Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Goodbye September, Hello October

Where has this year gone?
I'm not complaining because its been a really good year, but why does it have to pass so quickly.
Oh well, it is wonderful to be past those 100F days and into the early stages of Fall.  And with that, hop over to
and join Joyce and other bloggers for

1. Something on your October calendar that makes you smile?

Getting to be at Grandparents day for this adorable 3rd grade granddaughter on Oct. 16, one day before her 9th birthday.

2. Food for the soul or music for the soul...which camp are you in? Tell us why.
Although both are what the soul needs, I must go with music.  Our life has revolved around music for the soul for the past 50 + years.  I have found that so many times, music speaks to one's heart and soul when mere words cannot.

3. What are two or three things you've learned recently as the result of an online search?

That the download speed on our internet server is ridiculously too slow.

4. Share your favorite game day recipe. You can describe it, post the how-to, or add a link to the actual recipe. 

We really don't have a specific game day meal.  But, we did have chills and thrills as we watched our Big Boy Grandson play at left guard on the Offensive of Western Michigan against #1 Ohio State on national TV last Sat.  Here he is after the game tickling his little sisters.  By the way, he played an exceptional game even though they lost.  We are some proud grandparents.
5. What are your five essential steps for creating the perfect morning routine?

This is not my actual morning routine you understand.
1.  Waking up when my body says wake up and not the alarm
2.  Doing some sort of exercise
3.  Spending time outside reading and Bible Study
4.  Eating a big, southern breakfast
5.  All while looking forward to meeting friends or family at some point during the day

Oh if only #5 could be part of my every day routine.

6. What small thing have you taken note of today?

Its not really a small thing, but we enjoyed lunch with two sets of special friends yesterday and today.  I am so grateful for long-time friendships that don't depend on time or frequency.  On Monday, we visited with good friends we hadn't seen in 20 years.  The one thing that was so obvious, was that we picked up as if there had been no time lapse.  I love that.
7. Sum up your September in seven words or less.

Celebration; Anniversary; Friends; Family; Safety; Soccer; Football

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

I realized while sitting on my patio one morning this week, that we have such a cacophony of colors and mixture of plants in flower beds. That realization called for a photo session.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Is A State of Mind

It is good to be back home after our two week trip to northern Indiana and also to be back with
1. What have you 'fallen for' recently?

My DIL introduced me to this product and I love not only the way it makes my hands feel, but the scent of Basil.  I also got the Basil Dish Detergent.  Smells divine!  There are quite a variety of fragrances and I also like the Lavender, which I have in my bathroom. 
2. What's something you're 'squirreling away' for later?

I can't think of anything I'm squirreling away right now.

3. How do you like your apples? Sweet? Tart? Crisp? Cooked? Apples are one of the superfoods for often do you eat an apple either plain or as part of a favorite recipe? What's your favorite variety?

We bought some beautiful, large Honey Crisp apples while in Shipshawana, IN last week.  I like my apples sweet and these are delicious with just enough crispness to be a joy to chew.  We don't normally eat a lot of apples, but when we do, they are usually fresh.  I also enjoy a baked apple with caramel sauce.  Perfect for fall!

4. According to Fodor's the ten best fall foliage trips in the US of A are-Aspen Colorado, The Catskills New York, The Berkshires Massachusetts, Columbia River Gorge Oregon, Green Mountain Byway Vermont, Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway New Mexico, Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, Upper Peninsula Michigan, Lake of the Ozarks Missouri, and Glacier National Park Montana. Which would you most like to visit this fall and why?

Green Mountain Byway Vermont, only because I have always wanted to visit that area and what better time than the fall.

5. The topic of legalizing marijuana was raised in the most recent televised political debate so let's wade in too. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. Four states have legalize marijuana for recreational use. Your thoughts?

I thought Gov. Chris Christy's comments were good.  Marijuana is a gateway drug and should not be legalized for that very reason.  I was once the Drug Awareness Coordinator at a technical college and education of the affects of drug use was a large part of my job; therefore, I invited a lot of different speakers to address the students.  Without exception, both educators and former users were adamant that marijuana is a very dangerous drug and should never be legalized.  I had students who were dealing with the heartbreak of addicted babies and children with various handicaps attributed to marijuana use by one or both parents at the time of conception.  I also knew of people who started with marijuana and once they could no longer get the "highs" they easily moved to other hard, illegal drugs.  Drug addiction is never a pretty picture or story.  The strength of the drug today is so much stronger and more addictive than it was when Jeb Bush and Clinton used it.  It should never be legalized for any reason!

6. Are you okay to watch a movie already in progress or do you need to always see it from the beginning? How about jumping into a TV series somewhere in the middle? Is that okay?

