Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A Post Thanksgiving Hodgepodge

After months of being away from the Hodgepodge, I finally found a Tuesday with time to sit a minute between appointments to put together a blog post.

Thank you Joyce for always being here even when one of us isn't.

1.  Does anybody really know what day it is?  Last week we skipped the Hodgepodge and I just assumed this week would find us in December, but nope.  Still November.  Do you wear a watch?  Use a paper calendar or strictly electronic?  What's your favorite hour of the day?  Why?

It really does seem like November has been unusually long for some reason.  The most longed for month has gone on long enough for me.

I do not always know what day it is and that is why I keep both a paper calendar and electronic.  Even with these helps, we get confused some days.  In fact, just this week, we both realized we had doctors appointments set on the day we are to be out-of-state for a funeral.  Alas!

I do wear a watch.  While my Apple watch is charging overnight (why do they not hold a charge longer???) I wear my Fitbit watch to sleep and for my early morning walk.

My favorite hour of the day is just before daylight.  I love to be outdoors walking at this time, regardless of the temperature.

2.  Tell us something about how you celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday.

We traditionally celebrate the day with our daughter and her family as well as her husband's family.  I will let the following pictures describe how our day was spent.

Nothing quite like enjoying special days through the eyes of toddler, especially when he is your Great Grandson #1.

3.  What's a sound you hate to hear?

It used to be an alarm clock but thankfully we don't set those anymore.  These days it would be the sound of emergency vehicles because it means someone is in trouble.

4.  Where do you not mind waiting?

I seriously cannot think of anywhere.  Waiting is not my favorite pastime; however, I do try to be content and keep my mind preoccupied in whatever long wait I find myself.

5.  I really wish all my family could be together for Christmas.  But, since that will not happen, I wish for a new administration to be in charge of running our government in 2024.  This may also be a stretch.

My biggest wish and prayer is that all those who are struggling and without the knowledge of and belief in Jesus Christ would come to know Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Although we were not with our Indiana bunch for Thanksgiving, let me share a few of their special pictures, simply because you need to see our big Great Grandson #2.

We can't wait to spend Christmas with this part of our beautiful family.