Monday, August 21, 2017

Beauty in the Abandoned

I recently added pictures to a Facebook group of which I am a member.  It is only for photos of abandoned properties in my state.  These pictures were of houses and buildings in a small village that truly time has left behind.
 I prefaced the pictures with a statement that there can be found a sad beauty in abandoned things when nature is left to claim its hold.
 Some one commented that there can be no beauty found in something so disgusting.

I find this to be the reality of many people.  However, I chose to find something appealing through the eye of my camera lens of something otherwise seen as disgusting.  It is truly sad what has been allowed to happen to so many of our small towns and even parts of our largest cities.  And these dilapidated properties also speak to the many dilapidated lives of those also left behind.

I trust you can find some beauty in the abandoned as I have without judging what brought it about.
 This is an old Railroad Draw Bridge with the center section raised, that spans the Atchafalaya River in south Louisiana.
There is beauty all around us, let us seek it.


  1. I too see beauty in old and rundown buildings, bridges, old store fronts--I also wished I knew the story behind the building--and sometimes I would love to fix up the old building and live in it so the building felt love again!!
    Enjoy the moments, di

  2. I find these pictures fascinating and also with beauty. When I see places like this, I'm always curious about the family who lived there or the people who shopped in the furniture store. Some of these you photographed looked as though they could be fixed up.

  3. Loving this blog! I as well have a hobby of seeking out and exploring abandoned homes and structures and have just created my own abandoned blog a few weeks ago! Great job, wish my blog could get on this level!


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