Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wellness Wednesdays #5: Friends & Fall

May I suggest that you click on this link and just listen while you're reading the rest of this post.  What memories do you have from Septembers past?

My best memory would be my wedding that took place on September 4, 1965.  What an amazing 53 years of blessings they have been.

On September 5, five years ago, I began a year-long series that is still one of my favorite things I've done since blogging.  I highlighted a different friend each month and shared what made her special to me.

My first one was of my dear friend, Jean Anne Williams.  I had a good visit with her yesterday and learned that she is doing radiation for breast cancer.  They caught it early and she is very encouraged, but it made me thankful all over for our deep respect for each other and connection we've maintained through the years.  You can read about what a special person she is HERE

Are you getting ready for Fall?

I know some of you are already putting out decorations in hopes they will also bring cooler temperatures.  We are still having upper 90 degree days here in the deep south, so will do anything to inspire an early Fall.

Maybe these photos will inspire you if not the weather.

Although not your traditional Fall decor colors, this table setting would welcome Fall and cooler weather beautifully.

As I was getting ready to close this post, I received an email from my husband that I think is so appropriate to share on this day, especially as I have already written about my good friend, above.  And, my best friend these 53 years of marriage.

"A newlywed young man was sitting on the porch on a humid day, sipping ice tea with his father.
 "As he talked about adult life, marriage, responsibilities, and obligations, the Father thoughtfully stirred the ice cubes in his glass and cast a clear, sober look on his son.

"'Never forget your friends,' he advised, 'they will become more important as you get older.  Regardless of how much you love your family and the children you happen to have, you will always need friends.  Remember to go out with them occasionally (if possible), but keep in contact with them some how.'

"What strange advice!' thought the young man.  'I just entered the married world, I am an adult and surely my wife and the family that we will start will be everything I need to make sense of my life.'

"Yet, he obeyed his Father; kept in touch with his friends and annually increased their number.

"Over the years, he became aware that his Father knew what he was talking about.  Inasmuch as time and nature carry out their designs and mysteries on a person, friends are the bulwarks of our life.

"After 70 years of life, here is what he, I, and you will have learned:

Time passes.
Life goes on.
Children grow up.

"Children cease to be children and become independent.  And to the parents, it breaks their heart but the children are often separated of the parents because they begin their own families.

Jobs/careers come and go.
Illusions, desires, attraction, sex....weakens.

People can't do what they did physically when they were young.
Parents die but you move on.
Colleagues forget the favors you did.
The race to achieve slows.

"But true friends are always there, no matter how long or how many miles away they are.  A friend is never more distant than the reach of a need, intervening in your favor, waiting for you with open arms, or in some way blessing your life.

"When we started this adventure called LIFE, we did not know of the incredible joys or sorrow that were ahead.

"We did not know how much we would need from each other.

"Love your parents, take care of your children, but keep a group of good friends.

"Stay in touch with them but do not impose your criteria.

"Love those friends in your life who help make sense of your life."

"There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."
John 15:13

Now, that is all about WELLNESS!

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. Well, that reading was awesome and is so, so true. We do love our tribe of friends so much and have broadened it even more in recent months. So sorry to hear about Jean Ann. Happy Labor Day weekend!

  2. Omgratulstions on your upcoming anniversary. September 7 is meaningful to me as that is the date I met Jay. I'm sorry to read about your friend, but pray her treatments will be successful. My friend went into hospice yesterday and is not expected to last more than a couple of days. She is surrounded by friends and I got to visit Saturday and today. I really liked the email from your husband. So true. As we get older, it feels like we are losing our friends to death, or moves. Our friends mean so much to us.

    1. I am soooooooooo embarrassed!! I have fat thumbs and guess I invented a new word there!! Thanks for not mentioning it. I bet it made you laugh ... in horror!!!!


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