Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Antique Shop Excursion

 This past week I was in Dallas.  Although I had hoped to visit a lot of different shops around the area, the weather prevented my getting out except for two days.  On Thursday, I met a dear friend and former neighbor, Cele, for lunch at the neatest little place.
The Chocolate Angel Cafe & Tea Room in Plano is known for its vintage decor and menu of delectable food items.

Since it wasn't raining hard when we finished lunch and I still had time before picking up granddaughter, Ava Grace from school, I decided to explore.

Around the corner, I discovered an antique store, Antique Stop and thought "Yea, my lucky day!
I had no idea what to expect when I entered, but it didn't take long to realize that I would shortly experience sensory overload and also have fodder for my Monday blog.

So, please come inside this upscale antique shop with me and see what beautiful things await.
I can certainly understand why this store was voted one of the most outstanding antique shopping experiences in north Dallas.  One must spend time searching all the little nooks and crannies and surfaces for the amazing treasures.
Located at Parker and Preston in Plano, Texas, many of the prestigious homes in this area have been furnished with antiques, accessories and art work from this very place.
 All of the floral arrangements are made on sight in this amazing work room.
 This was made for St. Patrick's Day.
 Let me share with you some of the vignettes and items that particularly caught my eye.
 This gorgeous Reed & Barton Silver Tea Set is on sale for $3,484.  Can't you see this being used on the lawn of Downtown Abby?
 Centered here is an antique French mantel clock with marble base and matching candlesticks.  It is currently 20% off $4,884.00.
I could have walked out with this massive Venetian Mirror.  The etching was so intricate.
And, it could be yours for $2,448.  Marked down from $3,600.
There was also a section for the typical Texan room.  These paintings and sculptures are priceless.
I enjoyed visiting with the manager, Larry Lawson who explained that the majority of the European pieces here have been purchased from collectors right here in the states.  In fact, he said that the French finally realized that they sold most of their treasured antiques, and have started buying them back from America.

For example, he showed me matching 400 year old French Corner cabinets.  Beautiful and in excellent condition.
I loved the marble on this French sideboard and the highly sought after country-side china.
This desk and chair grouping held my attention for quite a while.  I tried to envision the house that could provide the perfect setting for this.
Not all of the furniture is dark and heavy.
 Selections of lamps and light fixtures abound.
 All of the amazing paintings are originals.
 There were some spectacular chandeliers.
The house suitable to accommodate this metal fixture with the perfect patina, would require 20 ft ceilings at least.
 This hand made crystal beaded birdcage chandelier was originally $4,200 but is currently on sale for $2,884.
There are also beautiful jewelry and home accessories.
 What a way to set an Easter table.
Thank you Larry for allowing me to share your amazing Antique Stop.

Should you be in the Dallas/Plano area, please drop in and tell them Libby sent you.
Of course, that won't mean a thing to them but may be a conversation starter.
You may also want to follow their blog at Antique Stop Blog and/or follow them on Facebook at Antique Stop & Interiors

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  1. Oh my...I thoroughly enjoyed my tour through this beautiful shop. I can only imagine seeing it all with my own eyes. Such beautiful things. Thank you for the tour! Have a good week!

  2. Truly impressive. Loved the brown Transferware China. Actually, loved it all, which means I should never, ever go there with a credit card. Such beauty.

  3. Oh how I could spend all day in there...that is my kind of shop...thank you so much for sharing. Blessings

  4. Wow, I can't believe how awesome that Antique Shop is. The pictures are beautiful. So glad you got to visit there and also meet up with your friend for lunch!

  5. Libby, oh my what a treasure trove of beautiful antiques and art... a little out of my price range! I enjoyed every photo and went back and perused them again! Thank you so much for sharing! Have a beautiful week! Pam @ Everyday Living

  6. There is nothing I enjoy more than wandering about in an antique many unique finds! I, literally, could spend days in those places!


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