Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Slam Packed Trip

I am really not sure we could have added anything else to our 11 days in Indiana.

It was definitely slam packed full of fun!

After getting there on Thursday afternoon, we got settled in and unpacked.  Needless to say, we look a lot like the Clampetts when we travel up there.

Friday was spent with my girls getting mani/pedis and running around.

Saturday morning, we arose quite early in order to get into a Chicago suburb to watch Jackson and his Michigan club team play in a Regional Rugby tournament.

They won the whole tourney!  So this made it doubly exciting.  But a long day.

Every day with family is a good day, so I will give you some of the highlights of the rest of our time in Indiana.

Jackson and McKenna's first date of the summer after finishing the spring semester and returning home.

Mary-Elizabeth stayed busy preparing for 11th grade finals. She was working so hard.

Dick and I paid our usual visit to Varner's Greenhouse & Nursery which is only about a mile from our family's house but just across the Michigan line.  It is an amazing place, but especially in the spring.  Everyone was ready for spring and descended on this place.

Savanna and her mom tried Joanna's biscuit recipe from her new cook book.  Let me just say, Jo couldn't done a better job herself.  Delicious!

Reis came over to help celebrate Savannah's 19th birthday.  Her dad treated all of us to a delicious dinner out at a local restaurant.

Saturday night was M-E's school prom.  Pinning on that boutonniere was a family affair, but we finally got it attached to his lapel.  I love this look M-E is giving her teasing dad.

This full-of-life girl decided to make the evening as much fun as possible so wore white Converse and her signature yellow socks.  She also wore a yellow flower clip in her hair.

She is truly Miss Sunshine!

And I think she must have been the "Belle of the Ball."

One day I toured the Basilica and Main Building on the Notre Dame Campus.  That will be another blog post for another day.

What a joy it was to spend Mother's Day with this bunch.

And then, it was time to leave. We had another trip ahead of us (granddaughter's graduation from UT)  but that will have to wait until next time.
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. Wow, what an adventure! Congratulations on the win. Right now....I just ordered the cookbook on Amazon. Giving it to my husband for Father's Day. Happy Birthday to Savannah. Sweet prom photos and definitely the belle of the ball.

    1. Thank you Debby. You might also want to try the French Toast Casserole. It was a huge hit with everyone there. My DIL added some blueberries and nuts which was delicious.

  2. I always love your reviews of time with your kiddos. They are just so cute and good looking and I'm so glad you all are able to go and spend time with them. Happy week!


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