Monday, August 31, 2015

Are You A Regal Dramatic?

"Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly."

What is YOUR Style: DRAMATIC

Today we will look at the Dramatic clothing personality.  She has been described as,
 "Shimmering ice with warm friendly fires. Elegance, poise and drama, independence, quietness with a touch of shyness."

The Dramatics's look is "Elegance!"
Elegance of the Epoque by Frédéric Soulacroix
The Dramatic likes to make a strong statement.  Styles tend to be glamorous and intimidating.

Dramatic – Characteristics: 
  •  The mysterious, cutting-edge of the four personalities
  •  She both intimidates and intrigues
  •  She is a born leader who prefers the latest fashions
  •  She likes to be seen and noticed.  She is also often the center of attention, and she rises to the occasion when all eyes are on her
  •  She prefers the precision hairstyles
  •  She commands authority but may be perceived as being aloof with nerves of steel
  •  She has a natural poise
  •  She is a contradiction:  She can be loyal and a good listener, sensitive; she can also be self centered, neglect friends, worry about what others think
  •  She is a perfectionist and expects perfection from others, yet may lack confidence in herself
  •  She is well mannered, dependable, and reserved
  •  She is very analytical
  •  She is also self sacrificing, and tends to be pessimistic
  •  She reacts emotionally to events and can shift quickly from mood to mood.  May react very dramatically especially over illness or when something doesn't go her way because they are sensation oriented and emotionally demonstrative.
  •  Has an uncanny ability to "cut to the chase"
  •  Nothing seems to faze her
  •  Likes to be in control where her creativity is not stifled
  •  Would be happiest owning her own business
  •  Has an "all or nothing" approach to entertaining
  •  Is surprisingly private
  •  Is painfully surprised when the world sees her as superior and haughty because she is really quite sensitive
  •  Can remove perceived coldness with a kind glance, smile, or word of praise
  •  Is streamlined and efficient, moving onward and upward
  •  Could best be described as a "Regal Lady."
Celebrity Dramatics

DRAMATIC – Profile: 
  • Usually tall (5'7" and up), slender, and has angular bone structure
  • Has an unusual or exotic face with chiseled features like a prominent nose, high cheekbones or angular jawline
  • Wears her hair in sleek geometric or asymmetrical cuts or if long, in a sophisticated chignon
  • Avoids curls, frills, and small accessories
  • Drastically needs cosmetics.  Without them, people may ask if she is not feeling well or if she is tired.
  • Skin tone will be cool with plum or pink-blue undertones.
  • Eye coloring will be gray, blue, combinations of blue and gray, brown or dark brown, but seldom green
  • Hair colors vary a great deal, but wearing contrasting color palette is always the most flattering
DRAMATIC  – Clothing:
  • Long, sleek, straight lines
  • High fashion; severely tailored
  • Square, sharp shoulders
  • Angular necklines, shapes, and edges
  • Extreme, exotic dress for evening
  • Ensemble looks; no mix and match separates
Clothing Examples
       Sleek, sophisticated, professional, tailored look with angular details
      Never sloppy, but neat, confident and sophisticated appearance
      Extreme, bold, exotic, and alluringDRAMATIC – Best Colors
Think Picasso!

Color Me A Season

 Because your clothing personality is characterized by elegance, your clothing should also be elegant with dramatic fabrics, in darker, rich colors.  So, think jewel tones.
The best shades are strong, vivid shades with blue undertones such as red, royal blue and emerald green.  The best neutrals are black and navy.  This is the only personality who can wear pure white and look gorgeous.

DRAMATIC – Accessories
  • Bold jewelry; sleek, elegant and avant garde.  Jewelry should be silver, crystal, diamonds, but gold may be worn if the skin has an outer warm appearance.
  • Hats, belts, bags and shoes with angular shapes

It is easy to go "over board" with the design elements, so take heed.  Your fashion fast forwardness may also intimidate others, so you might want to knowingly "tone it down," whether in corporate environments or day-to-day interaction.

