Monday, February 1, 2016

Love Your Home #3

While the architecture and decor of the houses I will be featuring may vary, what they all have in common is an interesting story to share because it is the story of the people who call it home.

Romantic Victorian Country

Romantic women are generally artistic, charming and diplomatic.  Preferring all that depicts the notion of being feminine, romantics strive for glamour and sensuality via soft, flowing fabrics, ruffles, lace, drapery (and often a bit of bling!).  Seeking beauty in grace in all that she does, a Romantic likes curls, flounces, and florals.

They are likely to be collectors of beautiful objects, perhaps vintage jewelry, antique books, dishes, and china.  Her home will likely reflect these feminine traits and interests.

 My beautiful friend, Sharon is a perfect example of a Romantic and reflects everything feminine and pretty both personally and in her new home.

But, don't be deceived.  She is also a pistol-packing, ex-military patriot.  You will also see this strong side of her personality reflected in her decor and need for order.
Sharon recently retired and sold her much loved business, The Glenwood Tea Room, here in Shreveport, that she had run for 25 years.  Then, she moved to the seclusion of country and hills in northern Arkansas.  She calls her new home her country cabin and she has invited us to visit.
 She is so enjoying her new home and the view of the beautiful lake from her front porch.
Now, step inside this warm and cozy Victorian country "cabin". Sharon has been collecting "oldies and goodies" for many years because it is her passion, as you will see.  She also has many family antiques and heirlooms. It will be evident that decorating with these collectibles is a gift.
 Sharon has masterfully combined these new roll-back slipper chairs with the old.  They definitely speak to her feminine and romantic side.

 The old inlaid rocker below was bought from a friend many years ago and still brings back special memories.  It is a perfect place to enjoy a roaring fire in this Arkansas Stone fireplace.
 You all know that I love eye-pleasing vignettes and Sharon has such a gift for composition.
This table top grouping is a perfect example, and Sharon explained it like this:

"The chamber pot, I imagine, came from a grand house in London and was seen to by a lady's maid.  The Bibles are great grandmother family pieces.  The kaleidoscope is a toy to enjoy in the sunshine.  It came from the top of a mountain in Jerome, Arizona where hippies still live.  And carefully tucked underneath the candlestick is a book of Shakespeare given to me moons ago by someone I dearly loved.  I wonder if he remembers our time together as beautiful."
I ask you, how could he not!
As you will see, old books are truly a passion of Sharon's.  This little needlepoint chair and desk create one of several ideal spots for reading.
Remember Romantics love lace, florals and toile and these cranberry vintage pillow slips make her happy, happy. 
 Sharon's furniture must serve a dual purpose.  It must be comfortable for her and practical for her house mates.
 This is a collection of perfect little bisque penny dolls that date back to the 1920's.  Marketing strategy at that time thought it best to put these penny dolls by the candy as it would entice any little girl to ask for both!
 Sharon loves creating reading nooks and from this cozy spot, she says "one can choose Sweet Clovers Stories from 1873, A Terrible Coward from 1919, Dickens Works from 1867, or The Hidden Sin, given to Alltemus Schrader on Christmas 1898."
 And this takes us into the country kitchen where Sharon is having a delightful time cooking new and old recipes for herself and not for a business.  By the way, she has an extensive collection of very old recipe books.
 This little Calumet recipe book is from 1912 and is one of her favorites not only for the recipes but for the delightful artwork.
 She calls this her "test kitchen" and so far she has tested some mighty delicious looking dishes that she entices us with on Facebook.
She restored this antique wooden ringer and is using it to hold dish towels and books.  How clever is this?
The dining room is full of beautiful antique pieces that hold collections of china and crystal.  Of course, she would naturally have some of the most beautiful tea pots.  These for example, are Austrian and German beauties.
Sharon suggests that one should not be afraid to mix period pieces when setting a table.  Here she has combined Victorian Era from the 20's and 30's.
The guest bedroom is right out of a magazine and is calling my name.  How about yours?
Notice how Sharon has elevated the small blue lamp to create a greater spread of light and to balance the high headboard, but to also give it prominence in the room.
Also in this room, she has combined atop an antique dresser a rare piece of lace in mint condition with an art piece from New Orleans.  It is a photograph slathered in beeswax.  Notice the happy drawer pulls. 
On a tall china cabinet, (yes, they can be used in a bedroom) she is displaying special pieces of  lusterware she has collected through the years. 
In this home, even the bathrooms are places for antiques and special pieces.
 Sharon says that her master bedroom is a sacred place and it is truly a feminine retreat.
The bedroom pillows were created from vintage fabrics.
This beautiful antique desk belonged to Sharon's mother!  It holds the only John James Audubon Sharon says she could afford.
This beautifully embellished pillow came from an artisan featured in Victoria Magazine and the needlepoint chair is such a sweet English accent piece.
The beautiful old lamp belonged to Sharon's grandmother.
In the unpacking she found this picture of her at her grandmother's with the lamp in the background.  She treasures this piece and the memories it evokes.
This antique dresser is a great place to display these old English platters.
 But perhaps one of the most treasured items in this room is this picture of Sharon with her two handsome sons taken before they were deployed.  After each served eight years of distinguished service, they are both home now, safe and sound.  Sharon gives God all the glory and honor for this.
This special master retreat contains many years of precious memories that can only be fully appreciated in such an intimate setting.

Sharon has surrounded herself in her wonderful, new home with memories, beauty, order and history, that make it truly the perfect place for starting a new life.

We miss you, Sharon but can't wait to come visit one day soon.
Thank you for showing us how you truly
Love Your Home!


  1. Good morning! Another truly BEAUTIFUL home! I love love love antiques, and lace, and florals, and old books, and old photographs, and beauty, and china and crystal pieces, and Does this make me a romantic? I think it might. This home is honestly just beautiful. I am glad you shared it. Have a good week!

  2. Such a warm and inviting home, think it would be my favorite thus far. It is not my taste but does not prevent me from really liking it as I have the others. It's amazing to me how many differences there are in the decor of homes. Happy week!

  3. OK...any home having to do with Arkansas is my cup of tea...this one certainly is no exception! What a beautiful home..and I really love all the attention to detail. Thanks for sharing! :))


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