Sunday, August 26, 2018

Transitioning Seasons with Black & White

For the next several weeks, I will be showing you some amazing outfits to help transition from the heat of summer to the much looked for Fall season.

To accomplish this, I will be wearing some items from one of my favorite boutiques,

HUDSON'S, here is Shreveport, Louisiana.

If you see something you like, you can either leave a comment below for more information, or call Hudson's
direct at 318-865-2151 and tell them Libby sent you.

This first outfit is a real standout, and perfect for these late summer days or evenings.

Don't you love those beautiful flowers and the wings of this sheer tunic.

The camisole slip underneath is such a great length for these tops.  It comes to my thighs which I love.  It is so comfortable and doesn't ride up as you move.  

The beauty of this top is that it would be suitable for daytime activities as well as evening events. 

We paired this top with the most comfortable legging I have ever worn.

And look at that fancy little bow and pearl at the ankle.  These are a must for any wardrobe.

 This gorgeous necklace makes a statement without distracting from the beauty of the top.

Being clear, it takes on any color with which it is worn.  I love it, and think you will too.

Are you thinking about how to transition from hot summer to the much anticipated Fall weather?

Either leave a comment here or call 318-865-2151 if you are interested in anything you saw in this post.

More Black & White next Monday.

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  1. Absolutely stunning! I love the top and you look beautiful in it! I also like the leggings, the accessories and the thought of a camisole that doesn't roll up! Thank you for sharing this. Does your husband take the photos or do you set a timer? Great job, either way, especially by the bougainvillea.

  2. Well, those are the cutest leggings! Love that added touch. The top is beautiful on you but I've just never worn tops like that. I try them on and just haven't "felt" it but perhaps that will change. Great photos!

  3. The top is gorgeous and you look beautiful wearing it. The leggings are fabulous, Happy Monday!

  4. The top is just beautiful, I love the detail on the leggings and the necklace finishes the outfit just perfectly!

  5. You look so lovely, Elizabeth! Black is always a staple in my closet, year 'round. Happy Monday!

  6. What a gorgeous tunic. For some reason I'm such a fan of the sheer ones because they work in the hot summer but can transition so well into fall. And those leggings are so pretty with that pearl detail!!

  7. Couldn't have found a more beautiful model! Gorgeous outfit!

  8. You have a wonderful sense of style! It's still bathing suits and cover up weather here so it's hard for me to think about fall. Hope all is well!

  9. Hi, thanks for joining in my Turning Heads Linkup! You are welcome each Tuesday. Love the top and the flow of it, the bright pink flowers are lovely and certainly stand out with the chic black look. I love details, so the little detail of your leggings is sweet! Im thinking of doing transitioning posts, but it is tough in the South where it is still 90 degrees!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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