You are the elegant, dramatic clothing personality, so be
God's Regal Lady.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mood Changers

Join us for Wednesday Hodgepodge
1. It's hard to believe, but next week's Hodgepodge will find us in the month of September. What's one thing you want, need, or hope to do still before summer officially ends?

The first Saturday of September we will host an Open House for our 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Although I have most everything done and taken care of, there will be lots of last-minute things to do both inside and out.  So, I guess I will have to wrap all that up into my answer of want, need & hope to get done.

2. When were you last at 'your wit's end'?

How to handle various relationship issues always puts me at my wit's end.  My immediate natural response is to withdraw and let it take its natural course of death.  I realize this is not always the Christian or smart way to deal with these relationships, thus the wit's end aspect.

3. Describe a time you were figuratively thrown into 'the deep end'?

When I was given the chairmanship position of a state-wide event, not once but twice.  I had no choice but to swim.  We pulled both events off with flying colors but it was a very stressful time.

4. Does the end always, ever, or never justify the means? Explain.

For my personal temperament, Choleric, it is said that we believe that the end does justify the means.  We are doers and getter-done'ers and often at any cost.  However, as a Christian, I know that in most cases, the end does not justify the means.  I have to really be careful and allow the Lord to take control of this negative aspect of my personality.

5. What makes your hair stand on end?

Hearing the Lord's name used in vain and ugly language.  Just cannot stand it.

6. I read an article on the website Eat This! Health, that listed 11 foods we can eat to help end bad moods. Basically it's a feed your brain so you're less anxious, grouchy and lethargic. The foods are-mussels, swiss chard, blue potatoes, grass fed beef, dark chocolate, greek yogurt, asparagus, honey, cherry tomatoes, eggs, and coconut. Which of those do you think would most help end your own bad mood? Which do you fear, if forced to eat, would put you into a bad mood?

Bad mood helper?  Chocolate of any shape or size puts me in a good mood; however, dark chocolate is my least favorite.  Greek yogurt, honey, cherry tomatoes, eggs and coconut are always good regardless of mood.  Now, a serving of asparagus will have to be my first choice!  Love it!  Love it so much, my dad used to give me a can for Christmas.

Bad mood maker?  Mussels!  Side note:  As I wrote this I saw where "Barefoot Contessa" was cooking a meal consisting of Mussel Bisque.  Looks good, but still wouldn't put me into a good mood.

7. What project around your home, office, or life in general feels like there is 'no end in sight'?

Documenting all our expenses into the spreadsheet I keep for tax purposes.  Never ending!!!

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

These are the last three paintings I have done.  I am very pleased with them. 

 This one hangs in my dining area.  The colors represent the color scheme of my whole house and it makes me feel good.  I haven't titled it yet.  Any ideas?
 I love this one!  It really speaks to me.
"The Cross Makes the Difference." 
What speaks to you in this painting?
 After seeing the first one above, my Physical Therapist asked me to do something similar for her little 18mth old daughter's bedroom.  I entitled this,
"A Child's Playground"
She loved it and I enjoyed doing it for her.

This is really my mood changing activity rather than eating food.  What about you?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Are You A Sporty Natural?

"Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly."


Think Spring!
Susan Gratton
 "You are like the sun, shining brightly on humanity."  
Carol Tuttle, Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile

NATURAL – Characteristics:

Think vibrantly alive, freshly appealing, animated, bubbly, brilliant, radiant, crisp, fun, and unstructured!!!

Your natural gift is IDEAS!  You may have trouble carrying them all out, but you are absolutely full of them.

You are vibrant, expressive, cheerful, spontaneous, and the life of the party.  You help the rest of the world have fun and hope!

You are the appealing girl-next-door, warm and friendly, approachable and usually athletic.

With your tousled hair and no-fuss approach, you want to look nice but prefer clothes that are comfortable and easy to maintain.

You make friends easily and are often sought after as a friend.  You generally like people and go out of your way to be friendly. You are a valued and trusted friend.

You are a good conversationalist and can make small talk about any subject, whether you know anything about it or not.

