Thursday, January 17, 2019

Wrapping Up 2018

To begin with, I want to include a couple Dallas pictures.

Our Son-in-law is a UT grad and a huge supporter.  So much so that his home office is always bedecked with the appropriate theme.

Brad and Chandler had a special Christmas date to the Dallas Symphony and I'm thinking they may have stolen the show.

This speaks for itself.

One of the kid's gifts to Michelle.  No, she did not share!

These girls love their big brother and vice versa for sure.

I can only say that it has become a dog's world at this house.

Besides robes and pj's, it was also the year of the shoes.

Are personalities not on display with these shoes?  I'll let you guess who they belong to.

M-E was getting prepared for going off to college in a few months.  Oh YIKES, I'm not ready for that.

There is an open-door policy at this house and I mean that literally.  You never know who is going to open the door and come in.  All the close friends have the garage door code and never have to knock.

On this night all these close-knit guy friends got together for the first time in a year because most are all working in different parts of the country and one even got engaged the night before.  They are such a good bunch of men who love each other dearly.

 Besides playing table games, we had a puzzle marathon.  I think we worked five before I left.  In case you can't tell, this is serious business.

These are only three of the ones we worked and yes, the two on the right were quite a challenge.

We were working while also watching the college bowl games and afterward declared ourselves the winners of the Puzzle Bowl.

New's Year eve, Jackson took McKenna to a ball in Grand Rapids to celebrate their one year of dating.  Actually, it was a group of balls connected and evidently a great way to bring in the New Year safety and warmly.  They are the sweetest couple.

We left on January 2nd, heading back south.  Although we hadn't had any snow other than a light dusting one day, we did go through a bit of a wonderland before leaving Northern Indiana.

We will be flying back up in a few days and there will be no doubt it is winter then.

Thank you for taking this abbreviated wrap-up Christmas trip with me.
Christmas 2018 is now in the books.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. Oh, my, sounds like a house filled with lots of fun and lots of kids. I cannot even imagine the amount of food that is inhaled when those boys drop by. So happy you and Dick get to share in their lives like this.

  2. Thank you for sharing your Christmas! I wish I lived near!! I love the open door policy for friends!!! What a beautiful holiday you had filled with love, family and friends!

  3. The pictures are awesome and it looks like it was a fun time for everyone!

  4. So much to comment on but first I must mention that gorgeous blue dress! Stunning! Looks like you had lots of happy family togetherness and memories made. Happy new year!

  5. Lovely photos and wonderful memories made!


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