meant to keep them away, had moved in and made themselves quite at home.
I do hope you enjoyed seeing a few highlights of our recent trip.
Now, I have a few days to get ready for Trip #2.