Monday, January 14, 2013

The Weekend and Arts

Les Mis
Hubby and I saw this film on Saturday with special friends.  When asked what I thought, the word "Wonderful" was the first to come to mind.  I have seen the stage play (not on Broadway) a couple times and loved the performances.  But, the movie on the BIG screen, was amazing.  The raw emotion and oh my goodness, the music just had me in tears.

Teddy Allen, who writes an article in our Sunday paper wrote this, and I can only say, "Amen!"
"If the music alone doesn't get you, this tale should, this ever-human story of redemption, of injustice, of childhood lost, of misery verses hope and of "nothingness to God."'


One of the things Hubby and I enjoy most about living in Shreveport is the appreciation for and availability to so many types of "ART" and all that encompasses.  For instance, we look forward to hearing our amazing Shreveport Symphony several times a year, Centenary College's Performing Art's performances, and of course the Little Theater and so many other area venues.

On Sunday afternoon, we saw the StageCenter Theater's production of Evita.  My what amazing local talent we have.

Golden Globes

Okay, what can I say about some of the dresses that showed up on the Red Carpet?  Not much!

Would you have chosen this color for a satin night gown on the carpet?

I am just not at all sure what  Emily Mortimer was thinking when she selected this one. And then, she obviously skipped out on her hair appointment.  From her expression, she regrets both decisions.

Cute Kelly Osbourne had some good things going with her little mint green dress until someone realized there was left-over fabric and made box pleats to tack to the hem of the dress.  What can I say?

Nancy O'Dell looks lovely in this shade of blue, and the dress certainly showcases her gorgeous figure, but the dress itself reminds me of a medieval warriors metal body armor.

Okay, that is enough negativity.  There were some beautiful dresses on the Red Carpet.

Maria Menounos is lovely in this neutral figure-flattering dress.  I think her jewelry and hair are real compliments to the simplicity of the style.

Hayden Panettiere is so cute in this little detailed mermaid.

Anne Hathaway
This is a lovely 2-piece, but I wanted to see a touch more earring.
Love the Les Mis haircut.

Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery
I like the dress overall, but not sure about those shoulder pads.

 Taylor Swift is enchanting in this eggplant dress

Jennifer Lopez
And oh my goodness that body!

Did you have a favorite?


  1. You already know the favorite of mine since reading my post, and thank you very much for visiting. That JLo outfit was just too too much.l

  2. Libby, I think my favorite was your commentary! You need to be a red carpet fashion announcer!! But if I had to pick a fave outfit, Taylor Swift's would have to be it if only for the color - plum/purple is my absolute favorite!!

    Jennifer Rader


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