Friday, July 19, 2013

Yard Benches - What do you think?

While I was down in my back a couple weeks ago and wasn't able to do my regular gym workout, I did try to walk some in the neighborhood.
It was during these little excursions that I began to notice yard benches.
They seem to be the rage right now in a lot of neighborhoods.
does it matter how they are used?
Is it enough to just stick a bench somewhere in the yard?
Should they be decorative?
Should they be functional?
Should they be of some practical purpose such as adding to the landscape or offering a place to relax or pull off your shoes?

Let's look at some and see what we think.
(Excuse my shadow in these pictures - probably not the best time of day to be shooting with my iphone)
 Cute bench, but who would want to disturb the Frog Family to sit there?
By the way, this same homeowner has had this little display blocking her front door since last fall. 
Okay, I know its not a bench, but I just couldn't resist.  I found this little grouping in a niche off the garage, and wondered if anyone ever uses it?
 What do you think about the lone, isolated lawn bench?  It is very pretty and decorative, but why stick it out in the front yard behind the buried water meter?
 This homeowner's sense of overgrown evidently doesn't correspond with mine.  I would be leery of spending much time there and on those cushions.
I love this little white metal bench and think it adds to this little corner area of the side yard.
What do you think of this ornate little cast iron bench in this English garden?
 I like this simple little wooden bench placed in the side front corner of the yard, under the crepe myrtles.  I think it adds an architectural detail that I like.
 This simple little rustic bench is placed at the end of a driveway and helps define the area well.
There are a couple homeowners who have chosen to use a swing in the place of the bench.

 Pinterest provided these beautiful and purposeful benches for our enjoyment and inspiration.
Which is your favorite?


 So, do you have a bench in your front yard?
I'm leaving the first comment with my personal favorite.  Come join me.
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. I'm going with "D" because of the simple yet stately design. Of course, the cushions and pillows make it that much more inviting.

  2. How interesting! We have two benches on our front porch with pillows on them and I do hope that they look inviting. :o)

    I'm going with the swings. Absolutely love a swing and I think I could sit on that purple bench, but all in all, benches are most uncomfortable to me and that's why I prefer a swing.

    What an interesting post! Happy weekend!

  3. Love 'em all, but I'll take the one (B) that comes with lemonade! Benches are lovely and inviting, but there is something about the slow, steady and comforting rhythm of a porch swing. Perhaps it takes us to happy places we've once known -a place of nourishment for our souls?

    Love your posts, Libby. You can turn the ordinary into extravagance!

  4. Good morning! This was quite interesting. I would go with B as it looks the most comfy, as I agree with Lea. Most benches just aren't comfy enough to get much prolonged use. More for looks I think or a little rest on a walk. We have one on our front porch and I have both cushions and pillows on it. I hope it looks welcoming, but it doesn't get much sitting time, even with the cushions. ; ) Enjoy your week-end!

  5. Well hello, and how wonderful to meet you. What a beautiful blog you have. I am happy to say that I am a new follower, and thank you for following me. Now....I just saw lots of pretties in this post, but I am leaning toward the swings. If I had a bench or seating area in my yard, it would just be something more to weed eat around, or I would probably be looking over my shoulder for a snake.

  6. Stopping in here from Friday Fragments. What a cute post on your pretty blog. Of the Pinterest benches, I would say B is my favorite. Wood is more comfy than wrought iron, pillows are welcoming and comfy, table in front for a cool drink. But like the other ladies, there's something about a swing. We have one on our front porch that I'm about to make new pillows for, and a swing on the deck that I just made a new cover for. I don't quite get the placement of some of those other benches you saw on your walk. The black ones in that brick alcove look like they're in a punishment cove.

  7. The last one (J) looks like the one I'd be most likely to actually sit in. The bench looks comfortable, I love hydrangeas, and it appears to be in a location where you can watch the world go by. My mom has a bench outside her front porch. When I'm there we sit every morning with our coffee...I love it.

  8. Oooh, I like the green wood & wrought iron bench.
    I love benches, I would probably have half a dozen if I could. I think they can be great for decoration or practical purposes.
    The only one in your pics that I don't care for is the one that just sits in the middle of the grass. It's just...there.

  9. One man's bench is another man's yard decor.

  10. I like B because of all the comfy pillows. A lot of them really don't look that inviting. I have 2 chairs and a table out front and its been so hot the area is a bit overgrown. We will hopefully take care of that on Monday. Have a great weekend.

  11. The cast iron bench is my favorite. It is so nice to find fellow Christian bloggers. I found you through Teresa at 1800 Farmhouse Road. I could tell by your comment that you are a woman of faith. Your blog is encouraging, and that means a lot these days! I'll be back. Following you through G+.
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  12. Hello Elizabeth it's a pleasure to meet you. These benches are all wonderful. It's difficult to choose a favorite. I love the style of "A" and the setting, so elegant. Love your blog title. Enjoy your day! From your newest follower, Linda

  13. A stand alone yard bench doesn't do much for me. But if it is fashioned into a location that offers the sitter a focal point to appreciate then the yard bench is both useful and enhances the beauty of that area.

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