I much prefer to start a movie at the beginning.  We have started a few TV series in the middle and then look forward to watching the reruns from the beginning.  This is not my preference though.

7. Thursday (September 24) is National Punctuation Day. What rule of punctuation trips you up most often? What rule of punctuation, when broken by someone else, bugs you the most?

How to properly use the simi-colon. ;;;;;;;!
Too few or too many commas, really bugs me, and I'm afraid, I may be guilty, of this myself, at times.  LOL!!,,,

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

These are just a few of the picture highlights from our visit with our son and his family these past two weeks.
 Soccer games with Savannah
Watching Jackson start for the first time at Center.
 Spending time with pretty Mary-Elizabeth
Getting to meet and have lunch with our new friend, Kaoma.
Making our regular visit to Amish country, Shipshawana.
We have such a good time with this sweet, loving family.  Time just passes too quickly.
On Friday, I hope to share our 50th Anniversary party with you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hodgepodging From Michiana

Please join our host, Joyce and other bloggers who participate in the Hodgepodge by clicking
1. Last thing you did on the spur of the moment?

Participate in today's Hodgepodge.  I hadn't planned to blog this week as we are visiting family, but I found a minute and couldn't resist.
2. How well informed do you feel about the current Syrian refugee crisis?

Not well informed at all and it frustrates me that I haven't taken the time to learn more about what's going on other than infrequent news articles.  And then, what do you believe and what do you toss?
3. What have you changed your mind about?

Yesterday Granddaughter Savannah and I went to a boutique and immediately saw a tunic in the window that we both agreed was meant for me.  However, after trying it on and seeing the price tag, I felt more than sure that it was meant to remain in the store and not in my closet.

4. A medium sized non-poisonous snake found it's way into the pool trap this weekend. If you'd been sitting poolside would you have fished it out? Gone running? Called for help? Pretended not to know? Continued swimming?

Call for help at some point.

5. September 10th is National TV Dinner Day...what's your idea of a great TV dinner? (Or at least a pretty good one!)

Hubby and I eat most of our evening meals in our office/den so I guess one would consider all of those meals, TV dinners.  In that case, whatever we decide to prepare would qualify.  My favorite though, would probably be what I call Chipotle Salad which consists of layers containing, lettuce, rice, Black Beans, Mexican corn, either chicken or fish, tomatoes, avocados, boiled egg, and Olive Garden Dressing.
6. Samuel Johnson is quoted as saying, "Courage is reckoned the greatest of all virtues; because, unless a man has that virtue, he has no security for preserving any other." Would you agree? Where have you seen that played out recently? What's the second greatest virtue?

That is an interesting idea and one I probably need to spend more time contemplating than I will actually do.  But, at first thought, I disagree that it is the greatest of all virtues.  I would put Faith as the greatest because without faith in what is right and good and worth fighting for, why would you need courage.  Based on this perspective, then I would count Courage to defend one's beliefs perhaps as the second greatest virtue.

7. What are three words you have trouble remembering how to spell?

1.  Conscience
2.  Conscious
3.  Hor'd ourves

8. Insert your own random thought here.

We celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary (a post can be found HERE)  this past week and on Saturday hosted an Open House for family and friends.
It was perfect and I will share a few pics of flowers and food here.  I will write more later.
My dear sweet friend, Jean Ann volunteered to oversee all the food and it could not have been better.
The flowers were done by Matt who owns Fleur de Lis Flower Shop and were amazing and filled the whole house with fragrance.
We are currently in Northern Indiana visiting our son and his family, so I will write more about the party and our visit later.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Huge Retirement Sale

I don't have time to blog - more on that later - but did want to get this word out.

Gift Shoppe & Kids Shoppe @ Teche Drugs & Gifts

501 & 505  Jefferson St, Lafayette, LA


Starts Tuesday Sept. 8 thru Sept. 30th

All inventory & fixtures included.

You will not find prettier things anyway.
I know because this my sister-in-law's business and she has only the best.

Definitely worth the drive. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Fifty Years Ago!

50 years ago
on a warm September afternoon,
I stepped into a borrowed ivory wedding dress,
walked across the street,
 slipped my hand onto my dad’s arm
and walked down the aisle of a small country church.

Clare de Lune being played on the piano by a good friend,
the pews filled to capacity with family and friends.

My gaze was locked on the shining eyes
of the man God had given me to love.

Yes, we were young
but not so young to not know what we were doing.

But, 20 and 25 can’t even begin to imagine 70 and 75.

Can’t see what’s coming.

Can’t look down that aisle
and see across the years.

Can’t understand what grace will really look like lived out
through words and actions.

Can’t anticipate the decisions that will be made,
the children who will be born,
the jobs, the moves, the arguments, the ministries, the money problems, the snoring, the in laws, the tears, the joys, the sleepless nights, the friends who will weave in and out of our lives.  And, the grandchildren.  Yes!  The grandchildren!
A 20 year old can’t see that far.

