Monday, July 13, 2015

Women 50 or 60 or 70 or......Part 2

Last Monday, I talked about some Do's and Don'ts regarding clothing for the
Wise, Mature and Fulfilled Older Woman.
I thought as a follow-up, I would discuss hair styles.

This isn't a big deal really, but I have seen some styles particularly of late, that made me think this might be worth addressing.

You might be surprised by how many women wear styles that make them look older.  And then again, maybe you wouldn't be.

Some of us are still trying to re-live the glory high-school-yearbook days of our past when we were younger and popular and life was good.  Or at least less stressful, perhaps.
 Remember the old permed Poodle Do?  Yep, saw one last week.
 Or the Farrah Fawcett look.  I would have killed for one of these back in the 70's.
But, not today, thank you.
I did have the Dorothy Hamill though in 1976.
These styles had their place and time, but we've got to let them go.
Let it gooooo!  Let it gooooo! etc.  You get the point.

What about hair color?

This lady seems to be wedged between youth and a rapid on-set of early signs of maturity and isn't sure which way to go.  Long, graying, or out-of-date coloring can look witchy and very aging.  Even on a young adult.
We comb, color, tease, straighten, curl, and tousle our hair trying to get it just right. We love our hair! It's our crowning glory. Indeed we care about our hair so much that it's estimated the average woman will spend $50,000 over her lifetime on her hair.  Ouch!

It's not just vanity that keeps me wanting to look younger.  It's the fact that I don't feel old on the inside, so why would I want to portray an aged image to the world?
I am certainly not against gray hair because I have some gorgeous friends who have elected to stop the hassle of coloring their tresses.  But, I'm not one of them even at the ripe old age of 70.
Not everyone can wear gray hair.  If your skin coloring does not have pink or blue undertones, you might need to keep on investing in the dye job.
However, if I looked like my blogger friend, Pat at Back Porch Musings, I would let it goooo - gray.
Now, what about styles?

Today's modern hairstyles for mature women can be fresh, vibrant and beautiful at any length. The right style can lift and brighten the face and draw attention to your best features.

For instance, light, slightly wispy bangs with a medium-length style look can conceal forehead wrinkles and add emphasis to the eyes.
A choppy look is great for a mature woman who wants a modern, spunky look. The length and angles of styles like this work for any face shape.
The piecey layers create volume, and choppy ends draw the eye up and away from fine lines. Break up the color with some highlights for even more interest.
Short, cropped looks are a great choice for mature, active women because they require less styling. Frequent trims will keep your look in top shape.
If I were a woman of color, this is exactly how I would wear my hair.  I love this natural, easy look.
Short, straight styles can also be very flattering for mature women, as well as easy to style.
Short bangs can look severe; instead choose longer, slightly sidewept bangs with a short style. The look is still polished but also soft.
Many women shy away from longer looks as they age, but there's no need to if your hair is healthy and well kept. Long hair can be a flattering look, especially when paired with long layers.  And it does offer alternatives the shorter styles do not.

But, long stringy gray hair on the older woman is not ever attractive to me and will age a woman faster than most anything else.
The short spiky do can be so attractive on a vibrant, high energy senior woman.  Not every one can pull this off.  This is where personality and temperament and body style come into play.  But that's another blog post.
 Neither have I taken the time to address face shapes in regards to hair styles, but that is a very important consideration and one you can take up with your hair dresser if you have questions.

So, what about you?

Are you long or medium or short?

Colored or gray?

Whichever you decide, always strive to be


  1. Good morning! I am enjoying this posts and agree with you pretty much on everything down the line on the hair. I LOVE the last one...but can't quite pull it off, lol. I am quite grey [almost white] so I color both my roots and highlight it SUPER blonde every 5 weeks. Going that light keeps my roots from showing in 2 or 3 weeks which otherwise it does. I started getting grey hair in my twenties, and after I had Mel at 31 it was over half grey. I took after my mom in this area. I wear a pretty modern bob which is very easy to style and do since my hair is naturally straight. I am VERY fortunate with my hair as my young niece [twenty eight!] works at a very exclusive shop in Newport and it VERY VERY good at her trade. She gives me the "family" rate which helps me afford doing so much to my hair every 5 weeks, or otherwise I might have to make other choices. Don't know how much salons in other areas and other states charge for doing what I have done, but without her rates this would run me close to 300 dollars otherwise! Pretty crazy. But it is worth it to keep your hair looking modern in both style and color, as hair can honestly be very aging otherwise I think. I love your hair btw and wore my hair very similar when I was in my 40 and early 50's. Grew it out to what it is now after that, and at sixty will probably keep it around this length for the time being. Enjoy your week!

  2. Thanks so much for the feature! I've been trying out the spiky look this Summer. It's fun. Loved this post!

  3. Very interesting post in light of the fact that I have been searching for a new hairdo. I am mid-sixties and none of the hairstyles above work for a person with wavy wavy/curly, fine highlighted hair. I can blow dry my blunt haircut smooth which looks good ... Unless it is humid,rainy, windy, etc! And now the dryer is damaging my hair. Will continue my search.

  4. Some women are so fortunate to have a beautiful shade of gray as they age. I don't really get the trend of young girls dying theirs gray. I don't dye mine, but I do highlight which for now covers the gray okay. I'm kind of on the border : ) I will not go gray though, as I don't think it suits my coloring. I am a natural brunette, but go a little blonder now. I find I need the lighter coloring around my face.


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