Wednesday, August 17, 2022

School & Life

It is time again to join Joyce for the Wednesday Hodgepodge.

1.  August is National Back to School does that make you feel?  Share a back-to-school memory.

Mainly it makes me feel very grateful those days are waaaaaaay behind me.

I have only one granddaughter who is still in school.  Ava Grace will be entering the 10th grade this week at Prestonwood Christian Academy.  Because of the Christian environment, excellent education, opportunities to use her talents, and the teaching of a Biblical worldview, I feel very good about the year ahead for her.

Memory:  I mostly remember the excitement of having a new dress and shoes (yes, we only wore dresses back then) for the first day, and seeing friends I hadn't seen during the summer.

2.  Something you've learned in 'the school of life'?

Never assume or take anything for granted.

Don't save plastic bags and tin foil.

3.  Three words to describe your current mood.

At this moment on Tuesday, I have some apprehensions regarding discussions and decisions in our HOA Board Meeting later today.

I feel assured knowing we have done all we need to do for our kids in the event of our death.  That is a good feeling and puts me in a confident mood.

Sorry, overlooked the THREE word part.

4.  A summer food you've eaten too much of/are tired of?  A summer food you haven't had enough of?

I haven't eaten too much of anything and am not tired of any summer food.  Our diet is not really seasonal.  Now, the 'not enough' of part of the question would be watermelon.

5.  What small stuff do you sweat that you know you shouldn't?
The stuff I sweat is not small stuff to me.  I only sweat the big stuff that could be life changing, like will we have a shortage of food in the next year.  Things like that.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Speaking of school - this is my First and Twelfth Grade pictures.

Where did those years go! 

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. Don't save plastic bags and tin foil . . .made me laugh out loud! True! So true!! I do "recycle" my target/walmart plastic bags by using them when I scoop the cat's litter box but I definitely don't save baggies, etc.!

  2. Love your school pictures...such a cutie! Like Lisa above to do save most of my Walmart and Kroger bags for when I take the dog for a walk and I need to clean up after her. We had to wear dresses to until 7th grade they started letting us wear pant suits and then by my senior year we could wear and kind of pants/jeans.

  3. Don't save plastic bags lol. Your school pictures are cute! It sounds like your granddaughter is in a wonderful place for school. My oldest grandson is doing a 5 day a week Pre-k program at the church this year, although technically he is eligible for kinder. He would only make the cutoff by two weeks so would always be the youngest in the class. Another year will be for the best I think. My daughter is researching Christian schools, but also considering homeschooling at least for K. They will move somewhere for just that one year so that might be a good way to see if that's something that is right for them. You can't assume anything in terms of education anymore. Parents really have to do their homework too.

  4. Libby, love your photos of 1st grade and twelfth grade. So cute! And yes dresses to school for all my K-12th grade days. So good that your granddaughter can go to a school that teaches Biblical world view. What nonsense is being taught in many schools. Our kids have had to turn to homeschooling for now. Hope the rest of your week goes well including your meeting!

  5. I also laughed at your "don't recycle plastic bags and foil". Here in the UK we don't get as many bags these days - you have to pay for them and we can only recycle clean tin foil. If it's clean I'd be recycling it to use again!

  6. I hope she has a great year! Yes, the new clothes and shoes were always fun. Also, all the way through High School girls had to wear skirts! They started the pants thing after I graduated. Good point, we have all of our things in order too. The food storage is scary and definitely one to worry about. All part of controlling us. Love your photos. So cute!

  7. Wow! that Ava Grace will be graduating before we turn around. Yes, good for you for not saving plastic bags and tin foil and hopefully not plastic butter tubs either. :o)) We have a few more things to do for the kids in the event of our death but we have our crypts and all the financial stuff in order. I would like to go to funeral home and finish that up but T's not ready quite yet. Have a great weekend!


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