Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hot Air Balloons

Who doesn't love to see a beautiful, bright hot air balloon floating through the sky!

What is even better is to see them up close on the ground.  And, it may even be better to see them from the basket of one floating in the sky, but that's not part of my story.

Our city hosted its third annual Red River Balloon Rally this past week.  It is part of the U.S. Hot Air Balloon Championships.

This past Friday night, was the big Faith & Family night of the festival and held on one of the local college campuses.  Our church was one of the sponsors.

I will let my pictures tell their story.

Dick found a couple Duck Dynasty stars to pose with.

It truly takes a crew to get one of these huge balloons upright.  It was so fascinating to watch this whole process.

This one was tethered and only took riders up a short distance.

Before we realized what was happening, other balloons began to appear all across this large field.

I decided it was time to leave the comfort of my tent and chair and walk among these giants.

The highlight of the festival is the "Moon Glow" when all of the balloons fire at the same time.

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilling it was for me to be right in the middle of these 40 plus full firing balloons.

My pictures do not begin to do it justice.

Another spectacular scene is when they all do the "twinkle" lights where they fire at different times.  It was like being among giant fireflies.

Our church sponsored these two Star Wars balloons and they were quite the hit.

As if this was not spectacular enough, the evening ended with ten minutes of sky filling fireworks.  What a show!

We will not miss this amazing spectacle next year for sure. 


  1. I'm very impressed with your photos. One of my friends is a professional and she does the photos for the Plano Balloon Fest! I would put yours up against hers and the comparison is very close. Good job.

  2. Oh, I bet our Grans would delight in seeing this and so would I. I love hot air balloons and to see them up close and personal would be so neat. Yes, your photos were just beautiful!

  3. Oh how exciting and your pictures are captured it well! When first moved here, our town had a balloon fest and there is just nothing like seeing the sky full of these beautiful, colorful balloons. I can only imagine how cool it was to be there in the evening to see them all aglow!

  4. That was stunning! What an amazing experience! I will make it a point to get to one of those! WOW! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I was there too!! doing a photoshoot for a magazine article. I'm always amazed at the beauty of the moon glow. Many of them flew over my pilates class Friday morning and landed in our parking lot at Ashley Ridge!!!
    I never miss this night out in our lil part of the world!!

  6. Wow, I'm impressed. They are so beautiful. I'm so glad you got to experience that.

  7. I really like that Yoda balloon. I'd love to ride in a hot air balloon one day. How cool that the Duck Dynasty stars were there!


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