Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Cheery Bowl of Hodgepodge

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From this Side of the Pond

1. February can be a little bit tricky given the weather and the winter and the whatnot. I read a list (here) of things you can do to make your February brighter which included-start planning your next trip, take more baths, make your own chocolate covered strawberries, and exercise in preparation for swimsuit season. Anything on the list you might try? Which suggestion on the list appeals to you most? Tell us something not on the list that helps make your February brighter. 

Of the three choices, the only one not relevant is the chocolate covered strawberries.  We are doing the exercise thing every morning with trips to the gym.  But it has nothing to do with swimsuit season, I assure you.

We will do some tripping this month, with a mini trip planned to Dallas for this weekend and a one-day trip with friends next week.  We know we will have three trips to plan for and look forward to in May, but those don't have to be planned for in February.
This day, the 6th of Feb. is the 53rd anniversary of when we met.  We met on a blind date in New Orleans and it was pretty much "this might work" at first sight.  So remembering this event always makes our February brighter.

2. Tell us about something you've seen or done recently that you'd say was 'super'?

It would have to be what I blogged about on Monday - A Reflective Friendship Weekend

3. Best thing you ate in a 'bowl' last week?

Referring back to my answer in #2, it would be the Tomato Basil Soup our hostess and friend made.  Literally the best I've ever tasted.

4. Something you're 'cheering' for right now?

I'm not cheering for anything specific right now that I can think of.   But always cheering for our kids and grands.

5. The Winter Olympics begin Friday, February 9th in Pyeong Chang, South Korea. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being all in and 1 being no interest whatsoever) how interested are you in the games? Which event do you most want to see (you'll find a list here).

I suppose we are a 5 or 6 in that we do enjoy watching some of the ceremonies and events but aren't really caught up in them.  My favorite events are the Bobsled, Luge and Ski Jumping.  But of course, my real favorite is checking out what Ralph Lauren has come up with for the participants to wear.  These are the Opening and Closing outfits.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I mentioned at some point that our son had given his dad a Limited Edition of 100 Best of Warner Bros. Film Collection for Christmas.

We watched two of the first ones dating back to 1931.  They were Cimarron and The Public Enemy.  

Based on the book by Edna Ferber, "Cimarron" won an Oscar for Best Production in 1931.  Main actors were Richard Nix and Irene Dunne.  It is also one of the few Westerns to ever win the top honor at the Academy Awards.  In fact, Cimarron was the first film to receive more than six Academy Awards nominations and nominated for the Big Five awards.
(Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Writing)

James Cagney and Jean Harlow are the main characters in "The Public Enemy."  Who could begin to compare to these early actors and actresses.

I think we are going to enjoy watching and re-watching these "old" movies.


  1. Good morning from the Seattle area. I enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge. Those outfits look better this year then some in the past. Happy when you met anniversary! Fun. Enjoy your weekend getaway! ellen b. /The Happy Wonderer

  2. I'm looking forward to watching the Olympics. That was a nice Christmas gift. Enjoy!!!

  3. What a cool gift! I remember seeing that movie Cimarron on Turner Classic Movies and also there was a remake of it with Glenn Ford.
    You and your husband are such a cute couple and I love this pic and the dress you are wearing. I always liked shirtwaist dresses and still do. They are so neat looking. I'm happy for you that the blind date worked! So much has come from that meeting. The outfits for the Olympics have never been something I thought about. I like the longer jackets.

  4. Oh the Olympics outfits do look cute! And the old movies are always fun to watch. There are so many good ones that we rarely think of anymore until someone brings them to our attention. Love the pic of you and your husband. (and the ones on your sidebar!) xo

  5. What a sweet photo of you and your then "hubby-to-be"! I read about your retreat weekend it sounded like the most wonderful time...and what a beautiful place to reflect the Lord's goodness. Isn't it wonderful how especially in the family of God, you can reconnect with dear, old friends and just pick up where you left off years before. We recently were able to do that with a dear couple from KY who were spiritual mentors of ours when we first became Christians back in '89. Enjoy your upcoming trips!

  6. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I'm so excited to get to know you better because I have a feeling we have a lot in common.

  7. Love the pic of you and Dick! And, sounds like you have a fun weekend in Dallas planned. I had forgotten that Ralph Lauren designed the outfits until you mentioned. We may watch the opening ceremonies tomorrow evening. Have a great weekend!

  8. I am just so mad that SOMEONE made the decision to put that woman from N.Korea next to our VP and his wife. Dangerous, I think. But, then I remember that politics is like a chess game. Missed the opening, but am enjoying the skating and skiing. Used to ski Vail, but I would break something if I tried it now! Love seeing all the pics, my friend !!!


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