My granddaughter #5 is a perfect example of a teenage sporty natural. 
You enjoy life to the fullest.

You have a keen sense of responsibility.

You are a great team player and very loyal.

You are dependable and always "comes through in a pinch".

You take direct, immediate action once you have a clear assessment of a situation.

You have a deep sense of justice.

Your idea of a party is good food and good company.

You may enjoy small things in nature that other personalities pass by like a butterfly, the rain, a flower.

You may be indecisive.  Even when you make a decision, you often wish you had chosen differently.

You may start many projects that you don't complete.

You will have a positive attitude and may be a daydreamer.

You are constantly changing your furniture or rearranging your rooms, or painting the walls.
Three of your celebrity style twins:
NATURAL – Profile:
  • You are youthful and cute regardless of your age.  EMBRACE IT!
  • Your skin undertone is ivory, peach, golden or dark beige making you a WARM season.
  • Average to tall
  • Strong, sturdy body; slightly muscular
  • Natural looking, friendly face
  • Tousled, loose hair; never set, never fussy
  • Your eyes will be round and full of sparkle or light and usually one color such as blue, blue-green, gray or gray-green, and even brown.  In this case your blending clothing personality may be classic or winter.
  • Your face may be circular or heart shaped, with full circular cheeks.  Your nose may be what we call a button nose, or a turned up nose.  It may even have a point or star at the tip like Meryl Streep.

NATURAL  – Clothing:
  • You stay away from complicated clothing and prefer your clothing be simple and loose with a bit of structure
  • You like keeping it simple so you tend to avoid clothes that draw too much attention.
  • Look for smooth lines in natural fabrics such as cotton, denim, wool or silk.
  • You will usually stay away from bright bold prints or florals and anything foo-foo.
  • You like lots of separates.
  • Shoes are natural and casual such as flats, converse, comfortable leather boots and sandals.
  • Naturals may only wear a watch or ring or no jewelry at all.  When you do choose jewelry, it is likely to be simple, chunky, and natural looking.
  • You usually avoid dressing up like the plague.  You are most comfortable in jeans and a tee-shirt.  When you do dress up, don't feel like you have to look like everyone else.  Your style of dress up might be a silk shirt and a slightly flared skirt.  Or a linen jumper over a cotton shirt.  You might trade your usual flip-flops for simple ballet slippers.
  • Naturals often wear little or no make-up and a casual hair style.  To dress up - add some natural lipstick and try a side braid or hair pulled to the back.
  • Invest in a few good quality, comfortable pants, skirts, blouses, or dresses.  You'll find you can be dressed for any occasion and still be relaxed and comfortable.
  • The Primary colors will be your best friends!
Natural Business Attire Examples:
 Natural Casual Attire Examples:
Natural Evening Attire Examples: 

NATURAL – Best Colors

The best colors to enhance your radiant glow are the bright primary colors as seen in the painting at the top and the fan below.
Color Me A Season
Remember,  when you stay with your true clothing personality you'll naturally feel good. You're letting yourself shine. You're not hiding behind a mask and it feels freeing. Being comfortable in your own 'skin' raises your confidence and people around you will notice that! When you're wearing clothes that are true to your fashion persona, it will indicate to people that you're confident and that you like yourself. 

Sporty Natural ladies, go out and let your "light so shine" for Jesus Christ today.
Finding Your Clothing Personality 
Are You A Romantic? 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Coming of Age and the Grands

Please join us for a community of Hodgepodge answers at

1. Way back when (the Hodgepodge bicentennial to be precise) several of you submitted questions as part of a giveaway I was hosting. I went back to that list for inspiration today and found a question  submitted by Marla, who blogs over at Marla's Musings. Thanks Marla!

She asks-At what age did you feel like a 'grown-up'? What keeps you young now?   

I think I first felt like a grown up the first day my new Hubby left me in our little duplex to go to work.  I was left alone in a new place with all new belongings and I was in charge of what took place there that day.  It was a very scary reality.

