Monday, January 28, 2013

A Weekend Report

Miscellany Monday with Carissa.
I Love Weekends
All those years when I worked outside the home, I could hardly wait for the weekend.  Even when the kids were still at home and I wasn't being paid for my labor, there was always something to plan for or look forward to on the weekends.  Now that I am retired and home all week, I still look forward to the weekend. Hubby and I may or may not do anything exciting or different, although we do try to.  I guess old habits are hard to break. 

Saturday afternoon a week ago, we decided to just go riding around. We have lived here ten years and there are still areas and things we have not seen.  We have some of the most beautiful old architecture that is difficult to see when navigating the streets.  So, we explored our city and had the best time basically doing nothing except appreciating the history and beauty of this southern city, and spending time together.
Caddo Parish Court House
From Texas Street Bridge looking west toward the majestic First United Methodist Church.
The beautiful First Baptist Church which is celebrating 50 years in this location on a hill.
One of my favorite homes in the Highland area.
This weekend was a bit different.  Saturday morning, I had the privilege of spending time with some of the sweetest young ladies. They had spent Friday night at a church sleepover in one of the girls home.  I had not seen most of these beautiful girls since retiring so it was great seeing them again. My, what a difference almost two years makes. 

The theme was "New Year, New You!"  We talked about what God desires in each of us to make us Beautiful Without and Within.  The girls had fun playing with Mary Kay Cosmetics and I loved every minute of it.

Shelby was just a little 6th grade girl when I last saw her, and now she is a beautiful 8th grader who is just beginning to wear a little makeup on special occasions.  It was my reward to just watch her response in seeing her own transformation.  Helping young girls and women feel better about themselves brings me the greatest joy.

It was a great morning girls.  You are all so truly beautiful without and within.  Thanks for inviting me!

In the evening, Hubby and I met good friends for dinner before going to the Riverview Theater to hear the Shreveport Symphony. We no doubt have the best symphony around. It is always a night we look forward to. 

Today, we had a great Sunday School class and worship service after which we met some long-time friends for lunch. These are those special kinds of friends that you just simply pick up where you left off.  There are no secrets.  You can reminisce and laugh at those awkward events and relive the treasured experiences in your past.  You can share a couple hours together and promise to do it more often. 

Yes, this was a weekend worth looking forward to.

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  1. Oh, I have always looked forward to the weekends too. How funny! I know those young ladies were in Hog Heaven with you! And, who better to join for lunch than Sarabeth and her fella. I'm so happy for them! Happy week!


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