Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Still Wrapping Up Christmas 2018

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a special time for all us to be together to prepare the hor d'oeuvre dinner, and eat together around the dining room table before going to the 11 p.m. service at church.

Much of the food served on this night are traditional things Michelle remembers from her childhood and prepares every year.  Others may be a new recipe she has found, or something one of the kids requests.  It is an easy time of everyone pitching in and being together.

I didn't get any pictures of the food this year though unfortunately, so you will just have to trust me that it was beautiful, delicious and just about all gone when we finished.

We all look forward worshiping together at the beautiful candlelight service at Granger Community Church each year.  There were over 11,000 tickets given away for all the services beginning at 2 PM on Christmas Eve, so it is a highlight not only for us but for the community.

Another of our traditions is to swap taking family pictures with some of their good friends afterward.  Our family picture this year contains a new "member."  There is a sweet story about Jackson and McKenna's relationship that I will share one day, but it's enough to say she is one of us.

Dick loved standing by this big tall, handsome grandson for this picture.

When McKenna joined them, Dick felt like the "Da Sandwich."

 After getting back home, we repeated some of the picture taking for posterity purposes.
Another new member this Christmas is little Miss spoiled rotten Skye.  I could do a whole post on just this little doll puppy.

Did I say that picture taking is a fun event on this night?

I wish I could remember what Savannah is saying that Mary-Elizabeth and Jackson have reason to question.

The kids share their gifts with each other on this night and we give our gifts to everyone as well.  It is a sweet time of laughing, and loving on each other.

It was a late night for all of us but such a good day and we knew Santa would not mind our sleeping in the next morning.

This was our Dallas family as they worshiped together on Christmas Eve.  Our hearts were joined as we all celebrated the birth of our King together across the country from each other.

Christmas Morning

It is all about priorities with our bunch.  Skye got her special Starbucks treat and she liked it to the last lick.

Michelle always has everyone's gifts arranged and in their special spot.  This year, Skye even had a stack and she found it immediately.

Among her many toys, and new blanket, was this warm snugly robe.  Can we just say ADORABLE?

In fact, it was the year of the robes.  Everyone got in on the act and it was s snugly morning for all of them.

You will notice that none of us get up early to dress up and apply makeup before seeing what Santa brought.  I sure don't care, do you?

I was given this yummy sweater to go with the cutest pair of plaid pj pants to match all the other gals in the family.  I'm still sorry we didn't get a pic of all of us.

Michelle and I got matching scarves and they are so comfy and warm.

Now, how about some Skye overload!

She is just a wee bit loved!

I will finish up on Thursday with a picture wrap-up of our time in Indiana.
In the meantime come back tomorrow for Wednesday Medley.
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. Your photos are all so beautiful. (I forgot to take pictures of the food except for our Prime Rib along with not taking many photos at all this year!) What a wonderful Christmas Eve you had. Our Skye loves opening presents.

  2. These photos and all of your loved ones are just beautiful! What wonderful memories you have now! So much love and fun in all those faces!


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