Thursday, July 28, 2022

Indiana Inspirational Update

We arrived in North Central Indiana, better known as Michiana, on Tuesday afternoon after a two-day road trip.  For some reason, this trip's destination seems to move further and further away each time.  I'm certainly not implying that age has anything to do with that, just stating a fact.

We got to meet our baby Jax Tuesday night and his Da and Bibby were both able to get some quality snuggling time.  We will take advantage of every opportunity to love on this sweet boy in the next two weeks.

Wednesday morning while all was quiet, I enjoyed my favorite spot of John and Michelle's home - the screened back porch overlooking the above beautiful view.

One of the books I am reading in my early morning time is about Women in Christian History.  Wednesday's feature was Harriet Winslow and the impact her short life had on the education for young women in what was Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) back in the early 1800's.

Harriet was able to open an all-girls boarding school in 1820, where she taught the girls sewing and household skills while also teaching arithmetic and geography, subjects only available to boys at the time.  Of course, she also taught them about Christianity.  The school still exists as Udival Girl's College and has more than one thousand girls, ages five through eighteen, enrolled.

One of the things Harriet did to care for her girls, who were mostly Hindu, was to pray for the salvation of one specific girl each day. Harriet's life was ended suddenly in childbirth at the age of 36, but only history will reveal the impact she had on the lives of these girls.

Girls today still need older women to pray for them and Harriet's example spoke to me this morning.  I am the mother of a daughter who is the mother of four girls, and now a grandmother herself; I am the mother-in-law of a mother of two girls, and a daughter-in love, and also now a grandmother as well.  That means I am personally responsible for praying for these nine females, plus two sisters and additional nieces.

Think about all the girls and young women with whom we come in contact:  daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces, girls in our church, neighbors, girls from our community, perhaps even students at your child's school.

Two of my girls are young mothers who so desire to be the best mother to their baby they can be.  They need and seek God's guidance every day. I have four who are unmarried and need God's direction in meeting and choosing His chosen mate for them.  One is starting a new career; one is finishing her last year of college; one is in high school and all the challenges that brings.  One is dealing with health issues and on we could go.

We have young lady church friends who are facing career and pre-nuptial decisions and learning to adapt to new challenges.  I have friends who have recently lost their spouse and one whose only daughter died suddenly.  Some are dealing with serious illnesses and declining-health life decisions.


Even though I pray for my girls on a regular basis, as a result of this lesson from Harriet Winslow this morning, I am going to select one girl/woman each morning and pray specifically for her.  I trust God will bring them to mind all day long as He deems necessary.  At night I will thank Him for her and for bringing about His will for her that particular day.

Perhaps this idea appeals to you as well.  Go for it!  Make a list of girls you can be praying for, with a few specific requests for each one.  Then rotate them into your daily prayers and thoughts.  The Lord may even lead us to pray consecutive days for one particular girl.  Do it!  Let us be sensitive to His leading.

You might even want to tell them you are praying for them and ask if they have a particular need that day, or you may just want to keep it between you and the Lord.  Either way, it will be exciting to see how our prayers impact their lives.  And ours.

"I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people.  Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them."  1 Timothy 2:1

Now, some more scenes of Jax and the Day garden.

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby!

Unlike the fried flowers we left behind in Plano, these are thriving in the beautiful Northern Indiana summer, and so am I.

And these two never miss a hug opportunity.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Tracking Great Grandboys

It is time for some more Hodgepodge and let me introduce to you, Jax Marcus.

Jax was born on June 6, weighing 9' 9" and 22 1/2" long and wearing the sweetest smile.

Mom and Dad are thrilled and absolutely loving this new adventure as a family with their perfect baby boy.

Needless to say, Papa and Mimsy are beyond excited about being grandparents.

Look at that beautiful head of hair.  I showed this picture to a friend, and she said, "Oh he looks like the Michelin Man."  And I think he might.


