Sunday, August 5, 2018

"That's Me"

Do you have an outfit or item in your closet that you just like to look at?

When you see it, you think, "That's ME!"

Three years ago, I was looking for something that felt just right for our 50th Wedding Anniversary Open House.  It wasn't going to be a real big affair, but I wanted it to be special for not only us but all the family and friends who came.  My outfit needed to be comfortable for moving around and doing lots of hugging.  And it didn't need to too fancy or too casual.

When I found this top, I told the sales lady, "That's it!  That's me!"

I loved the colors and I knew the comfort of this loose sheer top would wear well without any fuss.

I was right, it was perfect for loving on a granddaughter,

 and greeting so many special guests in our home.

Last year, we had a family gathering down south.  Again, this great loose tunic came to the rescue.  I wore it a little more casually with a pair of crop pants.

On this occasion, my only accessory was a neck brace.

I have worn it numerous times, but thought I would share it with you one more time.

This is what I wore Sunday to church.

Because I don't think the top requires a necklace, I feel these long earrings are enough to make a jewelry statement.

Do you have a "That's Me" outfit or top?


  1. It is lovely and you look fabulous in it!!

  2. That is a beautiful top and it is perfect on you. I love clothes that can be enjoyed and worn for more than just one occasion. I don't think I've seen you with the neck brace before and you look quite different with it on. That first photo is a real winner! And I like the one with the neck brace and the other accessory ... the young man hugging you.

  3. Well, I do have some "that's me" clothes but never thought about it until this post. :o)) That top is definitely you, love those colors!

  4. Elizabeth,

    Lovely styling your tunic and you don't need a necklace when you have those lovely pendant earrings to wear!
    I hope you stop by every Tuesday and share with us your restyled outfits!



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