Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My New Cozy Spot

Since we aren't having the Wednesday Hodgepodge this week, and I am in the groove for a Wednesday blog post, I thought I would share my most recent project with you.

I wanted to create a little sitting area in my rather small master bedroom.  There are times that I just want to sit there to read or watch TV while Hubby studies in the office.  Besides, as I told Hubby, we sometimes just need a cozy place to have a serious conversation.  He is not too happy about that idea, needless to say.

I found this really neat leopard print chair that goes with my furniture just about perfectly.  I already had the throw pillow.
Once I got the furniture placed, I realized the little sconces that I had on that wall were entirely out of proportion for this grouping.  That would never do!

So, what else but to paint a picture to tie it all together.  This past Sunday afternoon, I set about accomplishing that task, and am pretty well pleased.
I love how the lamp light emphasizes the gold tones in the paint and casts shadows in all the right places.
 A better close-up shot of some of the details.  The canvas size is 24"x36". 
 I am very pleased with the overall affect and think I accomplished my goal for a nice intimate setting.
 Do you have a sitting area in your bedroom?  If so, do you use it?  Have you thought about how you might create an area with items you already have on hand?  Or, do you need to look for that just-right piece that pulls it all together?


  1. Very are very brave to use the leopard print chair, I have always wanted to do that...anyways, when we redesigned this "office" area, we moved the daybed into the works, nice place to read or even have a conversation (or I my case, put my socks and shoes on, lol)---thanks for the smiles. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Libby, I love your conversation area that you created, but I am most amazed at the beautiful art work you created! We have a sitting area in our master, but don't really use it that often! Thanks for sharing your lovely space and wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! Blessings, Pam

  3. I LOVE the little sitting area you created...front the leopard print chair and pillow to the BEAUTIFUL picture you just "whipped" up, lol. In our old house we had a HUGE master bedroom and we had a sitting area in it with two reclining swivel rocker chairs and a little table in between us. We used it constantly. It was our "spot". But with 4 kids we needed a spot that was just ours, lol. Those same chairs sit in our living room now and we still use them constantly for our they serious or fun. We do have a chair in our bedroom but honestly it is barely used. I occasionally sit in it to chat while hubby dresses for work, but that's about it. Enjoy your day!

  4. I really love it, Libby...chair, painting, and all! You have such a good eye! We have a fairly large bedroom and we do have a sitting area, but I prefer to use our sunroom, instead. I like looking out into our backyard.

  5. Love it, a very warm and welcoming area. The chair is perfect and I'm such a fan of animal print and so glad that I have a touch of zebra print in my laundry room. Yes, we do have a nice sitting area in our Master Bedroom, we have a recliner, but we seldom use it. Happy mid-week my friend!

  6. Perfectly ordered, as the rest of your home. I wish I could watch your creative painting process and understand how you can see through the layers and colors of paint to the finished product. Very cool, indeed.

    I think, since my new house, is crammed to capacity, I will have to create a conversation space outside. When it rains, there is a natural waterfall on my property. The landscaper wants to develop that area and fill it with mosses, lavender and rosemary. How cool will that be for quiet picnics, book reading, and contemplative moments!

  7. I love your sitting area and your painting. It is lovely. We have chairs on each side of the bed next to the night stands but we seldom use them.

  8. The interior has a lot of wonderful details. I like this authentic and aristocratic style. The picture is so relaxing, just right for bedroom.

  9. I love having a bedroom sitting area, and we do use ours. You have certainly created a lovely one, and I am most impressed with the original art work. Wish I had inherited my grandmother's artistic talent.

  10. I love how the animal print adds an unexpected pop to the room. Thanks for adding your creativity to the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop!



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