Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge - Hodgepodgey

It is so good to be joining Wednesday Hodgepodge again after being away for a while.  I can't imagine how Joyce keeps coming up with such good questions week after week.

1. Picture postcards were first printed back in the mid-1800's and deltiology is the official name for postcard collecting. When did you last send a postcard?  Receive one? Do you save postcards sent to you? Do you collect and/or send postcards when you travel?
The only postcards I buy are those I purchase while traveling of sights that I can't take photos of.  I do not collect or generally send postcards while traveling.

2. What treat do you most like to indulge in while on vacation?
Breakfast is my favorite meal so I love to indulge in big, special breakfasts.

3. Are you good at hiding your feelings?
I think my eyes and moods are pretty transparent; however, I do think I have learned to keep a lot of my feelings to myself.  That being said, I also use Hubby as a sounding board and source of guidance when my feelings begin to run away with my emotions.

 4. Does your town/city/county still deliver telephone books to your home? Do you check the yellow pages when searching for a local business number or has the internet replaced the phone book in your home?
Yes, we still get phone books delivered to our door step and usually hung on our door handle.  I keep them and change out the outdated one, but rarely consult it.

5. Would you rather be first or last?
This is an easy one - LAST!

6. July is National Park and Recreation Month (in America, but everyone can still play along)...where and when were you last in a park?  Did you participate in any recreational activities while you were there?
Not recently!  When we camped years ago, we would often stay in National Parks, but heavens that was years ago.

7.  What was one of your worst ideas?
To buy a burgundy faux leather sofa and love seat.  May I just say, "UGH!"?

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I recently read about an App for my iPhone and thought I would try it out.  It had good reviews so I thought I would give it a try.  It is "PicBeauty."  WARNING!  Do not Google "PicBeauty.comI did and was embarrassed, so certainly would not recommend it.

Here are results of a few of my photos:
Before - Beautiful Granddaughters
 After - Look at those eyes
 Before - Grandson's night graduation
Before of Me - Don't judge
After - Now, see why I like this App?
Try it!  You may like it too!
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. Good morning! i enjoyed this! We had some similar answers...You have got me totally intrigued on that app. Looks wonderful to me! haha Enjoy your day!

  2. I'm going to have to check out that app. There are so many photo apps now! You are lovely : )

  3. I tend to buy postcards when vacationing of scenes I know I couldn't photograph as well as the postcard image. Someday (ha) I plan to put them in a vacation album.

  4. Oh, going to breakfast with you and Dick sounds like such fun.

    Tommy is my sounding board too and can usually bring insight to issues that I had not thought about.

    I'm thinking that picture of you should go in a magazine!!!!

  5. OK, have sold me on that "PicBeauty" app! You and your granddaughters were beautiful in the 'before' shots, but even more so in the 'after' ones! I'll check it out! Hope you'll stop by my blog today...I'm having an Easy Canvas Giveaway for a FREE 8 x 10 canvas. You'll love it!


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