2. When did you last buy a vehicle? Was this by design or because you had no other option? Was the car/truck purchased for your own personal use or was it bought for someone else to drive? On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being delightful and 1 being 'pass the Excedrin') how would you rate the experience?

We bought our last car in 2011.  It was a good experience for me because after reaching the decision that we did not need a big gas guzzling truck in retirement, Hubby took it upon himself to see what was available.  He found the perfect car for us and I was very pleased.  Still am!

3. Corn bread, corn chips, corn pudding, corn on the cob, cornflakes, corn chowder-your favorite of the corn-y foods listed? What needs to be served alongside your selection?

I will take all of them except the corn pudding, but a favorite?  Being a southern gal, I will have go with cornbread.  With cornbread one must have a big pot of soup or turnip greens, or field peas, and fresh tomatoes and iced sweet tea.

4. What's something in your life that regularly requires you to 'put your thinking cap on'?

I think it would have to be my blog.  I strive to keep it interesting and informative while also trying to meet my need for creativity and expression.  I am currently doing a series on clothing personality and it is requiring more time to compile than just sitting down one day a week and posting.  But, I love the process because it is a challenge.

5. Share a favorite movie set in a school or classroom, or whose theme relates to school days in some way. 

My all-time favorite movie set in a school is the sports film from 1986, Hoosiers.  It tells the story of a small-town Indiana high school basketball team that wins the state championship. It is loosely based on the Milan High School team that won the 1954 state championship.
6. Reading, writing, and 'rithmatic' are commonly referred to as the three R's. What are the three R's in your life right now?

Reading, resting, and rejuvenating

7. What's something you've learned or tried recently you can say was as 'easy as ABC'?

I have been doing physical therapy twice a week for the past three weeks.  They have me doing various exercises and surprisingly, they are all easy.  I give my Pilates classes credit for that.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

This is a busy and exciting time for all our grandchildren with school starting back up.

Chandler will be a first-time teacher in a classroom of Kindergartners in Bryan, Tx. next week.
Brad will be beginning his last year at Texas A&M where he is working on both a Bachelor and Masters degree in accounting and auditing.
 Cassidy returned to the University of Texas on Monday where she began rush week.  She will be a 
Sophomore this fall.
 Emily started classes at the University of Arkansas this past Monday where she is a freshman.
Littlest Grand, Ava Grace will be in the third grade this year at Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano, Texas.
And those are just my daughter's girls!  Can you imagine what their life is like?

Our son's children are son Jackon, who will be a Junior at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI.  He is on a full-ride football scholarship and studying Business.
Daughters Savannah (right) and Mary-Elizabeth (left) will both be attending Penn High School in Granger, Indiana.
Savannah will be a Junior and Mary-Elizabeth, a Freshman.
Savannah just got her drivers license last week and came home from soccer practice the next day to find a new-to her car wrapped up for her in the driveway.  So, this will be a doubly exciting school year as the girls will be driving themselves and not having to wait in the snow for a cold school bus.
A lot of emotions for Mom and Dad!
 Where does the time go?  My babies are all growing up into amazing young adults.  We could not be prouder!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Are You a Romantic?

What is YOUR Style: ROMANTIC

Think Monet!
ROMANTIC – Characteristics:
Romantic women are generally sexy, artistic, charming and diplomatic.  Preferring all that depicts the notion of being feminine, romantics strive for glamour and sensuality via soft, flowing fabrics, ruffles, lace, drapery (and often a bit of bling!).  Seeking beauty in grace in all that she does, a Romantic likes curls, flounces, and florals.  Because of this, she may have a tendency to think all the other personalities are always under dressed.  She has a natural sexiness that's alluring to men and intimidating or even threatening to other women.

A fellow blogger, Tamera Beardsley is a perfect example.
The Romantic values femininity and may actually be a hopeless romantic.  She likes to wear soft colors and often chooses fabrics like chiffon and silk that drape graciously on her body.

Likely to be collectors of beautiful objects, perhaps antique hatpins or china with floral motifs, her jewelry also often takes on the same heirloom-look.

