Sunday, March 21, 2021

Neighbors in The Village

My Interesting Neighbors

The very first neighbors that we met were Charlie and Glenda.  They live across the street from us.  They are very devout Catholics from Cajun land in Louisiana.  We became instant friends because they said it was about time there were more Louisianans in this neighborhood.

Charlie's background suited him well to be The Village's HOA president going on 12 years.  He is definitely a respected leader and runs the HOA like a well oiled machine.

Charlie got his start in the oil and gas industry in south Louisiana before being hired by Ross Perot.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Perot, he was a memorable Texas business magnate, billionaire, and philanthropist, who ran for President in 1992.  Charlie was responsible for making sure all the technology was up and running in all his businesses both in the States and abroad for 35 years.

Glenda taught in a Montessori school for many years while her three children were growing up.  She remembers many times when her children went to work with their dad and swam and played tennis on the massive Perot Estate in Dallas.

One afternoon as we were walking, a gentleman using a walker, came out of his garage and spoke to us.  We struck up a conversation and soon learned that Bill had worked at the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board, now known as Lifeway, in Nashville, TN for many, many years.  We actually knew some of the same people.

We went back a few nights ago and met his lovely wife, Mary Todd.  They are some of the dearest people we will ever meet.  Neither is in good health and are considering a move nearer one of their sons.

Across the street from Bill and Mary Todd is a lady we haven't met, but learned an interesting story about her daughter.  She and her family are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Malaysia.  In early 2020 she brought her daughter to the states to enroll in college.  Shortly afterward, travel was banned and she has still not been permitted back in the country.  She has been away from her husband and teenage son for over a year, and still no date of when she can return.  So sad.

Marsha, also known as "The Cook" in the neighborhood, is our across the yard neighbor.  She is an interesting person indeed.  Marsha is still a very active though retired Minister. She began her service ministry in 1995, after nearly 30 years in corporate leadership.  Her religion is called "Centers for Spiritual Living."  This was new to us, and I'm not at all sure what exactly they believe.  I just know it doesn't have anything to do with Jesus.  She has a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies.

Marsha got my attention even before we moved when I learned she had offered to prepare a Christmas meal for anyone in the village who wanted one.  This was amazing enough but then I learned she was giving six (6) options each of chicken or beef with all the sides and dessert.  I emailed her to say how impressed I was with her thoughtfulness and generosity and that I looked forward to meeting her.  That's when I found out our front doors face each other.

She has maintained her reputation by sharing delicious cookies.

Another across the street neighbor retired from an executive position with IBM.  He recently lost his wife after a lengthy illness we understand. Last week, he drove up in a new black Audi convertible.  He said he had always wanted a convertible but his wife's health didn't permit it.  Now he has one and keeps it in the road and spick and span.  Don is such a friendly guy, and I wonder if he might have found someone else who likes his car too.

This is enough for now, but don't think there isn't more coming, because there are more interesting folks who live right here in The Village.  I can't wait to tell you about Laura.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. It is fun to make new friendships!!

  2. Very interesting! I'm glad you are getting to know people. We have been in our home for 14 years and basically we don't know anyone. Mark likes it that way.


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