Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Afternoon Fragments

Yes, I am aware it is after noon on a Friday.

I am also aware that it is not imperative to post a blog entry every Friday or have it post by 2AM for that matter.

However, I thought it might be fun to join in with a few others for
since that seems so applicable to my life right now.

1.  Week 3 plus 2 days after foot surgery puts me one day closer to having the eyeball pin removed from second toe on right foot and hopefully not having to use the walker.  I'm still having some discomfort from the other incisions and bones healing, but mostly late evening and night.  What is it about night time and pain.  Crazy!

2.   For the 4th day in a row, I have actually put on clothes clothes.  Since I had been moving from bed to walking around a bit, to the recliner, to walking around a bit, to the bed and repeating this over and over all day long, I have found loose fitting and comfy warm casual wear to be the order of the day.  Plus, I have not seen any reason to apply makeup.  Hubby hasn't minded.  Or so he says.

However, a friend called to say she was coming over on Tuesday, so I felt compelled to at least put on something that didn't resemble pj's and actually put on a little makeup.  She called that afternoon to say she wasn't able to make it but would come the next morning.  In the meantime, another friend text'd to say she was coming over the next afternoon.

So, I was up and at it early to be ready and yes to go through the time consuming process of getting ready.  Sure enough she showed up and we had a great visit.  Incidentally, she did not seem to notice the makeup or my clothes clothes.

The second visit of the day didn't happen so we rescheduled for today.  Again, I'm up early awaiting Hubby's return from the gym so I can get showered and dressed to be presentable for the day.

Let me just say here that Hubby has been such a trooper during this whole ordeal.  Don't know what I'd do without him and don't want to find out.

Now, back to story.  I'm dressed again with a very minimum of makeup but red lipstick to match my bright red top and ready for the visit. A few minutes ago she text'd to say she can't make it, but how about Monday.  Do you know what that means?

Of course you do.  Dressed in clothes clothes and makeup another day and here all by myself.  Seriously, I'm grateful for special friends who want to come over and spend time with me regardless of what I have on or what I look like.  They are a blessing and I really won't mind making myself presentable again on Monday.

3.  I am also grateful for a pair of the most comfortable, soft, wide legged pants I have ever worn.  They are from Soft Surroundings and I only wish I had ordered 15 pairs.  They are my uniform these days.

 4.  I am loving these early days of Fall and have the sunroom windows open to prove it.  So what if more dust filters thru the screens to add to the existing layers.  It will all be there when I can safely pass a swifter or dust cloth over the surfaces.  In the meantime, I will enjoy time spent enjoying the refreshing fall cool temps.

That's enough of my Friday Fragments so when you have time hop over there and see what other bloggers are fragmenting about.


  1. Oh, I can only imagine that you are more than ready to be up and about but looking back on it will probably fade into the distant.

    Well, with your beautiful skin I'm sure you look fine with or without makeup. Maybe a little color and you'd definitely be good to go.

    Wishing you a continued good recovery and a happy weekend!

  2. My mother always feels better when she puts on her lipstick which is usually red. She even keeps red clothes around to cheer her up. Obviously your friend is a motivating factor in getting you moving.

  3. My rule of thumb sounds like you recently. If I am NOT leaving my house for some reason, or someone is NOT stopping by, then I do NOT bother with make-up. Just takes time and costs money, lol. I insist on buying expensive make up I guess. A neighbor or two has caught me without any, but I guess it is the old it is what it is, lol. And most (if not all!) of my clothes are comfy and easy. (comfy jeans or capris, and knit tops). I never seem to wear jewelry anymore (unless I am dressing up with is totally rare, lol) I guess I am a simple, easy is best kind of gal. I am soo glad your feeling better and your recovery is going well. It won't be long now and this will all be behind you and you'll be back to your active, busy self. Enjoy your week-end!

  4. I think I would be stir crazy by now! I can't stand to be tied down to the house. I can't stand to be limited. Oh goodness, how are you standing this? And then to have to go through the effort of dressing for company...let's just say that I don't dress for them when I'm well so...LOL Hope your healing continues beautifully!

  5. So glad to hear that you are on the mend! There is nothing like some down time, (under different circumstances, of course)! Just to be comfy, relaxed, and makeup-free, is a treat in itself! Hope your recovery continues!


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