Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Mid-West Botanicals

There is no shortage of interesting things to do and see in the Michiana area.  There is unbelievable beauty along the many waterways and lakes; sandy beaches and fascinating lighthouses; quaint towns, organic farms and orchards; white, clean Amish homes and farms; and a varied mixture of cultures.

This short overall list doesn't include the beautiful Notre Dame and St. Mary campuses , the Studebaker Museum and hundreds of galleries, restaurants, numerous theaters, my favorite Japanese Garden (that I didn't visit this trip), not to mention interesting architecture and almost perfect summer weather.

In today's blog we will visit the first of two totally different botanical gardens.

This Japanese-themed garden consists of three islands and is located in the center of Elkhart, IN, a neighboring town southeast of Granger.  Come with me into the serene and lovely manicured grounds of Wellfield Botanical Gardens.

It is a Japanese-themed garden consisting of three small islands.

Being overseen by the elk of Elkhart

The sound of the rushing water was captivating and refreshing in the unusual Northern Indiana heatwave.

Thankfully there was a comfortable place to sit, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Isn't this tool shed the cutest?

Large bronze statues were placed throughout the gardens.

Let's just say Dick has never met a pretty woman he didn't like.

We agreed this would be the perfect place to bring Baby Jax for play dates and to introduce him to God's wonderful world.

The roof of this building is as pretty as the grounds.

The next two close-ups are shots I particularly like.

Cross pollination was alive and well in this garden.

Standing outside the gates was this artist.  I checked going in and coming out and "Monet" had not made any progress.

Elkhart County is celebrating the 17th year anniversary of the first display of Seward Johnson Sculptures in the county.  Johnson is well known for his life-like bronze sculptures.

Another sculpture caught our attention downtown next to a jewelry store.
From what I've read, there is really no explanation for this sculpture, named "Contact," so I am assuming we are free to make up our own.

Tomorrow, I will take you to another botanical garden that will be totally different which will wrap up our Indiana visit.  In the meantime you might enjoy reading about and seeing other sculptures by John Seward Johnson.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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