Ruffles, lace, pleats, those are just a few of the whimsy, feminine details that tend to catch the Romantic's attention when you're in a store. 
ROMANTIC – Profile:
My beautiful friend, Sharon is another perfect example of a Romantic.  She and her Tea Room reflect everything feminine and pretty.
Some of the physical traits of a Romantic are:
  • Average to short, usually 8 (Hour-glass) or A Framed body shape
  • Busty, regardless of weight
  • Rounded hips, small waistline
  • Soft, rounded facial features (soft cheeks)
  • Large, flirty eyes
  • Prefers curved and curly hair
  • Walks and moves slowly and gracefully
  • Appears relaxed and tranquil
  • May speak in quiet tones
ROMANTIC – Clothing:
  • The lines of her clothes are rounded, often with a lot of draping.
  • Distinct waist definition
  •  Soft, intricate, ornate feminine lines 
  •  Maintains line fluidity from head to toe
  •  She is into delicate jewelry consisting of cute charms. She appreciates jewelry such as heirlooms that has a story behind itDiamonds, pearls, cameos, and antique jewelry are always appropriate.  She loves silky scarves.
  • She might also wear dark colors such as burgundy red or black to convey an alluring appeal, but wear them sparingly.
 ROMANTIC – Personality Profile: 
  • Enchanting and magnetic
  • Life must have form as well as function
  • Seeks to bring liveliness and grace to everything she does
  • Gives great attention to the sensual elements of taste, smell, touch, and especially to how things look
  • Is a strong believer in setting the mood for all occasions
  • Has an instinctive understanding that settings, surroundings, and atmosphere have power to evoke certain emotions or feelings
  • Is very empathetic
  • Can easily "read" a situation - discernment
  • Is sometimes regarded as frivolous or superficial
  • Because of her charming nature, she's capable of bringing adversaries together, loosing the tightest purse strings, or winning over a jury  (From Metamorphosis by David Kibbe (1987)
ROMANTIC –  Fashion Persona
Clothing Examples:
You more than likely have a blend of clothing personalities so find what combination meets your needs and makes you feel most beautiful and YOU!

Next Monday, we will examine the SPORTY NATURAL.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Moving From Darkness to Light

There is not much moving and shaking around my house, but there certainly has been with
Joyce.  So I am grateful she found time to post our questions for today's

1. When was the last time you relocated? Did you move yourself or leave it to the professionals? Are you happy staying put or is there a move in your future? Best thing about moving to a new city or town? Least favorite and/or hardest thing about moving house?

We downsized to a Garden Home about eight years ago but remained in the same city.
We did the moving ourselves along with a very robust friend and my sisters who lovingly volunteered.
We will be staying put for the unknown future.
Best thing about moving to a new city is meeting new people and establishing new routines.  We have loved the opportunities for entertainment here that we didn't have previously.
Least favorite is finding new doctors and hair dressers, new friends and establishing new routines.  No contradiction at all.

2. When were you last 'moved to tears'? Explain.

I'm not a crier, so it might have been watching an emotional scene in a movie or TV show.

3. Do you have rules about eating in the car...any forbidden foods? What's the last thing you consumed in your car? Your go-to car snack when traveling long distance?

No rules for just Hubby and me.  The last thing I consumed was my morning drink after leaving the gym today.  Our go-to long-distance car snack is cubed cheese and grapes and Trail Mix.

4. Share a favorite song relating to cars and/or driving.

The only one I could think of is "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson.

5. What's your most frequently visited drive-thru...Starbucks? the bank? the pharmacy? some other window?

I really don't do drive-thrus so I guess it would have to be an occasional trip to the bank.

6. "He who hesitates is lost"...would you agree? When it comes to making decisions do you generally act quickly or do you more often than not fall into the 'lost' category?

By agreeing may we also disagree?  Sometimes hesitation is good; sometimes it isn't.  Hubby tends to be the hesitator in our family.  I know in many situations he is either thinking about a decision or else is choosing to ignore it.  I want decisions made right now!  So, that's when I jump in and try to deal with the hesitation.  Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't.