1.  Last time you drove more than 100 miles from your home?  Where did you go?

We haven't been that far since returning from our May trip to Louisiana and South Texas.  We will however, be driving over 2,000 miles when we travel to meet our newest baby next week.

2.  Something that drives you batty?

Setting aside anything relating to politics such as listening to our two top level administrators speak, I would say hearing anything repetitive and/or high pitch.  But, today as I write this, it would be the intense heat of North Central Texas.  Yesterday, it reached 109 with a heat index of 111.  Today it will be hotter than that, breaking another record.  With no rain or relief in sight.
Heat drives me BATTY!

3.  Do you feel like you're 'on track'?  For what?

Not at the moment and that is another thing that drives me batty.  I've not even started thinking about packing for our trip; the data I need for my HOA Board report today is not available; my plants are dying because of water restrictions, and I'll stop there.  I am on track with my daily Bible readings and that probably is more important than not being on track with the other things.

4.  Your favorite car snack(s)?

This question is a good reminder to get on track with preparations.  We love cubed cheddar cheese and grapes.  I also love having a nut mixture close by.  There is something about being in a car, that stimulates my need for chewing.

5.  Something you've done recently 'on the fly'?

I cannot think of anything unfortunately.

6.  Insert you own random thought here.

Our grands and greats!

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Cluck, Clucking on the Hodgepodge

I realize I haven't posted anything for almost a month, so I think it might be time to make a reappearance.  Thanks for stopping by to see what is going on in my Hodgepodge life.

Thank you Joyce for giving us a few thoughtful things to direct our thinking again this week.

1.  July 6th is National Fried Chicken Day...are you a fan?  Do you make your own or have a favorite place to buy from?  Do you own chickens?  If not chicken what's your favorite fried food?

I used to be a huge fan and yes, I also used to make my own and was really good at it.  A sweet lady in South Louisiana taught me how to make the most delicious fried chicken in 1966, a year after we were married.  It became a family favorite and was the entrĂ©e for a meal once a week when the kids were at home.

We stopped frying food over 25 years ago, so its been many years since I actually had my good fried chicken.  I still do not eat fried foods, so have no favorite, and have never owned chickens.

2.  What's something you're chicken to try?

I'm not sure whether it's 'chicken' or common sense but since I don't swim, getting into the deep end of a pool is something that would require an action against my will.

3.  When did you last find yourself running around like a 'chicken with its head cut off'?

I have a feeling it is yet to come with this month's HOA Board dues report. We've changed management companies, and with it a whole new accounting system.  The next week will not be fun.

4.  Something you've done recently that makes you think 'I'm no spring chicken'?

Does getting out of bed count?  By the way, my doctor has decided my hip pain is coming from my back so I will have a spine injection tomorrow.  Not looking forward to that.

5.  'Winner winner chicken dinner'...tell us about something good that's happened in your life lately.

Where to start!  Life is good and I am grateful for every single day.  We had a great day of worship on Sunday.

We were with our Dallas family on Monday for the 4th, and loved seeing this precious little great grandboy.

And hopefully today, we will welcome our 2nd great grandboy into the world.  I hope to be able to share him with you next week, with parent's permission.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

We saw the 3 hour movie, Elvis on Monday night.  Following is a quote from an interesting article on him and his life/music which were synonymous:  

"Elvis Presley’s life was defined by a very American set of contrasts. He was a fervent Protestant whose on-stage gyrations practically violated the Ten Commandments. He boosted Nixon’s War on Drugs and struggled with drug abuse. He was born in abject poverty and became one of the world’s most famous men. He lived to make music, and his tour schedule killed him."

It was an alright movie simply because of the Elvis portrayal by Austin Butler and the great music from my youth.  I did not like Tom Hank's acting at all and resent that the story is told from Colonel Parker's perspective.  Elvis's kind heart and giving spirit was slightly shown, but not emphasized as it could have been.  Basically, it was a sad story that will always be a sad story regardless of the perspective.