Sunday, July 8, 2018

Before & After in My House

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had been inspired to make some changes in my house after visiting and photographing a Parade of Homes house my friend decorated.

So, for a fresh set of eyes, I asked Jan of Hudson's Interiors to come take a look at my house and offer suggestions.

This is what she found.


 First words out of her mouth were,
"I love your house but this red has got to go!"

I really wasn't surprised and it didn't hurt my feelings at all, but I did like my red foyer.

Next, we went into the living room and she eyeballed the small dark rug.  I already knew that would be on the "out" list so wasn't surprised here either when she confirmed it.

The dark rug under the dining table was soon added to the "OUT" list.  No surprise here either.

The next thing to create frown lines on Jan's pretty face was this outdated sofa table.

Since we were getting rid of the red walls and the red rugs, I took the initiative to suggest I remove the pretty deep red table skirt and pillows.  She just smiled.

I kept repeating to myself, "Fresh, fresh, fresh is what you want, remember?"

Now, are you ready for the results?


We went with a beautiful shade of greenish grey or greyish green - not sure about that as it changes depending on the lighting - called "Rushing River" from Sherwin Williams.

I really didn't change the table decor except to add a table runner I already had which blends perfectly.

On the opposite wall, I put one of my own paintings that brought out the color of the wall and added a lot of color to the room.

Dick and I found this plush floor rug that we think is perfect just inside the door.

Now, come inside.

Remember the before?


What a difference a rug makes!
My friend already had both of the replacement rugs and we loved both of them.

I absolutely love the heavy sculpted design in this lush rug.

This tone-on-tone plush rug complements the furniture and the ceramic tile floors.

We agreed that the flame stitch fabric on my chairs can stay because I love it.  Who know's it just may come back into style and I will be a pace-setter.

Anything missing?

Yes, the sofa table is gone - not away, just moved - and the end table is in another room.

With the sofa table moved, and the much larger rug, we were able to open up the room so much more.  I love the feel of spaciousness we now have.

I put the small curio under the wall of mirrors and replaced it temporarily with the sofa table.

We are in the process of looking for the right piece to go here that will balance the 12 ft ceilings.

A few colorful accessories and my antique tea set, complete the coffee table.  We may replace this table in the future, but for right now, Queen Anne is fine.

I replaced the red table cover with a large scarf I had in my closet.  After making a sassy knot, I think it looks pretty good.  Love the colors.

I found this gorgeous dish at Home Goods and it is perfect in the center of this round table.

 I already had these pillows and love the way their feel of elegance matches that of the rug.

These are pieces I had and again tie all the colors together and make a pretty statement on the mantel.

Adding pewter chargers under my wedding china that has a platinum ring and a light aqua linen napkin, also adds a bit of freshness to the table.

So, what do you think of my new and fresh AFTER?

The only items we purchased other than the paint, were the rugs and the bowl.  Everything else we already had.  I love shopping in my own house.

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Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. Well, I thought everything was lovely before, but I really do like the changes and it made it even more beautiful. Amazing what a few changes can do to the look. Good job!

  2. I love red too and at first I was a little disappointed that you were letting it go...until I saw the after shots. Wow...what a lovely difference a few changes can make! Everything looks lovely!

  3. Oh I love the lighter, brighter, more calm feel of it all! So much more relaxing! Great job!

  4. So very pretty! I just popped onto your blog from somebody else's blog roll and I'm so glad I did! We moved a year ago and like you, I did have a red rug, red pillows, red dishes splashed all around, and more. I loved it all but was ready for a change. It was hard but I feel lighter and free now that we aren't trying to hold on to something from before. I loved the red but smile everyday with the new look. I bet you do too!

  5. What a lovely face lift to your beautiful home!

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