Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Happenings

 When you live in the south and have endured months without rain or temperatures below 97 degrees, or humidly below 90%, then any sign of Fall is a most welcome event and one to be celebrated.
 This past Friday brought us at least four inches of the most refreshing rain.  Thank you Lord!

So, this is how Hubby and I took advantage of the weekend together.

Saturday Morning
  Judy, my good, good friend and I went to a Purse/Scarf Sale to benefit a local women's organization, PEO.  We thought if we got there when the doors opened at 9 a.m, we should be in good shape.  Well, let me just tell you, there must have been women camping outside the door all night.  The parking lot was full.  But, not to be dismayed, we went in anyway, and I am so glad we did.
Look at these two beauties I found.
They are like new and not bad at all for $10 each.

Saturday Afternoon
 Grandson, Jackson is Red Shirted this year (so far), but we still look forward to watching the Western Michigan Broncos play football on Saturdays.  They aren't doing very well so far, but we still have hopes that Coach P. J. Fleck and his crew will pull them out of this pre-conference losing slump next week when they play Kent State at the WMU Waldo Field.

Saturday Evening
Saturday night was the Opening Night for the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra with special guest artist, Jennifer Koh, Violinist.

Prior to each month's event, a group of us meet for dinner at Monjuni's Italian Restaurant.  This is a special time to look forward to each month during the symphony season.

This outstanding orchestra opened the night with Finlandia by Jean Sibelius.  It was amazing!
You may enjoy listening to this rendition while seeing breathtaking scenes of nature in Finland.
Finlandia Sibelius

Awaiting the Maestro

 Outstanding programing for the season.

Sunday Morning
Our busy Sunday began with a worship service and lunch at the The Oaks of Louisiana where Dick was invited to speak and sing.  He did a great job as usual.
The Chapel
Dick directed the little choir at this lovely Retirement facility for several years, and may I just say that the folks absolutely love him.
This lovely place offers every amenity for retirees 55 and older .

Sunday Afternoon
We attended the bridal shower for this good-looking couple back in our former home, Bastrop, LA.  Charles is the son of great friends, Rodney and Diana who were only kids when we moved there in 1969.  Diana was Dick's accompanist for several years prior to our leaving and still holds that distinguished position at the First Baptist Church.

It was so good to see many of our dear, dear friends many of whom were hostesses.

Sunday Evening
Afterward, we were invited to have dinner with long-time friends there.  Their beautiful home was so warm and inviting and beautifully decorated.  It could easily be featured in Traditional Home.  And the food!  Oh my goodness, they served the most delicious salad, Seafood Etouffe, and desert.  And as usual the visit was sweet and ended much too soon.

As you can tell, it was a great weekend spent with friends and each other.


  1. I totally agree, the cooler temps (though certainly not here to stay) are most welcome in our neck of the woods! The leaves are falling from the pecan tree which is a definite sign that Fall is headed our way. Something I'm very excited about! PS. I'm back on Blogger now & have the friend connect widget set up... come visit me there ;-) Hugs...Mitzi

  2. Wow, Libby, you know how to pack a weekend full of good times! I can only imagine just how much those retirees enjoy hearing Dick's beautiful voice! And how your friends in Bastrop must look forward to your return visits! What a blessing you two are ... blessings!

  3. We got rain Friday also, much needed, and have been getting more since about 8am this morn. Our yard has been just burned up. Love the bags, so glad you went in.

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry we were not here. I hated missing the shower and would have loved to have seen you. Well, maybe next time. Don't think you could have crammed anymore fun into one weekend for sure. Happy week!


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