Monday, October 21, 2019

Fun Times in Bentonville - After the Wedding

Saturday morning brought a scattering of the family.  Christy and Ava Grace had to take the 5AM flight back to Dallas for AG's morning performance with the Prestonwood Fall Follies.

She had a solo and I have posted a link so you can see for yourself what an amazing job she did.  By the way, she turned 13 last Thursday!  Happy Birthday precious one!

John and Michelle got an early start on their 12 hour trip back to Northern Indiana, and Chandler and Brad also headed back to Dallas.

So, what are the old folks to do other than continue the party.  We had made arrangements to spend a few nights in nearby Bentonville - home of the Waltons.

We arrived in plenty time to walk around the Farmer's Market on the Square.

So many delicious looking fresh veggies and flowers, not to mention art work.

One of the artists I enjoyed visiting with and appreciating his art work was


These eyes captured my eye and stole my heart.

After walking around the square and taking in all the sights, smells, and sounds, we were ready to eat at one of the places that came highly recommended,

After I stumbled and almost fell into the lap of a fellow bruncher, we struck up a conversation.  This couple is native Bentonvillers and shared so many interesting tid bits about living there.  They also provided the inspiration for our meal.  Since they eat here almost every Saturday morning, we trusted their choices.

Blueberry pancakes with Ham Benedict was plenty for us to share, and oh so good!

To my left was another delightful couple that we struck up a conversation with.  He is a builder of high-end homes in the area and after talking with both couples about the thriving real estate business there, we plan to move next month.

This is Jan and in the course of the conversation, discovered that she was once a flight attendant.  Not just any flight attendant mind you.

When Southwest Airlines started in 1971 they were just a small regional carrier flying from Houston to Dallas. But to make themselves unique, they selected beautiful flight attendants with unique personalities and then put them in hot pants and go-go boots.  Jan was one of the original 30 hired.

This picture happens to actually be Jan and a large version is hanging in the Aviation section of the Smithsonian.  In the picture above, she is holding the picture on her phone that was sent to her by a niece after discovering and recognizing this picture of her aunt.

Jan is such a lovely lady and I would love to have more time to get to know her.  You just never know what you might learn about someone when given the chance to visit over good food.

These two delightful couples were only four of the many friendly folks in this interesting and beautiful place.

Next time, I will share some of the places we walked and more things we enjoyed.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. We love going to that area and have friends that we enjoy visiting there. Yes, always fun to meet new folks and discover how really small the world is. Have a great week!

  2. I haven't been to a Farmer's Market in years! Looked like a good one. Love the Kevin Bradford photo. Breakfast looks delicious and that is so interesting about Jan.


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