Monday, July 28, 2014

My Travel Wardrobe Plan

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we have two major trips planned for late summer.

I also mentioned that I have been planning my travel wardrobe for these trips.

As we will be driving in our Avalon and not a big SUV, space is of the essence.  I must keep that in mind when doing my planning.
My goal is to get by with as few clothes as possible and yet have what I need.

The Plan!
1.  Make a Plan
Yep, that's the first step of the plan!  Make one!
1st Trip:
Where?  Breckenridge, Colorado
When?   August 1 - 10
Weather?  Range from 72 - 46 or lower
Culture/Level of Formality?  Casual
Activities?   Walking and driving scenic tours; evening concerts, spending time with family

2nd Trip:
Where?  A month-long trip involving stops in Alabama, South Carolina, Maryland, Ontario, Michigan and an extended stay in northern Indiana
When?  August 25 - Sept. 24
Weather?  Extremely varied!
Culture/Level of Formality?  Casual/Business Casual/Dress
Activities?  Visiting friends, touring D.C. area, wedding, boat tour of Niagara Falls, driving scenic tours, touring Henry Ford Museum and grounds, soccer and college football games, Pilates, church

2.  Decide on a Color Scheme
Plan clothing capsules!

This plan will give me 32+ DIFFERENT outfits!
I based my color scheme around 4 pairs of pants:  Blue Jeans, Chocolate Brown, Khaki, Black stretch pants.  I have also added a couple pair of black leggings and a pair of white capris.

With these basic 4 pairs of pants I will have more than enough choices and alternatives for mixing and matching for both of the trips.  Needless to say, I won't be taking everything for the 1 week trip that I will take for the longer one.

I selected loose, long tunics of similar style that will mix and match with all the pants.  They are all solid color so I will have plenty of options for changing a look without tiring of a particular pattern.

Since all are knits, they will roll up and pack easily without wrinkling. 
 This brown-on-brown will be a basic outfit and can be worn so many different ways.
Dressn' Gawdy
  One option.
 For those cool mornings and evenings, I will add a light-weight cardi.
This flowing cardigan will go with all the tops and the blue jeans, brown and khaki pants.
 Each top can be easily mixed with any of the pants and are long enough to wear over leggings.
Coral - Soft Surroundings
Olive - Soft Surroundings
This sheer cinnamon cardi can add another layer when necessary and be left open or knotted.  It can be worn over all of the tops with different affects.
Soft Surroundings
 When something light is needed over the shoulders or around the neck for day or evening, scarves are a great option.
Dressn' Gawdy
  This multicolored cardi incorporates all the colors I will be wearing.
Dressn' Gawdy
 A red tunic will be fun to play with.  Can you see multiple-length strands of pearls, black wedge sandals and a bit of extra make-up for an evening on the town?
Tunic - Dressn' Gawdy
 I absolutely love this orange tunic.  The only jewelry required is a pair of dangling earrings and bracelets.
It looks amazing with the chocolate pants as well. With my short hair I will wear a heavier earring than shown here for balance.
Tunic - Dressn' Gawdy; Capris - Marshalls; Flats - Macy's
 This gauze tunic with intricate beading will take me from day
to evening.
Tunic - Soft Surroundings; Pants - Macy's
Don't buy an item unless it will go with at least 3 other items in your closet.

3.  Limit the Shoes and Accessories
I know it is tempting to take a separate pair of shoes for every outfit.  REFRAIN!
With the outfits I have shown, I will be taking a maximum of 4 pairs!
Black Wedge Sandals
Brown Wedge Sandals
Vionic ortho Sandals

 I will take a very small assortment of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and scarves, most of which are shown in pictures above.
4.  Plan for the Unexpected
Take a coat or jacket and rain apparel.
Have a plan for dressing up an outfit for a nice evening out.

5.  Don't take anything that is not necessary for a particular trip
 I will not be taking 32+ outfit options for a 1-week trip.
6.  Go in Confidence!
If you like to check off things in order not to forget anything, you may want to make a checklist.
There are plenty of choices online.
See how easy this is?  You have everything planned!
You have done your homework and can be confident you will look your best for every occasion.

I am joining Visible Monday  today.
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. I definitely need a lesson from you. I pack so much-thanks for the tips. Enjoy your trips and safe travels.

  2. wow I am totally impressed, not only with the planning and organization, but with the way it all looks on you! Soo pretty. Love all those tunics! ENJOY!

  3. Libby...I am blown away! I wish I'd had your expertise when I prepared for our trip to Maui! You look fantastic, by the way!

  4. You are simply lovely! I love all of your choices. Especially the orange. Just gorgeous! You are so organized, I could use some lessons. ;)
    Blessings and Sunshine,

  5. My goodness, a plan like that is bound to take a whole lotta time but I'm sure impressed. And, boy, do I have lots in my closet that will not go with 3 other things. I guess I need to hire you to help me because I always take too much with 10 pair of shoes. :o))

    Sounds like two fantastic trips to me!


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