Thursday, September 12, 2013

Getting Ready for Fall in the South

Recently, I read a post by a fellow blogger who is just not comfortable with the traditional colors of fall - reds, oranges, and browns.

Although I happen to love those colors and put a few little touches in my house using the oranges, etc., I realized that there are no doubt many women who don't share my love for these colors any more than KathySue does.

So, I decided to visit some of the local stores who decorate for the home and just see how they are decorating for FALL.

Getting Ready for Fall in the South!
The first store I visited was
 The Red Door Interiors is a Louisiana business with stores in Baton Rouge and Shreveport.

In 2003, Erin and Matt DeBosier began Red DoorMatt & Erin Debosier Interiors as a side job creating home accessories, furniture and sink vanities out of architectural elements in their own backyard. The couple grew their small business and in just 2 years, in October 2005, turned their dream into a BIG reality. With their creativity and hard work, they opened their first store in Baton Rouge which consists of 18,000 square feet offering you just about every kind of home interiors you would need - and sometimes you can still find furniture that Erin has recreated!

So, why is it called Red Door? While Erin and Matt were on their honeymoon in France, they took a picture of a quaint red door on the front of a countryside cottage. That door is still the logo of Red Door Interiors and symbolizes all that Erin and Matt dreamed of.

Personal Design Services are available.  In Shreveport ask for April Faries.

I hope you will enjoy your Fall tour of The Red Door Interiors in Shreveport and when in town, please make plans to stop by or pay a visit to their website.
 Upon entering the double RED doors of this stately building, you are greeted by this over-sized rustic table all dressed up for a Thanksgiving meal.
Other table setting ideas are throughout this huge store.
Isn't this a great idea for someone who isn't crazy about orange?
 Now, KathySue might appreciate the use of sea green on this table with the rustic charger.
Every where you look are signs of Fall and beautiful decorating ideas for all tastes and style.
 Beautiful linens and napkin rings
 If just want to add a touch of orange in a small dose, try this lovely pillow or a flower pot.
 You may prefer the touch of yellow on brown.  This still says Fall!
 Don't you love this old door partition decorated with cashmere scarves?  You could even adapt the idea for sweaters or jackets.
 Did anyone say color?  Oh my, so many color choices.
 If you only want decorating ideas, there is inspiration everywhere you look.
 Accessories galore!
 Wouldn't this orb be a lovely centerpiece?
 We can't leave out decor for Halloween.
They even cater to those folks who bleed Purple and Gold every fall!
Upstairs there is a floral design center.
 I couldn't get over the purple hull peas!
No Southern door need be undressed for the seasons and this wall is full of prepared options, or you can request a specially designed door dressing just for you.
Thank you for visiting The Red Door Interiors with me and I trust you got lots of great ideas.

Thank you Red Door ladies for making me feel so welcome and allowing me to browse and shoot.

This how we
Get Ready for Fall in the South!


  1. Wow...what a fun looking place! I'd probably never leave! It's like sensory overload, but in a good way! Thanks for the inspiration, Libby!

  2. What a great place to spend some time! I love shops like this. I will have to stop by on my next trip thru!

  3. could get lost in there for a couple of many pretty things! LOVE LOVE LOVE shops like this. Enjoy your day!

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for the mention today. I did see some elements in this fun store that I could use that weren't the usual autumnal colors. Loved the blues and greens,

  5. OMG! how come I have never heard of this place. I must come over and see if for myself. Lovely, lovely pics of what appears to be a place I would fall madly in love with. Great post!

  6. what a gorgeous design store! thank you
    for treating us to so many lovely photos.
    my house is looking a little tired, and i
    need an interior designer, but i'm too
    far north to use yours.

  7. oh my goodness...I can see that I need to plan a day trip to Shreveport! I could easily see me filling up my vehicle with wonderful treasures from this place


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