Tuesday, April 7, 2020

What Are You Wearing?

A fashion blogger I follow, posed the question "What are you wearing?".  My initial response, to myself of course, was "You really don't want to know."

To be honest when life was the old normal, I might stay in my work-out clothes most of the morning if I didn't have anywhere to go.  Later in the morning or early afternoon after I finished all the work related activities for the day, I would bath and put on something even more comfortable for the evening.

Are you seeing a pattern here?  Yes, comfort was definitely the word most winter days around here.

Now that my days consist of several walks in the neighborhood every day, and not going out or seeing anyone, my dress theme is still comfort and convenience.

My friend Lea at CiCi's Corner, however, is one of those who gets up early, showers and dresses to the nines every day.  She is amazing and I wish I were more like her in this way.

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I hope she doesn't mind my borrowing this picture from her Facebook, but it is perfect for showing how she looks every day, even in the kitchen.

These days of isolation have not changed a thing for her.  That's who she is.

What about you?  Are you dressing well every day?

My blogger friend did offer a few suggestions for dressing well and/or comfortable during these days at home.

She suggested wearing a color or a combination of colors that nourish you.  I found that an interesting use of words.  Since my diet right now may or may not be the most nourishing, I now need to worry about wearing clothes that nourish?

This was causing thought overload, if not a bit of guilt!

She went on to tell us that she wears a certain color when she walks because of how it makes her feel.  Well, I do too!  My black workout tights make me feel skinny and in my imagination, they make my legs look long and powerful.  This imagined picture, whether accurate or not, makes me feel pretty good about myself.

Enough sarcasm!

Seriously, my blogger friend's purpose was to encourage so let me share that with you. 

The color she wears outside to walk is white because it symbolizes hope.  I admire her for this because hope is precisely what we need right now.

She offered some other nourishing colors that might be useful at this time.

Pink exhibits lasting devotion to people, places, and ideals.

Violet can give you a strong sense of inner self and life direction.

Green is nurturing, peaceful, and helpful.

Blue is soothing and inspiring.

Turquoise/aqua is kind, soothing, and friendly.

Periwinkle can put you in touch with quiet inner strength.

Black stands for sophistication, power, and sensuality.

Yellow was not one of the nourishing colors she included but I cannot think of a more nourishing color to me.  It evokes sunshine, brightness and cheer.

So should you be in need of some nourishing color connections while being at home, maybe my friend and I have given you some ideas.

Credit to Soft Surroundings for all the pictures

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. Well, well, what a surprise and aren't you kind! I'm certainly not dressing in my usual fashion these days, but even with my capri leggings and tops, I'm accessorized. Guess it's just a habit and makeup, well, it's just a part of my daily ritual. Happy Tuesday my friend!

  2. At first I found myself in my pjs all day. But that's not good. Now I dress when I get up and I feel so much better. It's all a matter of the mind.


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