Monday, July 20, 2015

Women 50 or 60 or 70 or....... Part 3

I recently went to the Vogue magazine online to see some of the different July 2015 editions worldwide.

I found the main features from each of these countries very interesting.  But, for my purpose here, I found the
edition particularly fascinating.


Because they featured older women.  Granted these are women who in their prime were amazingly beautiful models and actresses.
  (See a bio of them below)

What made an impression on me and what I want you to see is that there is a distinct beauty in the older woman's face and features.  You may also look at the fashions, but pay special attention to the faces.
Yes, there is beauty in lines around the eyes,
veined hands and thinning lips. 

 There is beauty in an older neck when it holds the head proudly.

 There is a definite beauty in the older woman's face because she is confident in who she is.

Let us embrace our aging features while also enhancing and taking care of our aging skin.

 Remember, we are beautiful from the inside first.
Chandrika Casali: Vogue model in the 1970's, born in 1953
Helen Pashgian:  Artist born in 1934
Edie Windsor:  Computer Guru born in the 1930's
Vanessa Redgrave: Actress born in 1937
Alba Clemente:  Actress and Costume Designer born in 1950's
Marleine Bastien:  Activist, social worker, songwriter, mother born 1959
China Machado:  Fashion Model born in 1930's
Bo Derek:  Actress and Producer born in 1956
Bambi:  Dancer and Actress born in 1926
Jan de Villeneuve:  Super Model in the 1960's born in 1940's

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  1. Goodness such GORGEOUS women, I don't care what age they are. They look WAY better now then I did in my prime I think, lol. I've enjoyed these posts you are doing on older women. Have a good week!


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