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Women Over 50 or 60 or 70 or...Part 4

Do you ever feel confused about what clothing is appropriate for the "older" changing body?

There was a time when I could eat whatever I wanted and pretty much wear whatever I wanted.

Well ladies, that time has changed.

After turning 65, my body went into rebellion mode and said, "you wanted hips, I'll give you some.  Maybe not exactly as you had imagined.  You wanted boobs, okay, you've got them. But you have to take the sagging skin along with them.  Now what are you going to do about it?"

What I did get that I hadn't asked for was a waist line the size of my hips.

So, what are we baby boomer women supposed to do?
With the body aging into a different form, many women find it very difficult to know how to dress. Wearing super short mini skirts and plunging necklines may have been appropriate when you were in your twenties. However, senior fashion for the boomers is quite another story. Not wanting to look like an ancient granny, older women feel challenged by what to wear.
 You might put in the time at the gym, count every calorie that passes your lips and invest more than you spend on your mortgage in the latest anti-aging products, but if you make certain style booboos, you might as well go out with your date of birth tattooed on your forehead. 

One problem with dressing well when you reach fifty-something is our own perceptions of ourselves.
Many of us tend to get stuck with the last look that we really understood and go on working it, regardless of the inevitable changes in our body shapes and skin texture - not to mention fashion.

So here’s some fashion tips for the mature woman that will have you looking sexy and stylish at any age!  Learn from them and you’ll see that you don’t have to be a fashionista or have a big budget to look fresh and youthful . . .

A Great Fit = A Great Fashion Choice

The first step is investing in good, supportive undergarments!  Nuff said!
Choosing well-fitting clothing is much more important than the actual material or style you choose, especially if you are a mature woman. It’s very important that you find clothes that flatter your figure and fit you well. Let’s face it; many of us don’t have the same hourglass figure we once enjoyed in our youth. (Actually, I never had one to begin with.)  This makes it all the more important to choose clothing that will accentuate your assets, not your flaws.

The key to anti aging beauty is buying higher quality clothing. As with anything in life, you get what you pay for, and high-quality clothing is usually made with better fabrics and contains a better cut.

Besides, with higher quality, you have to buy less often.

Find Sexy Clothing That’s Not Too Revealing
There is absolutely no reason that you have to dress as a woman, elderly beyond your years. On the other hand, this is certainly not the time to borrow your daughter’s (or granddaughter's) skintight top and thigh high skirt for your next office party. The current selection of women’s fashion offers many sexy choices that will make you look attractive, while still being age-appropriate.
Opt For Large, Informal Accessories
Choosing bigger, bolder accessories is a better choice for the boomer generation. Older women look better with one strong piece that makes a statement than lots of smaller jewelry pieces. One or two chunky, informal pieces will keep your look uncluttered and fashionable.
Baubles: Hefty necklaces made up of giant baubles
 I know this may hurt someone's feelings.  But, there is nothing pretty about an over tanned, crepey decolletage, so please cover up the bits of your body that don't look so good. Crepey skin is not really very seductive and the dreaded low-cut V-neck where crepe meets less than youthful decolletage is sadly not a good look.

So, if this is you, please don't wear low necklines bedecked with large, colorful baubles.

Another common mistake is wearing too much jewelry.  So, keep it light, tasteful and flattering to your coloring and outfit.
Choose Softer Colors
The little sassy fashionista above missed several of these points, but she does make a statement, doesn't she.  I think we need to take fashion suggestions and apply them, but don't ever lose sight of who you are and what your style personality is.

Senior fashion tips recommend sticking to softer, more neutral colors when you are older.  This is because our skin and complexions aren't as smooth and vibrant as they once were, and harsh colors will emphasize the flaws.

Look at that picture above again and see how this color is terrible for her skin tone, therefore enhances the negatives in her complexion.

Now look at how complimentary these colors are to this lady's coloring and personality.
Mature women should stay away from bright colors, especially primary shades near their face.  Neutral colors such as black, khaki, charcoal and navy are much more age-appropriate and flattering.  Neutral shades will also enable you to mix and match articles of clothing more easily which can save your pocketbook.  If you want to add some color to your wardrobe, you can liven up a suit or outfit by choosing a colorful shirt or pin, or scarf or jacket.
 Succumbing to an anti aging complex is something all women face. Even with the awareness of seniors fitness and senior citizens health, body changes still occur. Understand how to dress to accentuate the positives, and minimize the negatives.
 I really like this lady's fashion style:  Style at a Certain Age

Don't make the mistake of thinking a heavy liquid foundation, topped off with powder, will cover your wrinkles. It will just sit in them, creating ugly creases that stand out like the Great Wall of China.

There are light liquid foundations.  Or you might try mineral make-up.  And you should only use translucent powder, although never around your eyes, as it will clog the delicate skin around them.  Foundation Primers are excellent for maintaining a smooth look for a longer period of time.

You should also never apply mascara to your lower lashes (it will invariably smudge, making your eyes look droopy).  And please don't try to match your eyeshadow to your clothing.  EVER!

Another aging howler is over-thin eyebrows or penciled-in brows. The correct eyebrow shape can really roll back the years.  Using powder instead of a pencil may work for you.

Even if your hands are wrinkle-free, you can really let yourself down with bad nail care.
Try clear polish on fingernails and pink or red on your toenails.

So ladies, these are just a few hints and suggestions to help with making these aging years go a bit more smoothly and less of a hassle when you go to your closet.
Next week, I think we will talk about Personality Style.

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  1. Big, big smiles here....I will be reaching 50 in two years...however, this applies to anyone over, lets say 35? Thank you Elizabeth, a beautiful, well thought out post. Blessings (now, can I get a stylist to help me? giggles)

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this and all soo true. If there is one thing I can't abide it's a woman who dresses as if she is still in her youth when she is ever so obviously left it behind. It's soo much more aging then if she had just chosen something more in her own age category. And I don't care HOW wonderful her figure and skin still just doesn't work, lol. And goodness another thing I have noticed is how many women chose fashions that are not only no longer age appropriate, but SIZE appropriate either.
    There is nothing worse then clothing that is NOT your size and you've poured yourself into it just to say you can, and it shows every little thing there is to show. How much more flattering it is to find something that covers you in the right way....of course that would include plunging neck lines and short hems, lol. I will tell you I do follow most of these suggestions here other then I DO seem to like painted nails, lol. It's ALWAYS been a weakness for me. Maybe I should give that some more thought, lol. Enjoy your week!

  3. Well, I pretty much follow all that you said other than maybe a couple of things. I love jewelry but, as you said, too much adornment is over the top and plum tacky. And, I've always thought that the more of a woman that is covered the better she looks. But, there is sure a lot of ladies that haven't realized that yet. Great post!

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