Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Do your actions match your words? Elaborate.

I hope they do.  I would hope that my life exhibits to others what I believe in and profess.  My prayer is that others would see Jesus in me each day.  But, to be honest, I know there are and have been many times that was not the reality.

2. Sick as a dog, go to the dogs, dog days of summer, dog tired, it's a dog's life, every dog has it's day, can't teach an old dog new doggone it which saying could most recently be applied to your life?

Most recently it would have to be sick as a dog.  I awoke this morning feeling dizzy, so woozy I couldn't hold my head up and nauseous.  I finally lost everything I'd eaten for two days, and now feel a wee bit better.  Just hope I'm up to making the three and a half hour drive I have for the afternoon.

3. Your favorite book featuring a dog in the storyline? What makes it a favorite

There is not one.

4. What's something you hope to one day have the confidence to do?

Market my paintings

5. August 16th is National Tell a Joke Day. So tell us a joke.

I am not a joke teller and can't think of one I've heard.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Last Wednesday I wrote that our GRANDEST Moment this month was yet to happen.  Three of our Dallas Grands came for the weekend.  And Grand it was!

On Saturday, we went to Natchitoches, the oldest permanent French settlement in Louisiana and voted the #1 small town in America.
We began with a horse-drawn carriage tour of the town.  They loved seeing the old homes and hearing a lot of the history.  Did you know this is where the movie "Steel Magnolia" was filmed?
 And, we introduced them to the famous Natchitoches Meat Pie.
 This was just one of the beautiful buildings and courtyard.
A short rain shower stopped us in this lovely entry.

We sampled Cajun coffees, oils, and dip mixtures in one cute little shop.  We toured the oldest hardware store still owned and operated by the same family, five generations, in America, before treating ourselves to floats and cups of ice cream.

After all that, no one was ready for the Cajun food we went there to eat, so we ordered large Seafood Sampler plates and bowls of gumbo and crayfish ettoufee to take home.  We ended this fun-filled day with a game of Mexican Train and lots of laughs.

On Sunday, we had an even GRANDER moment when our son and his family met us for lunch as they were passing through on their way back home to Indiana.
There is nothing GRANDER than having family together and seeing these cousins love on each other.
This truly was a God ordained GRAND MOMENT!

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Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. Oh, what fun to be able to enjoy and have strength for doing things with your grandkids as adults. And what a fun place to visit. I think I have read somewhere about the location of Steel Magnolias. It was so pretty in the movie. When we did our Mississippi River cruise, I enjoyed seeing the plantations there in your state and the trees. By the way, I loved your answer to number 1 as that is my hope as well. You are a beautiful lady and as your blog describes reflects that. (Bad sentence, I think you understand though.)!

  2. Well, I certainly hope you are feeling better and that whatever it was is gone! Great photos of your darling grands...what fun that must have been for you all! And those meat pies...boy, do they look good!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend with your family! I do hope you're feeling better. A three hour drive with an upset stomach is no good at all. Take care!

  4. I agree! There's nothing better than having family all together. :) Natchitoches sounds fun. I'd like to visit there one day. Have a great week.


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