Saturday, July 6, 2019

Saturday 9: America, the Beautiful

America, the Beautiful

Unfamiliar with Frank Sinatra's 1945 version of this song? Hear it here.

1) In 2016, a group recommended that this week's song replace "The Star Spangled Banner" as our national anthem. They maintain it's just as beautiful but easier to sing. How do you feel about this?

I agree it is a beautiful song and is easier to sing, but do not agree that it should replace the traditional "Star Spangled Banner."  Because it asks that God "shed His grace" on the country, there would be an element of our society that would find this offensive.  This is unfortunate, because without His grace being shed on our country it would not be the wonderful nation it was and continues to be.

2) Katharine L. Bates said her lyrics were inspired by a trip to Pike's Peak. What's the most beautiful American spot you've ever visited?

There have been so many.  These however, will always be some of my favorites.

California Coast Line Hwy
Grand Canyon
Niagara Falls 
Cumberland Fall, KY
Great Smokey Mountains
Train ride from Seward to Anchorage, Alaska

3) The music was written by organist Samuel Augustus Ward. Both Bates and Ward were very formal when signing their names professionally -- she including her middle initial and he with his full middle name. How about you? When you sign checks or documents, do you use your middle name or initial?

I always use the initial of my maiden name.

4) In 1945, when this version of the song was recorded, America lost Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Frank Sinatra said, "I lost a hero." What late, great American hero from our past would you like to honor today?

I would honor my dad.  He never served in the military or held an elected office, and will not be read about in the history books, but William Porter Lazenby will be remembered by all who knew him as a great man of integrity; a very wise and loving man; truly a man "after God's own heart;" a faithful and devoted husband and family man; a man held in great esteem by all who knew him; a lifter-upper of the down-trodden.  And my own personal hero, my Daddy!

5) Also in 1945, a 19-year-old "hoofer" waited outside the Los Angeles radio station where Sinatra was being interviewed. That was the beginning of the friendship between Sammy Davis, Jr., and Frank Sinatra. Tell us about your oldest friend.

My oldest friend would be my sister, Gingie who is two years younger than me.  She remains my closest friend to this day.

The second two pictures also include my 2nd oldest friend, Judy.

In 1951, we added my 3rd oldest and my other closest friend, Sarah.

6) The Fourth of July means we're in the middle of summer. Are you careful about applying sunscreen?

I do on my face daily but not on the rest of my body.  I am careful to not spend much time out in the sun.

7) Mosquito bites can be a major summer annoyance. Are you scratching any itches right now?

I did get a couple bad mosquito bites while working in the yard yesterday morning, but thankfully no itches today literally or figuratively.

8) Emergency rooms report an increase in wrist injuries in summer, with people falling off bikes and skateboards and jamming their wrists catching hard-hit softballs. Have you  been to the ER or Urgent Care during 2019?

No, thank the Lord!

9) New York is home to Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest every year on the 4th. Will hot dogs be consumed in your household this weekend?

I could not tell you the last time I had a hot-dog.  Other than when I was first pregnant with our first child, have I ever been a fan of hot dogs.  We will be having a very non-traditional meal of tenderloin, field peas with onions and okra, and wok'd fresh carrots.  We are simple, happy folks.

I am joining Samantha for this week's Saturday 9 link up.


  1. I total agree with you on #1! Your photos are so pretty.. the train one is gorgeous! Have a great Saturday!

  2. Libby, your photos are stunning! There are so many beautiful places in America, it is impossible to choose a favorite. The lady who wrote America the Beautiful certainly knew that and also asking God to shed His grace on it. He certainly has time and again, over and over, and though the people shout about saving the earth, they do not realize they defile it by the shedding of innocent blood and rejecting the Creator.
    I feel a little bad seeing the one you picked to honor and your oldest friend. How could I forget about my sister, my lifelong friend, and I too honor my Dad. You always have great insight! Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  3. The field peas with onions and okra … I'm intrigued! (I've never tried field peas.)
    I, too, am loving these images. We've cruised the Alaskan coast; but gosh I'd enjoy exploring it further inland! Mostly, I love this tribute to your daddy.

  4. Oh my word! Your photos are gorgeous! I want to travel more. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  5. YOur answers for #1 and #4 are sjut gripping.. I loved them. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. Didn't think about my brother for the "friend" question. We are friends but he's my brother first, I guess.

  7. I love seeing old photos. Your #4 answer was so moving!

  8. Your photos are stunning. I felt as if I were there with you all of those places. I think it is just wonderful how you honored your father. I wish I could have met him.

  9. Your dinner sounds yummy to me : ) What a lovely tribute to your dad. My dad was my hero too. Hope you're enjoying your summer!


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