7. When was the last time you got lost? Was it stressful or an unexpected happy adventure?

With GPS we don't get lost any more.  Confused but never lost!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I took a little different approach to my painting this past weekend.
During some Bible reading I came across a phrase in 2 Sam 22:29 that read:

"The Lord illumines my darkness."

This really spoke to me and I felt compelled to try to express what it meant with paints.
This is the result.

 I am so grateful that the Lord does come and shine His beautiful revealing light into my dark times and times of confusion and uncertainty.

May He illumine any darkness in your life as well.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Finding Your Clothing Personality

In a previous blog post I mentioned the body style or clothing personality.
 Since I had some ask about this, I thought it would be interesting to reexamine.  I did a post on this back in 2011.  Time for an update.

 Clothing personality is your natural, inborn tendency toward particular types of clothes.  It is based on your genetics and generally determined by your body shape.

  I also addressed this topic HERE and HERE 

 It is interesting that most of us innately know the type clothes that make us feel great about ourselves and those that make us feel "not quite right."

If this is true, then why do we continue making mistakes and never feeling sure about our clothing selections?  One reason may be that we have been influenced over time to accept certain colors and clothing styles that just aren't right for us.

Example:  Your mother or adult female role model may have been a Romantic and thought everyone should wear ruffles and lace and lots of flowers.  Although you may have hated this as a child, you have grown to accept that this is what you are supposed to wear.

Your childhood distaste may have been right!

When did this concept begin?
Back in the golden years of Hollywood we learned that one's beauty came from individuality.  Each of the famous ones from that era was known for her specific beauty, based on the combination of how her unique physical features were brought out and enhanced her unique personality.

Let me give you some examples of different celebrities who knew and dressed for their own particular clothing personality.

  Romantic Elizabeth Taylor
as seen in the formal from the 1951 To Catch a Thief  that was the most sought after prom dress of the decade.

Now imagine the Sporty Natural Diane Keaton in this billowing bosom-fitting style. Can we say ridiculous?
And on the other hand, can you honestly see Elizabeth Taylor in this tailored, rough textured outfit or the sloppy pants and tie that was so fitting for Diane Keaton as Annie Hall?  Never!  She was much too feminine and curvacious to hide behind this much clothing.

Now, imagine Petite  Classic Audrey Hepburn 
as seen here in the dramatic dress from Breakfast At Tiffany's,
Romantic Marilyn Monroe's
white dress as seen below.  You certainly wouldn't see the curves and personality that Marilyn gave it.  In fact, it would have emphasized Hepburn's boyish shape instead of enhancing it.

 What about dressing Marilyn a' la Breakfast at Tiffany's instead of this stunner from The Seven Year Itch?  Laughable?  I think so.  Wonder what JFK would have thought of that!  I can't see him or the audiences drooling over the matronly and heavy set appearance she would have had in that dress.

Now, try to picture the Classic Grace Kelly in any of the above outfits.  It just doesn't paint the same picture does it?
Hollywood knew what they were doing when they dressed these classic beauties according to their "specificness" or clothing personality.  It certainly launched careers and clothing trends, didn't it.

Are you beginning to get the idea of why dressing according to your own clothing personality is as important for your appearance as it was for these Hollywood beauties?

So, what are the different clothing personalities?

There are many different systems that are legitimate and I encourage you to search out some of these.  But because I need to keep things simple, I prefer to just use four types because they seem to cover all the bases and are easy to remember.  Most of us can easily relate to these and they also relate to the body shapes that we have already talked about.
Classic - the simple but elegant clothing style like Grace Kelly
Sporty Natural - the earthy clothing personality like Diane Keaton
Dramatic - the entrance making style like Audrey HepburnRomantic - the sexy clothing personality like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe
Next Monday I think I will break down each of these and discuss how to dress for each clothing personality.  In the meantime, you may want to take some quizzes to see what your style is.
There are many online quizzes but this is a simple and fun one and fairly accurate I think. 

  In the meantime, do you dress according to your clothing personality or someone else's?  Good question!!!
Part 1 
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