Monday, July 29, 2013

Miscellany Monday - Blues & Friendships

 Can it possibly be Monday again already?  I sure had good intentions to do more than one blog last week, but alas!  That just didn't happen and here we are a week later.  My oh my, where does the time go?  But, it is always good to know that Carissa is here Monday after Monday waiting for us to join her for Miscellany Monday.

 A few weeks ago I featured our newly enclosed back porch and included pictures of a couple outdoor plant stands.  I asked for suggestions about whether to paint them or not.
Daryl @ porch enclosure system suggested that a navy blue would look nice.  After discussing this with Hubby on numerous occasions, we decided to give it a try.

Now, there is navy blue and there is navy blue.
  So, after looking at what seemed like hundreds of color charts, I made my selection and got busy.
Because the stands would be unprotected outside, and the wood was already showing a lot of deterioration, I applied a good coat of primer.
Now, the final coat and stands are in place.
 I think I'm pleased with the result.  It picks up the colors in the painting just inside the window.
Thank you Daryl, for the advice to go with navy blue.

In the early 1970's we became friends with Neal and Becky DeForest.  Our two oldest babies, John and Ginger, were only a few months apart and grew up as brother and sister.  They were always in the same classes all the way through school; in all the same church activities; in band together.  When Ginger's little brother, Neal Allen was born, he became John's little brother too.

The DeForest family adopted John as their own as well and he spent many hours with them, fishing, playing ball, and seeing who was the faster runner.
The years have passed and distance has kept them apart, but the bond still exists.
John and Ginger reunite at a their 10th class reunion in 1997.
 During those years, there were several couples of us who went to church together, most of the men worked together, and our kids were all about the same age.  We would get together on weekends to eat, play games, eat, and did I say eat?  We valued the friendships.
 Left to right:  Robert & Nancy, Andy & Sandy, Neal & Becky, Dick & I
 As we were all celebrating our 35th wedding anniversaries at about the same time, we decided to take a cruise together. What better way to celebrate such a momentous occasion than to do it with your best friends?
 Our Caribbean Cruise was amazing and memorable!
Becky, Sandy, Libby, Nancy, & Monica
 Last week, our dear friend Neal, died suddenly from a massive heart-attack.
As I look back, I am grateful for these lasting friendships.  I am grateful for our many years to share times together.  I am grateful for the example he was to our son.  I am grateful for the friendship and mutual respect he and Dick had.

One of the most memorable things that was said about Neal is,
"When the Lord changed him, he never got over it!"
Thank you Neal for living your life as a testimony to the Lord and what He can do in and through one individual.
We will miss you!
 A good friend of Neal's has paid a humorous and yet very sincere tribute to him HERE


  1. Good morning! First, I love the navy planters...perfect. And then, I am sorry to hear about your friend. I read about this on Lea's blog post too. He sounds like a wonderful man. My heart goes out to you all!

  2. Good choice, the navy is perfect!

    What a lovely tribute to Neal and I'm sorry, but I had to chuckle at some of those photos. Where have the years gone?

    Wishing you a wonderful week my friend!


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