Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wednesday Medley: Geaux Gold

It has been a few weeks, so it's good to be back with the

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1.  It may be a little shocking, but National Static Electricity Day is January 9!!  Do you often get shocked when you touch metal?  Here are some things to avoid!

No, I do not get shocked often.  Once in a while when someone has walked across carpet and touches me, I will feel a slight shock, but other than that, it never happens.  But, these are great hints.

How to Avoid the Shock of Static Electricity
  • The drier air of winter months is a better insulator than the more humid air of summer.  To help prevent static electricity, use a humidifier to put moister back into the air in your home during the winter months.
  • Our skin is drier in the winter months, too.  Putting on moisturizer before getting dressed is recommended.
  • Synthetic fabrics are better insulators than natural fibers. Wearing materials made from natural fibers such as cotton will help reduce the amount of static electricity that’s stirred up.
  • While walking around the house, at work or shopping, holding a key or a metal pen in your hand will help discharge the build-up of static electricity painlessly.
  • Switching to leather soled shoes versus rubber-soled shoes will help reduce the amount of static that is built up.
2.  There are actually two "National" days worthy of mention! It is also National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  Our men and women working in many areas of law enforcement put their lives on the line for us daily.  Do you know someone working in law enforcement who you can thank today?

I have known several law enforcement officers, but won't likely be contacting them on this day.  However, I do think it is a worthy appreciation day and support all our law enforcement officers.

3.  At our house right now it is all about football.  Joe's Philadelphia Eagles barely won their game on Sunday to move forward in the playoffs and another chance to play in the Super Bowl this year.  Do you have a favorite team in the playoffs or does football make you yawn?  Is there a Super Bowl party in your future, no matter the teams playing?

My favorite team will be playing your favorite team on Sunday.  GEAUX SAINTS!

We stayed up later than usual to watch the National Championship game Monday night and were delighted that Clemson beat our arch rivals, Alabama.

If you would like to hear the Clemson coach, Dabo Swinney share his testimony of what his faith means to him, Click HERE

We are big LSU fans and enjoy watching college football and all the bowl games.  There is not likely to be a Super Bowl party in our future, unless it involves the Saints and hopefully it will.  Regardless, we will be watching the game, party or not.

4.  Speaking of parties, there is always lots of food at parties I attend.  Tell us a weird food combination that you really enjoy (or have enjoyed).  It doesn't have to be party food.

I can't think of any weird combo that I like to eat - they are all normal to me.

5.  Since we are on games and parties, what game have you spent the most hours playing?

Without question, it has been "Mexican Train."  Our family loves it and we had several games going during the holidays.  We also enjoy playing it with friends here at home.

On my phone and iPad, I like to play Words with Friends with my sister, and Wordscapes.  My favorite Solitaire game is Scorpion.

6.  Tell us something random about your week so far.

My week so far has been spent adjusting to being back home and doing those things required after being gone for almost three weeks.

I took down and stored away the few Christmas things we had out and minimally redecorated the mantle, and table tops.

The dining table got the most attention.

I used this beautiful glass bowl as a starting point, and dressed the table accordingly.

I found the copper chargers on an "after Christmas" sale and thought they would be fun to play with.  I put them on a darker brown placemat for contrast and to pull out the darker tones in the bowl and china.

The china is Dick's favorite set that he bought back in the 70's, Ming Tan by Gorham. 

The napkin ring adds a nice touch of bling.

The table setting is very simple, but pleases us.

Next week, I will do a very belated update on our holiday trip.



  1. Your table looks stunning, Elizabeth! Have a wonderful week!

  2. I love the bowl! Happy new year to you and your hubs...go EAGLES! They'll have to really work for it I think.

  3. I've heard of Mexican Train, but have never seen it nor have I played it. I'll have to look into that! I like the picture on your wall! Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth!

  4. I enjoy playing Words with Friends with my sister too.

  5. Your table is beautiful!! I love the way your new chargers pull everything together. Elegant!! Thanks so much for joining the Medley today!!

  6. Your table is gorgeous, I have never seen that Gorham china pattern. It is unique and looks great with the copper chargers. I have been an Alabama fan since childhood, but we severely got beat by Clemson. Congrats to them and their coach. I will always say Roll Tide😊. Have a wonderful weekend Libby!


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