Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Wednesday Medley

We are joining together for the Wednesday Medley so pay a visit to our host's blog HERE.

1. Space. The final frontier. October 4th ⁠— 10th is World Space Week. Over the course of your lifetime, how many solar systems or science projects have you created for the school Science Fair? Were any of your projects memorable? Have you ever peered through a telescope or visited a planetarium? Been away from city lights and enjoyed the night sky?

I didn't do any solar system or science projects when I was in school; however, I have done a few with my children when they were young.  I really don't recall any being especially memorable and it for sure was not something I enjoyed.

Yes, we have visited a couple nice planetariums and looked through a telescope once.  We have never lived where the city lights obliterated the night sky, thankfully.

Bonus question: If you helped your child or a younger sibling with a science project, what grade did you receive?

Heavens, I have no idea, but feel pretty sure we passed.

2. It is also National Carry A Tune Week. Do you sing in the shower? In a choir? Carpool karaoke? Whistle while you work?

Not any longer to any of the above questions.  I used to sing in the shower, in several choirs, and did crazy singing with the kids in the car, but I've never been a whistler.

3. On this day in 1992, seventeen-year-old Michelle Knapp was watching television when she was startled by a crash in the driveway. Little did she know but she'd have to cancel her date with her boyfriend. Her Chevy Malibu had been struck by a meteorite!

What is the strangest excuse you've ever heard? Or come up with?

It is not necessarily a strange excuse and is one I heard more than once, but it never ceased to amaze me.  When I was a financial aid officer at our local technical college, one excuse I heard as to why a student had none of the several thousand dollars of Pell Grant money left for the second semester was, "But I needed a new TV!"  I will never understand that sort of reasoning.  Sorry!

4. Happy Birthday, John Winston Ono Lennon! John Lennon was resistant to The Beatles wearing identical suits which played a part of their early image leading to commercial success.

Have you ever worn a uniform or an outfit that you disliked?

I never wore any sort of uniform other than for high school sports and I never had an issue with those.

This was my uniform for three months following a cervical fusion a few years ago.  I suppose it also fits into the category of a disliked outfit.

5. We are in the midst of the Major League Baseball playoffs.

At the time of writing, the New York Yankees swept the Minnesota Twins to advance to the American League championship.

Is there a team you are cheering for? Is your team out of contention? Do you prefer a different sport? Or are sports not your thing?

The only time I was a baseball fan was when our son played.  So no, I am not cheering for any team.

As for sports, I was a soccer fan when our granddaughters played; a Rugby fan when our grandson played; but year round, I am a football fan.  To clarify that, I am pretty much a college football fan and to narrow it even further, an LSU and SEC team fan. 

Professionally, we are die-hard Saints fans.  Our son's former teammate, roommate and good friend plays on the offensive line for the Carolina Panthers.  Although we aren't Panther fans, we are Taylor Moton fans.

6. Tell us something interesting about your week.

The most interesting thing so far is the gorgeous fall weather we are having.  I am sitting out on our screened-in back porch as I type this and loving every minute of these cool temperatures along with happy, singing birds.

Wednesday I go for my pre-op for my hand surgery a week from Friday.

Thursday, we will go to Little Rock for a stop-over before heading further north to Fayetteville, AR for the wedding of our Granddaughter #3, Emily.

  More to come on that.

Saturday morning after a breakfast with our family before they travel back to Indiana, Dick and I will drive to the town of Bentonville, AR where we will spend a few nights enjoying the scenery and some of the places of interest there.

It will be a wonderful week of spending time with family, celebrating together and enjoying God's beautiful world.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. Athletic uniforms! How could I forget lacrosse? Wearing a dress to play a contact sport. To this day I do not understand why we just couldn't wear our basketball uniforms.

  2. YOu made me remember those horrid gym suits we sued to wear and rhen shower afterward. Apparently they are not required now.. my dughter neer had either... I am so sorry about that spinal fusion.. Sounds pretty awful... I hope there are no residual effects.

  3. Arkansas and a wonderful wedding sound like a great vacation before surgery next week. That excuse about the grant money?! Oh my!!

  4. Sad about the grant money. I had a laminectomy and fusion on my entire lower spine, so I sympathize. I hope the wedding goes wonderfully and I wish them many years of happiness.

  5. Gym uniforms in jr. high were the worst. They were an awful unidentifiable shade of blue and snapped up the front like a baby onesie/romper. Yuk! Have a wonderful time with your family and congrats to the bride and groom!

  6. Enjoy your wonderful weather and congrats to to your granddaughter and the groom. Have a lovely weekend with your family and friends!


  7. Have a wonderful week enjoying the weather and your family before your surgery. Sending up prayers for travel safety, a lovely time with family (and each other) and for the surgery.

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  9. Yes that "uniform" was not a good look. Hope you're having a fantastic time with your family and congratulations to the bride and groom.

  10. Your blog has stopped coming up on my reading list. I had to go look for you today. I don't understand it. Sorry you have to have hand surgery, I suppose that will curb your blogging for a while. :( Enjoy your week!


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