Friday, September 4, 2015

Fifty Years Ago!

50 years ago
on a warm September afternoon,
I stepped into a borrowed ivory wedding dress,
walked across the street,
 slipped my hand onto my dad’s arm
and walked down the aisle of a small country church.

Clare de Lune being played on the piano by a good friend,
the pews filled to capacity with family and friends.

My gaze was locked on the shining eyes
of the man God had given me to love.

Yes, we were young
but not so young to not know what we were doing.

But, 20 and 25 can’t even begin to imagine 70 and 75.

Can’t see what’s coming.

Can’t look down that aisle
and see across the years.

Can’t understand what grace will really look like lived out
through words and actions.

Can’t anticipate the decisions that will be made,
the children who will be born,
the jobs, the moves, the arguments, the ministries, the money problems, the snoring, the in laws, the tears, the joys, the sleepless nights, the friends who will weave in and out of our lives.  And, the grandchildren.  Yes!  The grandchildren!
A 20 year old can’t see that far.

The only real thing that this young couple knew
was that
in all the years to come
they would stay together.

To stay
day in and out
through easy and hard
joy and sorrow
fear and trust.

To stay
would be the one thing
that 20 could promise.

That 20 certainly didn’t know -
couldn’t conceive
how wise she was to make that vow
at that time.
But 70?
She gets it!

70 can look back and see the wisdom of her choice,

the Hand of God in leading her to take a bus ride to New Orleans,
to spend a day sight-unseen with a mature seminary senior.

Yes, 70 knows how smart she was to say yes when asked to marry.

wrinkles, colored gray hair and all
sees how truly fortunate she is
to have pledged her troth
on that perfect Saturday evening in Acadiana.

70 sees the blessings
the joy
the laughter 
the fun
the hard decisions
the faults in ourselves, covered by mercy and grace.

70 loves more deeply and more fully
because of those 50 years of marriage.
Where 20 was naive,
70 is prudent.

Where 20 hoped,
70 sees and knows.

I am so very thankful
to have walked that aisle
50 years ago.

So thankful for the years the Lord has granted -
for the love that has grown beyond anything I could have imagined or promised.

20 was good
but 70 is so much better!

Happy 50th, my love.
And here's to the next 50!


  1. Aww, happy anniversary! What a sweet tribute. I love your borrowed dress, you looked lovely.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful bride, beautiful couple!

  3. Happy, happy anniversary!! I'm so grateful for the portion of those fifty years y'all spent ministering at FBC in Bastrop. You both have blessed my life in so many ways. Wishing you many more blessed years of health and happiness!!

  4. Who could have known the winding paths God designed that you two to walk together. I'm sure many were strewn with lovely rose petals, while others may have been overgrown with thorns and thistles, making it difficult to find your way. But what a beautiful testimony to God's grace and goodness which triumphed any obstacle or disappointment along the way. All the while, through good times and perhaps times that weren't so good, humanly speaking, God was working out His plan He put together over 50 years ago! A lovely tapestry perfectly fashioned by Him!

    I'm so glad He allowed us to be a part of the blessings you have spilled over into the lives of all you have touched. Your children and grandchildren are gifted with a most beautiful legacy of parents and grandparents who lived out their faith in Glory to God.

    We love you, Dick and Libby, and cherish our friendship which has endured for more than 50 years and we trust we will have many more years of sharing God's goodness!

    To God Be the Glory, great things He has done! Love and blessings on your very special day of remembering and recommitment!
    Velta and Bill Morris

  5. Congradulations! I still remember you as that young wife, very pregnant and very miserable in the mid-July heat in Bastrop as you and Dick were moving into Bastrop.We were moving in at the same time. Those were good years, for the most part; years that we can remember but not bring back.

    Libby, I can see by the picture why you and Dick's "figures" are so different. Your bowl of gumbo is hardly touched while his is completely empty.Seriously, you both look great.

  6. What a gorgeous post. I LOVE those wedding pictures of you, what a stunning bride you made! Your family is beautiful. Congratulations to you and your lucky husband! xx

  7. Your a beautiful bride and this post is so very special. Happy Anniversary!

  8. What a beautiful post! Beautiful bride, and dress. All the memories over those 50 years and so many treasures that have come from your Union - that beautiful family. Blessings and Happy Anniversary.

  9. Beautiful....Happy really do not look 70...again, Happy Anniversary and wishes and prayers for many more. Blessings

  10. Happy Anniversary! You were a beautiful bride - still are. And, you really don't look 70. :)

  11. This was filled with wisdom and love. Congratulations to you both, and wishing you many more happy years together!


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