Monday, September 26, 2011

IMAGE - My Body Shape (continued)

The next shape we'll look at today is the H Shaped woman.
This is also called the Rectangle Shaped woman
  • Appears to have a straight up and down figure
  • Usually has a flat bottom and thighs
  • Has a thick waist
  • May have long legs
  • May have an average to large bust
  • Puts on weight through middle and tummy first

Goal:  You will want to create the illusion of a smaller waist and you can do this by wearing a bloused top that sits just below the waist line.  Add this to a flared skirt for balance.  Wearing belts may also help create the look of a smaller waist.  Wear a jacket or blazer that is fitted in the waist.  My favorite is to wear a straight chemise - style dress.

Here are some examples:


Now, let's look at the 8 Frame
This body shape is also known as the Hour Glass shape.
  • Is curvy and perfectly balanced
  • Has a full bust and small waist (may even be 10" smaller than bust or hips, regardless of what you weigh.)
  • Has gently tapered hips with a proportioned bottom
  • Enjoys balance between leg length and upper torso length
  • Puts on weight evenly all over body

Goal:   Emphasize the waist without cluttering the body with a lot of layers or clothes.  Select garments that fit the body and call attention to the waist.  Actually, this shape may wear color in any way one wishes keeping your season in mind. 

Look at these examples:

Now, lets look at a couple more shapes and some suggestions for complimentary garments.

The Curvy All Over Shape:
These beautiful women are often our Romantic Season and naturally have a soft curvy body.   The clothing Goal for this shape would be bright or light areas of color running up and down with the darker more subdued colors on the outside of the figure area.  This is very slimming.  Use your season's darker colors in suits and skirts.  Wear brighter colors at your throat.  Choose beautiful earrings and pins to call attention to your lovely soft face.

The last shape is the PETITE
Goal:  DO NOT SHOP in the Junior Department if you are not a teenager!
Wear vertical lines of color not cut by a belt or trim.  This will give the illusion of tallness.  Wear one color suits and dresses with small proportions. Draw interest to the top part of the body.  Create a long visual line, not broken by design or color.  Do not detract from your beautiful small body by layering with a lot of clothes.

Look at these examples:

I hope this has given you some ideas to run with when selecting your new FALL wardrobe.  Oh to be so lucky, huh?

Before you head out the door though, shop in your closet.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

IMAGE - What is Your Shape?

"You're in pretty good shape for the shape that you're in."..... Dr. Suess
We have spent several weeks looking at the best colors for each "Season," so now lets look at the next step in knowing how best to put together a wardrobe that best enhances your beauty.
Understanding Your Shape
This is probably one of the most overlooked areas in determining one's style, and probably one of the most crucial.  It is so important that we be honest with ourselves where this is concerned.  You may hate the genes you received, but you can't change them, so let's learn how best to deal with what we've been given.

As a pre-teen, I was bone rail thin.  So thin in fact, my nick name by the cutest boy in school was "Bean Pole."  Now try to live that down.  Remember also, I grew up in the day of the glamorous, shapely actresses of the 50's and 60's such as Marilyn Monroe and other curvacious beauties.  To say I had a body image problem as a teenager is putting it mildly.

I felt pretty this day in my dress-up clothes!

When I finally discovered I would never have an hour-glass figure and that there were ways I could actually camouflage what I perceived as major figure flaws, I became a much happier girl.  So, let me share with you some of what I have learned since that time.

1.  Very few women are a "perfect" size or shape.
2.  We must understand who we are, both without and within and accept these special qualities that make us unlike any other human being.
3.  We have an obligation to ourselves and those we love to accentuate the beauty God has given us.

So let's see what those body shapes are and how best to show them off:
There are 4 basic body shapes or frames.  A, V, H, and 8.

This shape is also known as the Pear Shaped or Triangle Shaped, A Frame woman.  This woman will have the following characteristics:
  • Narrow on top half and wider at lower hips and upper thighs
  • May have rounded bottom
  • May have shorter. heavier legs
  • Has average to small bust
  • Puts on weight in saddlebag area first 
Clothing:  Keep bright colors and interest above the waist and subdued or darker colors should be worn below the waist.  Use simple, straight, slightly flared skirts and pants, or slacks with no interest stitching, pockets, etc. at hipline.  You want to visually widen the shoulders by wearing strong patterns or details, like shoulder pads or wide lapels.

This shape is also known as the Apple Shape, or Inverted Triangle, the V Frame woman.
  • Obviously wider at the shoulders than the hips
  • Usually large busted and may have a shorter waist and high hips
  • Appears top heavy - may even have a barrel chest
  • Usually has a flat bottom and thin legs
  • May have a tummy problem
  • Puts on weight in upper torso first
Clothing:  Keep bright colors and interest below the waist.  Use flared skirts and pants, or slacks.  Subdued or darker colors should be worn above the waist.  Soft raglan sleeves, halter necklines, and V-necks are good.  You want to achieve a balanced appearance by visually widening the hips and upper legs.

Next time we will discuss the other two shapes, the H and the 8.

In the meantime, if you have questions about what shape you are, try this website and take the shape quiz.  You may find it interesting and helpful.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Our long anticipated visit with our family in Indiana was cut short this week.  Dick's 95 year old mother had a heart attack and because of her age, decisions were made to not treat her except to keep her comfortable.  Hospice took over her case on the 2nd of September.  The next day, the Hospice Doctor suggested that we be called if we wanted to "see her alive."  We left as soon as we could repack our suitcases and say a quick goodbye to our kids.

Lafayette General Hospital
We have been at the hospital for two days now and she is still stable.  As the doctor said this morning, "We are waiting for nature to take its course."  I also add, that we are waiting for God's timing, praying that He will be merciful.  We say that, but we also know that God's nature is to be merciful with His children.  For that we praise Him.

Hospitals are never fun to spend extended time in, but Lafayette General Floor 9 personnel have been exceptional.  We met the Director of Nurses a few minutes ago - a young lady from Winnfield who is delighful.  She said she tries to instill in all of her nurses (4 floors) that they have such a unique opportunity to minister to people as no one else can do.  What a wonderful way to approach each day with seriously/terminally ill people and their families.

We met a lady this morning who is here with her 42 year old daughter who is dying from liver failure.  Also, we learned that her 92 year old mother wrote a book about "My Memoirs of Chenier Teague.This is an island off the central Louisiana coast where this dear lady grew up.  She was able to see 500 books published and autographed before she died on Sept. 2 of this year.  Dick and I hope to find the book before we leave Lafayette.

Even though there is very little that we can do for Dick's mother at this time, we take joy in being able to at least sit with her for a little while and be here when she opens her eyes.  It is also good to relieve our dear brother and sister-in-law who have so faithfully tended to Ms. Margie's every need these past several months since bringing her to Lafayette.  Thank you Tom and Martha.  We love you!

I will get back on my regular writing schedule next week, hopefully.