The only real thing that this young couple knew
was that
in all the years to come
they would stay together.

To stay
day in and out
through easy and hard
joy and sorrow
fear and trust.

To stay
would be the one thing
that 20 could promise.

That 20 certainly didn’t know -
couldn’t conceive
how wise she was to make that vow
at that time.
But 70?
She gets it!

70 can look back and see the wisdom of her choice,

the Hand of God in leading her to take a bus ride to New Orleans,
to spend a day sight-unseen with a mature seminary senior.

Yes, 70 knows how smart she was to say yes when asked to marry.

wrinkles, colored gray hair and all
sees how truly fortunate she is
to have pledged her troth
on that perfect Saturday evening in Acadiana.

70 sees the blessings
the joy
the laughter 
the fun
the hard decisions
the faults in ourselves, covered by mercy and grace.

70 loves more deeply and more fully
because of those 50 years of marriage.
Where 20 was naive,
70 is prudent.

Where 20 hoped,
70 sees and knows.

I am so very thankful
to have walked that aisle
50 years ago.

So thankful for the years the Lord has granted -
for the love that has grown beyond anything I could have imagined or promised.

20 was good
but 70 is so much better!

Happy 50th, my love.
And here's to the next 50!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Not Being Idle in September

Welcome to the first week of September!
It's a very busy week for me so I am grateful Joyce didn't give us any really soul-searching questions that need pondering.  Thanks!
Come over and join the rest of the Hodgepodgers at
1. What's on your September calendar? Anything fun? 
As I have mentioned before, Hubby and I are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on the 4th and hosting an Open House for family and some close friends on Saturday the 5th.  We are so excited about having all these special folks here at one time.

Son who will be flying in on Saturday from Indiana, so early Labor Day morning, he, Hubby and I will head north for a couple weeks with the rest of the family.  Can't wait since we haven't been there since Christmas.  While there we will have time with the girls by ourselves and hopefully see a play at the Round Barn in Nappanee as well as see grandson play football in Kalamazoo, MI.  Lots to do and loving to catch up on.

I will have plenty to blog about when we get back.

2. You might be described as a natural born _____________________?
Handler of details and sequential planner

3. September is National Courtesy Month...what one act of courtesy would you most like to see more of in your home, town, or the world at large? 
I think on an overall basis, kindness should be expressed more.  Just be kind to each other, whether that means opening a door, smiling, speaking a kind word, showing gratitude for things great or small.  Acts of kindness that say, "You are of value" would go a long way in reconciling ethnic, racial, political and religious differences all around us.

4. Eager beaver, chicken out, clam up, or let the cat out of the bag...of the phrases listed, which one have you related to most recently?
Eager beaver.  When I hit a snag with the food prep for our open house, a dear friend stepped up and said, "Don't you worry about a thing, I've got it covered!"  And she does.  She has taken this project and like an eager beaver has run with it and all will be well.  Thank you JeanAnn!

5. What's your movie theatre snack protocol? Do you chow down on snacks during the previews or wait until the movie begins? Do you buy snacks or refuse to pay those kind of prices? What's the last movie you saw in a theatre? How many thumbs up would you give it?
It depends on whether we are going out for dinner before or afterward.  If it is a matinee, Hubby and I will share a big box of popcorn and a large drink.  I do eat most of it, by the way.  The prices are ridiculous, aren't they?

The last movie was last Friday night when we and two other couples saw "War Room."  It definitely gets *****!  This movie was so well done and the message is important for every Christian.  I read where it pulled in 11 million over the weekend.  "Raise um up Lord, raise um up!"

6. Henry Ford is quoted as saying, "Nobody can think straight who does not work. Idleness warps the mind." Agree or disagree? Why?

Agree!  The mind must have stimulation and the body must be exercised and kept active.  Idleness breeds contempt, dissatisfaction, depression and a haven for evil thoughts.  It can be Satan's play ground.

Proverbs 31:7She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.
7. What's the last job you completed or task you performed where you had to 'work like a dog' until it was finished?

I haven't had any of those recently and really can't remember the last time since retiring. Of course when I worked there were events to be planned and carried out, manuals to be written and reports to be completed and submitted by a deadline.  They all got done but it did take working like a dog.
There has been much to get done in preparation for our event, but I have been able to pace myself and get it all done in a timely fashion without stress.  See answer to #2!  Of course later this week when those last minute jobs need to be done, it may be a different story.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
Today is Hubby's 75th birthday!  My goodness where have these 50 years gone?

You have been my rock, my friend, my lover and my encourager and I am so grateful God saw fit to bring us together 50 years ago.
Happy Birthday
Happy Anniversary!