Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Luncheon & Fashion Uniforms

Today, several of the ladies from my Sunday School Class met at the Glenwood Tea Room for our monthly luncheon.  These are a delightful group of women and I always look forward to this time together.  
  As I was thinking about what to wear, I kept coming back to my uniform.

I have a variety of casual clothes in my closet and yet, I find myself wearing basically the same sort of thing all the time.  Only since retirement, of course.  And on these past cool, damp days of staying inside, this has been my uniform.

But, my "business casual" uniform usually consists of either black or blue jeans/pants, either a white or black pull over knit top and an assortment of scarves, jewelry, sweaters, jackets and shoes.

Thinking about this reminded me of an interesting article my Daughter-in-Love sent me from USA Today by Marie Puente, about "Famous Folk and Their Fashion Uniforms."  I did indeed find it interesting, perhaps because I could so easily relate.

A classy lady who has found her uniform style and sticks to it.
 These are closets of women who wear a uniform.

Ms. Puente pointed out that there are a parade of celebrities, stars and designers all who wear more or less the same thing all the time, despite having all the money in the world and resources for strutting down Fashion Avenue.

 Think of the late Steve Jobs and his black turtlenecks and black jeans,

Hillary Clinton and her infamous pantsuits,
Zuckerberg's gray T-shirt drawer,

Vera Wang's tunics and leggings,

and this list would not be complete without the icon, Coco Chanel.

The author quotes Elyssa Dimant, a fashion historian and author of "The Style Mentors, in pointing out that there are several reasons why this "uniform-style dressing" has spread to the "adult world of high-powered, high-paid grownups."

1st, is the person who just can't be bothered and wears the same pieces simply because it fits and wears well.

2nd, is the person who is incredibly calculating such as Coco Chanel.  She felt very strongly that a person should have a select number of pieces at any given time and in perpetuity to establish identity.  These are identity wearers.

3rd, is the one who is just drawn to sensibility, aesthetics, so that it is less about identity and more about what they are attracted to.  I think this is me.

Elyssa Dimant says, "I advise people that if it works for you, or you just love something, to go with it and wear it all the time and not be afraid of it."

So, I'm planning to stay with my casual uniform.  How about you?  Do you have one?


  1. Probably not a 'style' uniform, but definitely a colour uniform, that I can jazz up with accessories. But the idea of working the basic one-look, with a slight variation to theme is interesting, and worth following up on...J

  2. Oh, heaven's above, I need to have a uniform. I have way too many clothes and do not do a good time of mixing and matching them. There is no telling how many potential outfits I have in my closet if I just put my head to it. Love the pic of you and your friends.

  3. Living in England with very limited (as in none!) closet space, really forced me to streamline my wardrobe. Now i have big closets, but I still stick with my uniform which is very similar to yours : )

  4. I do have a uniform, and it consists of sweats and GAP t-shirts. I always ruin anything nice I have with paint, so I only wear nice clothes when I know I'm not going to be painting. :D



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