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Are You A Regal Dramatic?

"Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly."

What is YOUR Style: DRAMATIC

Today we will look at the Dramatic clothing personality.  She has been described as,
 "Shimmering ice with warm friendly fires. Elegance, poise and drama, independence, quietness with a touch of shyness."

The Dramatics's look is "Elegance!"
Elegance of the Epoque by Frédéric Soulacroix
The Dramatic likes to make a strong statement.  Styles tend to be glamorous and intimidating.

Dramatic – Characteristics: 
  •  The mysterious, cutting-edge of the four personalities
  •  She both intimidates and intrigues
  •  She is a born leader who prefers the latest fashions
  •  She likes to be seen and noticed.  She is also often the center of attention, and she rises to the occasion when all eyes are on her
  •  She prefers the precision hairstyles
  •  She commands authority but may be perceived as being aloof with nerves of steel
  •  She has a natural poise
  •  She is a contradiction:  She can be loyal and a good listener, sensitive; she can also be self centered, neglect friends, worry about what others think
  •  She is a perfectionist and expects perfection from others, yet may lack confidence in herself
  •  She is well mannered, dependable, and reserved
  •  She is very analytical
  •  She is also self sacrificing, and tends to be pessimistic
  •  She reacts emotionally to events and can shift quickly from mood to mood.  May react very dramatically especially over illness or when something doesn't go her way because they are sensation oriented and emotionally demonstrative.
  •  Has an uncanny ability to "cut to the chase"
  •  Nothing seems to faze her
  •  Likes to be in control where her creativity is not stifled
  •  Would be happiest owning her own business
  •  Has an "all or nothing" approach to entertaining
  •  Is surprisingly private
  •  Is painfully surprised when the world sees her as superior and haughty because she is really quite sensitive
  •  Can remove perceived coldness with a kind glance, smile, or word of praise
  •  Is streamlined and efficient, moving onward and upward
  •  Could best be described as a "Regal Lady."
Celebrity Dramatics

DRAMATIC – Profile: 
  • Usually tall (5'7" and up), slender, and has angular bone structure
  • Has an unusual or exotic face with chiseled features like a prominent nose, high cheekbones or angular jawline
  • Wears her hair in sleek geometric or asymmetrical cuts or if long, in a sophisticated chignon
  • Avoids curls, frills, and small accessories
  • Drastically needs cosmetics.  Without them, people may ask if she is not feeling well or if she is tired.
  • Skin tone will be cool with plum or pink-blue undertones.
  • Eye coloring will be gray, blue, combinations of blue and gray, brown or dark brown, but seldom green
  • Hair colors vary a great deal, but wearing contrasting color palette is always the most flattering
DRAMATIC  – Clothing:
  • Long, sleek, straight lines
  • High fashion; severely tailored
  • Square, sharp shoulders
  • Angular necklines, shapes, and edges
  • Extreme, exotic dress for evening
  • Ensemble looks; no mix and match separates
Clothing Examples
       Sleek, sophisticated, professional, tailored look with angular details
      Never sloppy, but neat, confident and sophisticated appearance
      Extreme, bold, exotic, and alluringDRAMATIC – Best Colors
Think Picasso!

Color Me A Season

 Because your clothing personality is characterized by elegance, your clothing should also be elegant with dramatic fabrics, in darker, rich colors.  So, think jewel tones.
The best shades are strong, vivid shades with blue undertones such as red, royal blue and emerald green.  The best neutrals are black and navy.  This is the only personality who can wear pure white and look gorgeous.

DRAMATIC – Accessories
  • Bold jewelry; sleek, elegant and avant garde.  Jewelry should be silver, crystal, diamonds, but gold may be worn if the skin has an outer warm appearance.
  • Hats, belts, bags and shoes with angular shapes

It is easy to go "over board" with the design elements, so take heed.  Your fashion fast forwardness may also intimidate others, so you might want to knowingly "tone it down," whether in corporate environments or day-to-day interaction.

You are the elegant, dramatic clothing personality, so be
God's Regal Lady.
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