Sunday, November 28, 2021

A Blackwell Byers' Caroler Christmas

Several weeks ago, I featured the home of friends and neighbors, Dick and Dena Blackwell.  You can see that HERE

A couple weeks before Thanksgiving, Dick invited me back.  And the following is why.
They love to decorate for Christmas and do it early!
Remember that amazing garage with all the built-ins and closets?  That is where Christmas lives when it isn't Christmas.
The Nativity scene is in the place of honor on the dining table.

Dena started her collection years ago after receiving a caroler from her sister, who along with her husband continue to contribute to the collection. With
 almost 100 Byers' Caroler figurines, the number continues to grow even with new ones being added since these pictures were taken.
Thanksgiving Carolers were allowed to show up for Christmas.

Byers' Carolers began back in the late 60's when a young lady named Joyce, became very disappointed with the tinsel and glitter Christmas decorations on the market, and decided to make her own.

From her dining room table came what is now an international, family-run business.  The Byers' create the finest handcrafted iconic Caroler® figurines in their facility in Pennsylvania with hopes that each special character will bring warmth and the true traditions of Christmas into each home.

Dick and Dena's home testify to this.
he pedals on this bike actually turn and is Dick's favorite item in the collection.
Even the animals are not left out.
Can you not hear "Joy to the World" or "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" pealing forth from this group of faithful singers?
Along with the Carolers are many 
decorations with personal  stories because they were handmade through the years by Dena.  This was to have been a tree skirt, but she realized it would never be seen, so instead decorates the ottoman for all to enjoy.
Dena also painstakingly created each of the unique stockings for every family member, including a now deceased family cat.

Another treasure are these pictures of each of their grandchildren taken when the now almost grown grands were small.
She told me about making the advent calendar and the amazingly detailed needlework below.  Each was done meticulously and with so much love for the true meaning of Christmas.

Dena laughingly said this one was done out of desperation due to too much time on her hands while Dick was an executive with IBM and on the road a lot. 
The kitchen has a "Gingerbread " theme.  From the top of the cabinets to the counter tops, everything is related to the theme; even the carolers.

This happy Santa dates back almost 50 years when their children were small.  He still gets the chair of honor.
From the entry into the home,
to the smallest detail of the carefully placed glass ice cycles on the tree,
to the inviting sunroom,
everything in the Blackwell's Christmas home, speaks of love, memories, and the true meaning of Christmas - the coming into the world of the Christ Child, Jesus Christ.

Thank you Dick and Dena for again inviting us into your home and sharing Christmas with us.

Just for transparency sake, this is my one and only 2021 Christmas decoration.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. It makes me tired just thinking of putting all that out and taking it all back down. Ugh! It is beautiful but our tree will go up tomorrow and I have a Cmas lantern on the bar. I've come full circle. :o))

  2. I too like simplicity now. I do not long to buy things like I used too.


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