Sunday, February 21, 2016

Love Your Home Part 6

While the architecture and decor of the houses I will be featuring may vary, what they all have in common is an interesting story to share because it is the story of the people who call it home.

 What does one do when after 63 years of marriage and having lived the majority of those years in a large 3-story, 13 room home, finds oneself alone?
That is what Theresa faced when her beloved husband, Bob, died suddenly almost five years ago.

Theresa and Bob's love story began when they were seniors in high school in Waco, Texas.  They were married at the age of 21 while students at the University of Texas.

Theresa and Bob built their first home while in college and furnished it with the contemporary style of  the day - 1950's ultra modern, sleek, black and white.

Bob's career in Interior Design got a jump start when as a student, he met the renowned designer, Friend Piper.  Piper was so impressed with Bob, that he offered him a job after graduation with his firm in Shreveport, LA.

 After graduation and moving away from the campus life, Bob and Theresa's tastes began to go in a totally different direction.  They sold their modern furniture and began collecting traditional furniture and antiques, many of which Theresa still has.

 It wasn't long after arriving in Shreveport, that Bob opened his own firm, King Interior Design.  He was well known and respected all across the south, having done homes in almost every southern state and Colorado.  He also served on the Louisiana State Board of Examiners for more than 20 years.  Two years after his death, Louisiana Tech University started a scholarship for aspiring interior design majors in Bob King's name.  His legacy continues.

It is from this background that Theresa was faced with the enormous task of downsizing from 13 rooms to a five room apartment.  With the help of her daughter, who received her interior design degree from Baylor University, she was able to find the perfect little home right across the street from our church where Theresa still works part-time and volunteers full-time.  Her daughter was able to help her keep the treasures and release the rest.  This was a very daunting task.

From the nondescript exterior, one would never guess there would be such a warm, welcoming traditional home inside.  You will agree with me that the result is one that Bob would be proud of.
Theresa told me she was able to furnish her new living room with all the furniture they had used in the old house.  She gives God all the glory for providing this perfect little home for her.
 Theresa and her daughter, Elane were able to personalize the space by repainting the walls, and having new draperies made.
 The soft yellow is such a warm background for the classic furniture and art work.  Theresa said she was able to keep all the special pieces of art she and Bob had collected through the years.
 The beautiful teal Wedgwood Jasperware piece on the antique chest below was a favorite of Bobs.
  This gorgeous piece is now a collector's item.
Bob traveled extensively and was able to collect many beautiful oriental pieces which can be seen throughout the apartment.
 I love the symmetry of the mantel.
 To make a home fit you just so, begins with colors, furnishings, accessories and decorative touches.  But the final touches are the living and the loving.  Theresa loves living with the things she and Bob collected together and loved.

Near Bob's favorite chair where Theresa is sitting, is a small round table that holds a childhood picture of Theresa in an antique silver frame by Kirk-Steiff Company.  It is in one of their most well-known patterns, Repousse' and a true keepsake as the company no longer exists.
 In the dining room, Theresa was able to use her former breakfast room furniture.
Atop this wonderful old piece is a unique collection of oriental items from Bob's collections.
I asked Theresa how she was able to choose what china to keep from the five complete sets she had.  She simply said, "Keep what you love and get rid of the rest."  I think this is the secret for downsizing!

Among the things she got rid of were her many pieces of sterling silver, although she did keep a few of her favorite trays for entertaining.
Two of Theresa's and Bob's favorite pieces were meant to be kept.  She knew this apartment was part of God's plan for her when these matching gorgeous antique Black Lacquer Chinese chests fit perfectly on each side of the doorway.
 They are magnificent pieces of art with inlaid jade and mother-of-pearl in the intricate design.

 The kitchen, though tiny is efficient and sufficient for all Theresa's needs.
 The large master bedroom is also Theresa's sitting room and holds the only TV in the apartment.
The original painting over the bed holds much meaning and significance for Theresa because it was their gift to each other on their 50th wedding anniversary.
The beautiful wooden box on the chest was a gift from Bob many years ago, and the small black glass hobnail piece belonged to Theresa's grandmother.  It is where she kept her face powder.  How many of you remember that?
 The TV is hidden behind doors of an antique oriental highboy.  This ancient Chinese doll sits atop the chest along with other favorite pieces that carry out the theme.
 Yes, the beautiful 63 year old love story between two very special people continues and is evident in every room of this tiny home full of memories and treasures.
Thank you Theresa for showing us how you continue to
Love Your Home
 I just had to include this smiling face!


  1. Another beautiful home! Soo pretty, and meaningful too. I especially loved her Chinese cabinets...soo pretty! Enjoy your day!

  2. Lovely work, Theresa! Miss seeing your sweet face!!!

  3. I so enjoy seeing all these beautiful homes, Libby!

  4. I know I have said this before...but I really have been enjoying this series you are doing. Beautiful, and I love all the different things you have shown. Blessings

  5. I found your blog through Amaze Me Monday. What a lovely feature and tour of Theresa's home. I shall look at your other posts in the series.


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